We raised £508.10 at a memorial Gig for Graham on 17th July (Coach and Horses, Isleworth, London, UK)Everyone sends their best wishes,

Ed Hudson (UK)

Sam, lots of love to you and the children,we were so sorry to hear about Graham. Hope this donation helps. Take care of yourselves, you are in our thoughts.

Lyn and Trevor (UK)

Too little too late, I know. RIP, Graham

Roy (UK)

Having contracted CML later in life it seems it is not in a hurry to claim me but Graham was too young to go and had too much to share with you and the kids.
I am so sorry and wish you the best wishes as you come to terms with the loss of Graham and the challenges you face.

Terry James (Australia)

Instead of flowers, with our deepest condolances,

Ed and Cath (UK)

I hope you receive many donations in lieu of flowers to help pay those hospital bills. So sad that for the loss of such a brave man, and the road that you must now travel.

Kaye (Australia)

Dear Samantha, Jack & Poppy, "May Your Pain Soon Be Replaced With Fond Loving Memories." You Should Be Proud Of Yourself Samantha, You Were There To Support Your Husband Until God Took Over.

John & Dinh Sievwright (Australia)

Sam, I want you to know that my heart melted when I got the news that Graham had left us... It was the day before my wedding and I thought it was even more of a reason for the orange lillies in my bouquet to represent Graham and so many others I strongly admire! My thoughts and heart is with you and the children! xoxo

nicole (USA)

Heartfelt sympathy to Sam, Jack and Poppy on the loss of your lovely, brave man...

June (Australia)

Sorry to hear that Graham's fight was lost - have followed your story and made an early donation (IHRS). Please put thes little extra towards your family and costs

Andrew, Jana & Jack Peatling xxx (Australia)

Hi Sam, a quick note from one of girls who came to Graham's night. cheers Cath
Date: Mon, 3 Aug 2009 23:28:51 -0700
From: @yahoo.com.au
Subject: Re: Pre dinner drinks for this Friday night
To: @hotmail.com
Hi Cathy!
I just wanted to thank you very much for inviting me to Graham's night last Friday night. I thoroughly enjoyed the night with your friends and it was also lovely to hear about Graham. I think he sounds like such a special man and it was an incredible tribute to attract a paying crowd like that, not just once, but twice! I'd be lucky to get 12 people attending a takeaway meal at Macca's!!!! Please send your friend my love, thoughts and prayers. Her life will probably seem incredibly flat after Friday, with nothing else as major to focus on. I wish her all the best as she continues life as a mother and a friend to many, without the physical presence of her husband. Thanks for including me in this special evening.

Bec Dann (Australia)

Dear Samantha, I am so sorry to hear that you have lost the battle for Graham. You fought a strong battle if anyone could have won it would have been you. I have become a poor attender at book club, but admired your family from afar.

Fiona (Australia)

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy, I've been pretty busy at work and just logged on to see how Graham was doing. I am so sorry to hear the news and wanted to let you know that my thoughts are with you in what must be a very difficult time. Please take comfort in knowing that you did all you could, and at least managed to have another year with your precious Graham. I have quite a few tears in my eyes and can't really think of much to
say- words always fail at these times. You're in my thoughts, and I hope that you are comforted by all the wonderful memories and times you had with Graham. Best wishes,

Louise (Australia)

Hello Sam, I am so very very sorry for what happend to your brave wonderful family. My English is not good enough to express my thoughts and deep feelings for you, especially because we went through the BMT with our daughter Ann-Kathrin in 2004/2005. Unfortunately we can not make it to the dinner, but I would like to send a donation. What is the account number? Can you please give me the details again. I read the poem and was really moved and in tears. I am often thinking about you and your family, love

Hannelore Goller

Dear Samantha, My sincere condolances for you loss of Graham. I pray that you and your children (and both your families) all recieve the strength needed at this very difficult time. Kind Regards,

John Sorbello (Australia)

Hi Samantha. I am so sorry for your loss. You must have been an inspiration to Graham and visa versa. I was very sad to receive your email re Graham passing. I hope you and your family are coping. My thoughts are with you all. Regards

Doug (Australia)

Dear Samantha Thank you for sending the news about the Ed Hudson Band playing a Memorial Gig for Graham tonight in London. It is wonderful that you and Graham have had such wonderful support from so many friends all around the world. We are thinking of you lots and hope that Jack and Poppy are going along OK. It was very good that we were able to be in Melbourne with you all. We will be in touch with you again soon. We know you will be so lonely now and missing Graham such a lot. You have such amazing courage and we know it is difficult for you. With lots of our love to you all

Allan & Win (Australia)

Hi Samantha. It is hard to believe that it is actually a whole week since Graham's incredibly beautiful and moving farewell. Samantha we did not get to speak with you last Friday but please be assured on our continued love and support. You were too busy with family and friends and we were just so pleased to be able to be with you all and mum. Rest, and relaxation is what you all need and we hope to be able to give mum some.
Looking forward to sitting and having a long coffee with her. You must be so proud of yourself and what you have performed, acted upon and done and for your 2 beautiful children. Stay proud and know we care. Love

Noreen and Clem (Australia)

Dear Samantha, Jack and Poppy, It was with great sadness that I received the news that Graham passed away last week. I was unaware until Win called me. Although I did not contact you, I had been following Graham’s progress via your fantastic website and I am amazed at what you achieved Samantha (and your comprehensive medical knowledge). It was really quite unbelievable! It doesn’t seem fair that someone so young as Graham could not also survive. How are Jack and Poppy? You all seem to have been so brave and strong-especially you Samantha. Our thoughts and prayers go out to you. With love and prayers for Graham and your family,

Lisa, Philip, Isabella and Daniel xx (Australia)

Hi Samantha, Sandra mentioned to me that your husband had passed away. I remember you telling me that he wasn’t well. I’m so sorry to hear this news – I can only imagine what a difficult time it must be for you and your family. Sincere condolences from all of us at NCAH. Regards,

Martin (Australia)

Samantha, I was so so saddened to hear your latest news. I hope it helps in any small way to know what an inspiration you and your family are to so many. You have been so brave in your battle against such a cruel disease. Know our thoughts are with you at this time and I sincerley hope that your cherished memories will help you through this dark time. Kindest regards in sympathy

Kirstin (Australia)

Dear Samantha, You do not know me. I am so sorry to hear about Graham’s passing and although I know the time ahead will be tough (as have those in the past); I wish all the very best to you and your lovely children Jack and Poppy. I have 3 children, 2 of which are similar ages to yours and I know it would break their hearts to lose their Dad. And losing your husband must be unbearable. I lost my Dad to cancer 5 years ago and although in the end you know they are going to die, nothing makes it easier when it actually happens. We are lucky we got to say our goodbyes…………..By way of explanation; I had a friend named Lynne Horvat with whom I had worked for many years. Lynne was diagnosed with AML on the same day as Graham in 2007 and they spent time together at the Alfred in the same Ward. As you know Lynne passed away on May 2nd, 2008 which was so very sad. Some months after this I was playing around with Google and the internet and I happened upon your (Graham’s) website as you had made mention of Lynne’s death. Since then I have been keeping up to date with Graham’s progress and the various ups and downs. I have to say my heart skipped a beat and my jaw dropped when reading your last entry. Somehow Graham just seemed one of those people who would make it. Myself and my company have been supporters of the Leukaemia Foundation and the Fight Cancer Foundation in the past and people like Lynne and Graham are the reason why. Although I don’t know you, you seem like an amazing woman and your children are lucky to have you, and you them. Keep punching Samantha, and speak his name often. Kind regards,

Karen (Australia)

Hi Sam, How goes it? I can't quite imagine how you're feeling as a new week begins and I'm sure your house is quieting. Your send off to Graham really was amazing. I can remember you standing up there, just as spunky as you've always been and delivering that beautiful eulogy of your love for Graham. It was just so beautiful. Gosh what an example you give to those kids. Your children are amazing. Jack really is old beyond his years. I had to keep on reminding myself that he is only 8 as he is just such an old head on a little kid's shoulders. And I can tell young Poppy doesn't miss a beat. Looking forward to catching up again at the ball. I'm sure it will be a lovely celebration of Graham. Speak to you soon, lots of love,

Anne-Marie (Australia)

Hi Sam, I just found out the very, very sad news over the weekend! What a shock, so sorry we couldn't make it on Friday. All of us here at the Paoli home send our love, hugs and kisses to you and your gorgeous kids. You truly are a remarkable woman and have been a tower of strength! Hope to see you soon.

Sam, Andrew, Lachie and Otto XXXX (Australia)

Hello Samantha, I was shocked to read that you and your family have lost Graham. Absolutely shocked. I haven't logged on to my blog in some time but did so today. I was reading past comments and saw an unfamiliar name - yours. I clicked on your name to contact you and was directed to your website. Before I knew it I was reading comments sympathizing with you and your family over Graham's passing. Wow, as you can imagine it sent a shiver down my spine, as I am living with and taking care of a leukemia survivor. It's amazing how quickly things can change (you and I both know that). I wasn't expecting to read what I did on your site, because you had posted to my blog less than 2 months ago informing me that Graham might have had CNS-GVHD and was going to the hospital for tests. If you need someone to email, please consider me. I feel so alone sometimes, but nothing compared to you...

Lisa (A Voice From Up High) (USA)

Dear Sam, Our families thoughts are with you. May he rest in peace and watch over you and the kids until you all meet up again!

Mark (Australia)

Hi Sam, I just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that all of book club have been thinking of you and the children over the last week. Please know that we are all here, and should there be anything we can do to assist or support you, please let us know. I hope the funeral on Friday was a celebration of Graham's life and I am sure it would have been attended by many who knew and loved him. Again, our thoughts are with you and we hope to see you at some point soon. Love

Nic (Australia)

Hi I am so sorry to hear that Graham has passed away and I know there is nothing that I can say to make it any easier for you, your children and people/friends that had the privilege of personally knowing Graham but please know that you are all in my thoughts and I wish you all the best for the future. Please keep me informed as to what and how you are all going. Thank you for all your updates on Graham and remember that you and your family will always be in my thoughts and prayers. I wish you all the best for th future. Thinking of you

Bev Wilson (Australia)

Hi Samantha, You are an inspiration and have shown people what it is to truly love and care for someone. You know you did everything you could, but sadly Graham has another purpose elsewhere now and no-one can stop that. Condolences and best wishes, Our thoughts are with you and your kids.

Samantha Heron and family x (Australia)

Hi Sam...I'm not sure when you will read this message, but I wanted to tell you that the Graham's service and the tributes to him today were beautiful and moving. I really have no idea how difficult this must be for you... Your and Graham's story seems to be of true, everlasting, deep love and I am sorry he has been taken from you, Jack and Poppy. While I did not know him well personally, it feels like I learned the real essence of him through you and your beautiful family. He was, and will continue to be, inspirational. I feel honored to have attended his service and to know you. Sam, I am here for you always. I'm looking forward to our walk on Wednesday.

Julee (Australia)

Hi Sam, Unfortunately I cannot attend Graham's funeral today. Please accept my sincere apologies. Please know that I will be thinking of you all today. I hope that the funeral is a true celebration of Graham's life, he was such an inspiration to so many people. We send you all our love on this very sad but special Day. Take care, Love

Michelle and family xx (Australia)

Hi Sam, Jack & Poppy, Just to let you know our thoughts & prayers are with you today. With Love,

Pete, Rach, Sophie & Zak xxxx (UK)

Hi Sam, I am sitting here reading through Graham’s blogs and remembering all that you have gone through over the past 27 months. It is truly unbelievable!! Your life has been insane with so many ups and downs. Many frustrations and many victories along the way. The legacy that Graham leaves behind for all of us who have followed your journey is amazing. His bravery, determination, love for life and positive attitude is something we can all learn from. The legacy he has left Jack and Poppy is also amazing. They will never doubt his love for them or his desire to live. He did everything possible to stay here and you did everything you could to keep your family together. He was a beautiful person and a wonderful husband and father and it is important to remember how fortunate you were to have him in your lives even for the short time you had together. Thirteen years of marriage two beautiful children and a happy life. These things are all wonderful blessings. I am so sorry that he is no longer here with us but the memories we have will last forever. Andrew and I are available to support you as you put the pieces of your life together. Let us know what we can do……Hugs and kisses, Your friend,

Sally (Australia)

Dear Sam, My husband Dick and I send our deepest condolences to you, Jack and Poppy. We were so sorry to hear about Graham. You and Graham have been and will continue to be such an inspiration for us with your unconditional love, perseverance and determination to do whatever it took to give him his best chance. You always showed such courage and dignity. We were truly amazed at how you never seemed discouraged or felt sorry for yourselves as we followed your story online. We wish we could be with you on Friday, but you will be in our thoughts. You touched us deeply and we wish you the very best. Warmly,

Carrie and Dick Stein (USA)

Dear Sam Jack Poppy. With deep sympathy. When you lose someone very precious, no one else can really know how it FEELS. But, please know that others care and are thinking of you ALL. Just to let you know we are having a mass on sunday the12th in Memory of Dear Graham. With lots of love and prayers from

Iwona Ziomek Amanda and Olivia (UK)

Hello there Sam, I am sitting here trying to think of what words I could possibly put in email to convey how much I am thinking about you and your beautiful children. My heart has ached for you and I think of you so often. I feel completely useless because I can’t think of anything I can do to help. My little James said him and Jack sometimes play transformers in the sand pit, so he wanted to come and take Jack to the sand pit at our local park. Bless him. If only a game of transformers could fix this for you. I have said a prayer for Graham and for you. I don’t know if anyone was listening but I wanted to try. I don’t know you very well, but I know this. Everybody that knows you will want to support you and comfort you. I know that it must be hard to imagine what the road ahead looks like. I know that I can’t possibly understand what you are feeling. I know that I hope you find some joy in small things and your gorgeous children. I know your friends will bring you dinner and cuddle you and cry with you. I know you deserve happiness and I know I would like to play some part in being there for you, if that would help. Whenever that is and whatever that is! Having Jack over for a play or doing your grocery shopping. Just say the word and I will be there. I have no doubt you are being bombarded with emails and phone calls and flowers, so please don’t feel you need to reply. I just wanted you to know you are in my thoughts. I am a very good listener and make great cups of tea (more importantly, I am also known for my ability to choose good red wine) so if you feel like chatting to someone, keep me in mind. Sometimes talking to someone different can offer something different (sorry! yes I am a coach...) Sending you a HUGE hug and some transformer grunts. Lots of love

Lisa (Australia)

Samantha, I am just one of many around Australia who were quietly cheering you and Graham on. The fight you and Graham put up is the most admirable partnership I've seen - ever! All I can say is BRAVO! Good on you two! So sad to hear the news, it was a shock to all. best wishes,

Julien Harrison-Rogers (Australia)

Dear Sam So saddened to hear that your lovely Graham has lost his fight. He tried so hard and you were wonderful with the love and support that you gave. He is at peace now after a long struggle to stay with you. You Jack and Poppy had time to say goodbye some people don' t have that closure, your family and friends will be a great comfort to you as you try and build a new life with out Graham. you are a strong lady and time will help to ease the pain. I was so privileged to have a chance to speak to Graham recently and could see that he was suffering. So take care of your lovely children and good luck from now on with much sympathy.

Iola (Australia)

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy,Thinking of you all at this sad time. I know Graham will live in your hearts forever just as my Cameron lives in mine. All my love,

Lynne (Australia)

Dear Samantha, Jack and Poppy, Our sincere Condelences on the loss of Graham he was a great inspiration for everyone. Our thoughts are with you.

Lisa and Paul McDermott

Samantha I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Jack and Poppy. We are thinking of you. All our love,

Jen & Anthony & the Gair family (Australia)

Dear Sam,Jack & Poppy, I was so sad to hear of Grahams passing, I thought he was doing so well after his horrendous battle & then to be taken by an infection is so unfair.
His struggle has been enormous & the pressure on you all would have been mind boggling. He will now be at peace & free from all pain, & may your hearts be filled with strength & love, from my prayers, to help you all through this sad time. My love is with you all

Jenny (Australia)

Hi Sam, Just wanted to say how sad we were to hear the news. We've been away and were unable to look at any emails til Sunday night. Graham was such a great guy to be around. Easy going with a dry sense of humour and interested in so many different things and people. We first met 15 years ago when Graham replied to an advert for a bass player I had placed. The kind of meeting I've had with hundreds of musicians but he always made the effort to stay in touch-even after the band we had was finished. I think Graham stayed in contact with many different people he came across in his life and I'm glad he did. Not many people (myself included) are very good at this and it was always good to get a letter or email from Graham with news of the family, gigs he'd been to, travels etc. We all hoped and prayed Graham could overcome this illness but in the end it was'nt to be. I've got so much admiration for the way you and your family fought for Graham, it inspired so many people. The last 2 years have been such a struggle for you and your family and I hope that despite this tragedy you, Jack and Poppy will have successful, fulfiling and happy lives. with our deepest condolances,

Ed and Cath Hudson (UK)

Dear Samantha, Jack and Poppy, Sam, I have followed all the ups and downs of Graham's and your journey, over the past two years, since I first contacted you. I am so full of admiration of the courage and determination you have both shown, during his huge battle to overcome his leukemia. You are both extraordinary people, and I am proud we are connected. You are a rock Sam, and I doubt anybody else could have been as strong as you have. Sadly, Graham's journey on earth has ended. I'm sad for you and Jack and Poppy. I really felt confident for him in spite of the many setbacks he experienced. I hope the brilliant memories you carry with you of such an incredible and inspirational husband and father, help to get you through the emptiness, you must be feeling. My heart and prayers go out to you and I hope you get some comfort when you look back and see the lives you have touched. Your honesty and openess sets you above others.

Mary (Aunt) Australia

I am so sorry to hear that your loved husband and father has passed on. I hope you will find comfort in all the happy memories you have shared and I am sure Graham will always be close by you. Best wishes for the future.

Kim (Australia)

Dear Sam, I am so sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved Graham. I pray that soon you, Jack and Poppy will be able to heal your heart with fond memories of the times you shared. Unfortunately, I cannot attend the funeral on Friday, but I hope everything goes well. Please take care of yourself, Jack and Poppy. With sympathy,

Naoko (Australia)

I am so very sorry, and offer my condolences. I was diagonsed with AML two and a half years ago. All of you will be in my thoughts and prayers. I am on vacation but I will make a donation when I get back in the office. Again, I am so very sorry.

Hi Sam,

thanks so much for that. We'll be thinking of you all on Friday & we'll be remembering too. Below is a poem that helped us too - thanks for sharing the one in your email.

The Next Place

The next place that I go
will be as peaceful and familiar
as a sleepy summer Sunday
and a sweet untroubled mind.

And yet… it won’t be anything like any place I
have been… or seen… or even dreamed of in
the place I leave behind.

I won’t know where I’m going
as I tumble through the always
and I look back
towards the when.

I’ll glide beyond the rainbows,
I’ll drift above the sky,
and fly into the wonder
without ever wondering why.

I won’t remember getting there
somehow I’ll just arrive,
but I’ll know that I belong there
and will feel much more alive.

I’ll be absolutely free of things that I held onto
… that were holding onto me.

The next place that I go
will be so quiet and so still
that the whispered song of sweet belonging
will rise up to fill
the listening sky with joyful silence,
and with unheard harmonies
of music made by no-one playing
like a hush on a breeze.

There will be no room for darkness
in that place of living light
where an ever-dawning morning
pushes back the dying night.

The very air will fill with brilliance
as the brightly shining Sun, and the Moon,
and half a million stars all merge into one.

I will travel empty-handed!
There is not a single thing I’ve collected
I would ever want to bring…
except the love of those who loved me
and the warmth of those who cared,
The happiness and memories,
and magic that we shared.
Though I will know the joy of solitude,
I’ll never be alone,
I’ll be embraced by all my family,
and friends I’ve ever known.

Although I might not see their faces,
all our hearts will beat as one
and their circle of our spirits
will shine brighter than the Sun.

I will cherish all the friendship
I was fortunate to find,
all the love and all the laughter
in the place I leave behind.

All those good things will go with me
they will make my spirit glow,
and that light will shine forever,
in the next place that I go.

I have tried to sign the condolence book, but seem unable.

With love,

Pete (UK)

Dear Sam, thank you for letting me know about the sad passing of Graham, he was an inspiration to many people, i send my love and sympathies to you and you family on your loss.

Bill Hare (Australia)

Dear Sam, Our love and thoughts are with you and the children. We were very sorry to hear about Graham's passing. With love

Philippa Marc Anna and Luke (Australia)

So sad! What a fight he - and all of you - put up! His fight is now over: we trust yours and your family's will get easier as time passes. Love and best wishes to you all

XX Sandy& Tim (UK)

Dear Samantha, Jack and Poppy. We are are so sorry to hear that Graham has lost his fight. We have followed your journey and can only wonder where you both found the courage and the strength for so long. In life one only occasionally is priveleged to meet someone like Graham, his gentle manner and sense of humour will always be remembered by both of us.

Love Pat and Tony (Australia)

Dear Sam, I've been sitting here all day trying to comprehend your last two emails which I read this morning. It never occured to me that Graham would not survive and live a long a wonderful life with you and your children. I have been following you and Graham ever since I first saw your story on ACA and I signed up for your email updates so I wouldn't miss a thing. It is strange that I have never met any of you but I feel so completely devestated by your news. Graham had been through so much, and seemed to beat everything, I just assumed in my mind, that he would make it, no matter what was put in front of him. Poor fella, he was a damn fighter. Please know that I'm thinking of you, Jack and Poppy. All my best wishes and love

Donna Watson (Australia)

Samantha, I have just read my emails and was so sorry to read that Graham had passed away. What a wonderful man Graham was and such an inspiration to all of us. He impressed me so much with his braveness and his determination to not let this disease beat him. He certainly had so many obstacles to overcome. And your braveness too has inspired me, you have been the strength behind the whole family. I wish you and the kids all the best and rest in the assurance that Graham is free from pain and suffering. You will continue to be in my prayers. Regards

Alison Donaldson (Australia)

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy, We are shocked and very saddened to hear of Graham's passing. Our deepest sympathy to you all. Graham was a real fighter, and all your family are such an inspiration to us all. And it is so unfair for him to go now after such a long brave battle. Rest in peace, Graham. Sam, please let us know if you need any help.

Luba, Igor, Dima and Anya Khatsernov (Australia)

Samantha, I am quite devestated by this and I offer you my deepest condolensces. It is my intent to come along on Friday. God Bless you. Graham is at peace now.

Regards, Andrew (Australia)

Dear Sam, Very sorry to hear of Graham's passing and our thoughts are with you, Jack and Poppy. I was very honoured to be a small part of his fight and it was far from in vain.
Good luck in the future, chin up.

xxx Mark Wheeler and partner Jo Hanson (Australia)

P.S. Will be unbale to get to the funeral but will make a donation to fund.

Dear Sam, I am so sorry to hear the news. I can’t believe it, I thought Graham was doing well. I’ve never met you guys, but you are a young family like us, and I truly feel for you all. If there is anything I can do for you, please do not hesitate to ask.

Regards Sam Ball (Australia)

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy, We are so sad to hear the sad news about Graham. Our thoughts are with you. Much Love

Hannah, Shane, Sam & Tess Logan xxxx (Australia)

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy, Know that my thoughts are with you at this difficult time. Graham fought a long and difficult battle and your support for him has been extraordinary. Unfortunately, we don’t always prevail against the odds. I’m not a religious person, but I have not explanation for the ongoing sense of presence of a loved one who has passed away. And I have not doubt that despite Graham’s passing you feel his presence there with you, and will continue to do so. Maybe that is what love is, a metaphysical connection that exists beyond our physical perceptions. I hope that peace, tranquillity and happiness are not far from your lives.

Martin (Australia)

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy, I am so sorry to hear of Grahams death. Graham and I were friends way back in the 1980's when we used to spend a couple of hours a day traveling to college together.He was great company on those long boring journeys and reading his blogs I could see he hasn't changed! You are an amazing woman Sam, you did everything you possibly could for Graham and I hope this strength of character will continue to see you through.I'm so glad Jack and Poppy got to share one last birthday with their Dad,they will have so many memories and they will be so proud of you and your achievements.

Take care, Jo (UK)

To Sam x, Poppy x and Jack x, I'll keep it short as possible,You've got a lot to do. Sorry to hear the news. Something at this stage, myself and most of Your Friends who dont live close to You Guys. Probably did'nt expect. At least Graham's over the pain and what ever else he had to endure. I hope Your All coping. I'll speak to you when Your All ready.

Paul, London.

Hello Sam, once we heard of the sad passing of Graham, I tried to call you. Understandably the phone was constantly engaged. We are in Fife at the moment and I will call you on my return. We are both very sad to hear about Graham. You and the children have been in our thoughts since we heard the news. It seems so cruel after all that Graham went through in Seattle. I know you will get tremendous support from your family and friends . Sadly we won't make the funeral, but we will be thinking of you all on that day. Speak to you soon, love

Donna, John and Stella xxx (UK)

Thank you for keeping me on the list, Sam. I've appreciated all the updates. I just received a notice about Matt's funeral from Renee. We've certainly lost our best and bravest lately. I feel such a loss as I fully expected Graham to be one of those stories we'd be celebrating for years. But as the poem implies, we still have every reason to continue to celebrate Graham's story. He fought well and he had the best of loves by his side to comfort, encourage and, ultimately, allow him to rest with a clear mind and heart. My thoughts will be with you and your family Friday. I wish I could be there. I wish this had found a different ending to his story. But it is a story I'll remember. Blessings,

Tex (USA)

Dear Sam, we are very saddened to hear about Grahams death, he has fought so long and hard to stay with you and Jack & Poppy and has been an inspiration to us all with his unfailing optimism. You have been a rock to him and the children and we have great admiration for you and the way that you have coped with all the sets backs. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you these coming months. We regret that we were not in Melcourne to offer support to you . If there is anything that we can help with in the UK please let us know Kindest Regards

Pat & Ian Young (UK)

Dear Samantha,Im deeply saddened to hear of graham,s passing.My thought are with you,Jack and Poppy at this very sad time. My Warmest regards

Kaye Arnott

Dear samantha; You have done an amazing job supporting Graham over the past years.
My condolences to you, Jack and Poppy - Fondest wishes,

Jenny Penfold ex Leonardian parent

To dear Samantha and family, My thoughts are with you in this hard time. The amount of work and dedication you have put into the fund is amazing. The strength you have put in not only for Graham but his children also is inspirational. Take care xo

Sarah Sattler

Dear Samantha & family, I am so shocked to hear the news. And I am very sorry for you all, I was hoping Graham would be alright. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Regards

Barbara (Australia)

My thoughts and prayers are with you all at this very sad time , it was our pleasure to of helped in the small way that we could we only wish you could have had a happier ending to the journey . Wishing you all the very best that life still has to offer in the future !

The Havers family Darryl Natalie and Sophie

Dear Sam and family please accept my deepest sympathy with the loss of your Husband GRAHAM I must say he was a fighter to the last and as you said he was in a happy mood at the last hour , I just hope that we can accept our fate ih the same manner
God Bless you all. Kind regards

Tony Mulherin (Australia)

Dear Sam, I read your email with great sadness and I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I have followed Graham's journey for over a year now and I was constantly amazed at how much of a good fight he had put up against the continuous array of hurdles that were thrown at him. It is certainly nothing short of inspirational. May he rest in peace at last. My thoughts are with both you and your family.

Sarah (Australia)

Hi Sam, We heard the sad news from Bronwyn on Friday and Scott spoke to your brother yesterday (Saturday) when he called your house. We're so very sorry to hear that Graham lost his long fight. He really fought hard and I'm sure you're all proud of the work he did to have this extra time together. And you have been amazing through all this - your strength and determination, and your positive attitude, have truly been inspirational. Please let us know if there's anything at all we can do to help, even if it's just having the kids over for a play for an hour or two. With all our warmest thoughts,

Karen and Scott (Australia)

Sam our thoughts are with you and all the family at this time. We are always here for you xx

Love & hugs from Linda Mark and Cooper (Australia)

Dear Samantha, Jack and Poppy, Please accept my sincere sympathy in the loss of Graham. What a brave man and may he now be in eternal peace. May I also commend you in your brave fight to help your husband and father he would of known that he was much loved. Keep strong and go forward knowing you did your best. Kind Regards

Nola Wolski (Australia)

Dear Samantha, My thoughts are with you & your childen.I never met Graham but his face allows me to see the man he was.The soft love I am sure he has shown to all around him throughout his life is what will now sustain you & your children for the rest of your lives.When my daughter lost her partner some years ago a very dear & old friend of mine said the natives in New Guinea have a saying for such lose........there will always be a part of Samantha that will cry in the night for Graham.Time does heal our wounds but lose is lose. My sincere sympathy to you & your children

Ian Dawes (Australia)

My heartfelt sympathy for you and your family. I was devastated to hear your news. I appreciate all your efforts that you have made to always keep us in touch with what was happening. It is times like this that life is truly put into perspective for people like myself. May the lives of your children be the treasures for his memory to live on. With greatest regard,

Rachel (Australia)

So sorry to hear your sad news. I only met Graham a couple of times, whilst he was playing in a band with Ed Hudson, but have been checking on your report emails with all it's ups and downs. My condolences to yourself, Jack and Poppy.

Kevin (UK)

Dear Samantha, I am so sorry for your loss after you all fought such a long and courageous fight. Graham was so lucky to have had you there to love and support him. My thoughts are with you, your family and friends. With love,

Linden Chester UK

Dear Sam, I am saddened by the news of Graham’s passing.
Although Graham touched the hearts of many with his battle, the battle was not his alone and the inspiration came from you Sam with your strength and your love. You are to be commended for all the support you gave to both Graham and your children. What beautiful memories you must have and I hope the coming days are filled with cherished thoughts and know that the entire family touched so many. Take care Sam, Jack and Poppy and please say goodbye to Graham from me. Love,

Janice Brunton (Australia)

Sam, Iain told me about Graham and I was so saddened to hear the news - he put up such a courageous fight and you must be very proud of him for that. I only met Graham once (perhaps twice) with Iain and Helen but when I had emailed last year, he took the time to respond to me personally which, given everything he was dealing with, shows the kind of person he was :) My thoughts are with you, Jack & Poppy and Graham's mum.

Kirsty x (Iain's sister in Scotland)

As a father of two young children I can only presume to know how you all feel at this time. My family has followed your family's story for around twelve months now, and are constantly amazed at the confidence and bravery you all have expressed. We are extremely saddened to hear of Grahams passing and hope that ,through whatever means, you can all remember the man that Graham was to each of you. Not having known him but coming to (hopefully) understand him a little, I can only hope that I can conduct myself with as much dignity as he did. Again we are sincerely sorry for your loss, but hope that you all can continue to respect Graham by living your own lives with him beside you, knowing he is there.

Craig & Lisa (Australia)

Dear Sam, I have no words to express our sorrow and anguish -- to think that he fought so valiantly to beat the dreaded disease, and ultimately a chest infection..... -- his poor body could not take it any more. What a privilege to have come to know Graham, you and your dearest children. Please know that our hearts and minds are with you. May there be peace.

Kunal (USA)

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy, I am so very sorry to hear of Graham's passing.
I have followed your story over the past year or so and read all of your messages with great hope. I only hope it is of some comfort to you that many, many people care for your family. The fact that we have never met takes nothing away from the concern I feel for you and your family at this time. With my deepest sympathy.

Kathrine (Australia)

Dear Sam, I just picked up your email and we are so, so sorry to hear that Graham is gone. What a brave and decent man he was. Phil and I are both so sad. Please let us know when the funeral is. I didn't ring because I am assuming that is the last thing you want but please call if you would like to talk. We are at Aireys Inlet but we can be back in Melb in a couple of hours if you need anything eg babysitting, food etc. Just let us know. We really want to help if we can. Thinking of you all.

All our love Jacky, Phil and kids (Australia)

Sorry to hear this news, You did everything and more for him, i sure he was and still is very proud of you. Time for you to rest and recover now it will be hard to feel happy without feeling guilty for a while but you must carry on he would want this! Best wishes


Hello Samantha, I'm so sorry to hear of your loss. I thought so many times during his illness that Graham had won the battle. Take care.

Regards Trevor (Australia)

Dear Sam, I am so sorry to hear that Graham is gone, and I feel with you all. It was a privilege to have been able to help in a small way, and I understand that you still need support, which I will give when I can. Don't reply - you must have hundreds of emails. Very sincerely

Edna (UK)

Dear Sam, Our deepest sympathies to you, Jack and Poppy. You are a very courageous family and my heart goes out to you all. With love

Biffy and Mark (Australia)

Dear Sam, My sincerest sympathy to you, a truly amazing woman, on the very sad passing of your beautiful husband and father Graham. When we read your news last night both my husband and I cried as we felt as though in some small part we had been along for the ride. We felt as though we had got to know your wonderful and courageous family. Cherish the beautiful and happy memories of your wonderful life together and your gorgeous Jack and Poppy. With lots of love and best wishes

Ange, Trev, Sam, Lily and Jemima Harris (Australia)

Death is Nothing at All :: Canon Henry Scott-Holland

Death is nothing at all

I have only slipped away into the next room

I am I and you are you

Whatever we were to each other

That we are still

Call me by my old familiar name

Speak to me in the easy way you always used

Put no difference into your tone

Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow

Laugh as we always laughed

At the little jokes we always enjoyed together

Play, smile, think of me, pray for me

Let my name be ever the household word that it always was

Let it be spoken without effort

Without the ghost of a shadow in it

Life means all that it ever meant

It is the same as it ever was

There is absolute unbroken continuity

What is death but a negligible accident?

Why should I be out of mind

Because I am out of sight?

I am waiting for you for an interval

Somewhere very near

Just around the corner

All is well.

Nothing is past; nothing is lost

One brief moment and all will be as it was before

How we shall laugh at the trouble of parting when we meet again!

-Canon Henry Scott-Holland, 1847-1918, Canon of St Paul's Cathedral

Jennifer (Australia)

Dear Sam, I am so sorry to hear your news. I cannot believe this tragedy, after your long road. I thought he had come so far. Please accept my deepest condolences to you and your family. Kindest Regards and Heartfelt Sympathy,

Deborah, Gavin, Sam & Lachlan (Australia)

Dear Sam, Jack & Poppy, I have just received your email and wish to express immediately my saddness at the loss of your beloved Graham. He was such an inspiration to so many people with his tireless courage which I know was strengthened by the constant love of you all. May he shine in the Light as he clearly did on this earth. God Bless you all at this time and Always.

Edie (Trotter) (Australia)

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy, We were stunned to read your news and are so sorry for the loss of Graham. We appreciate the time we spent with you all and getting to know you. Graham will be sorely missed and our thoughts and prayers are with you all. We will keep in touch and all the family send their love and sympathy.

With love, Ruth xx (USA)

Hi Sam, I’m so sorry to hear that, my thoughts go out to you and the family. He was such an awesome bloke and will be missed by us all. Take care.

Travis (Australia)

Dear Sam, We are so sad that Graham has passed. Even though we knew he was unwell, we are shocked by the loss. He has been so strong and brave. We send you, Jack and Poppy all our love and know that you are all in our thoughts. Our support will continue.

Sincere condolences, love Michelle & Family xxxx (Australia)

Dearest Sam, My heart goes out to you and the kids honey, I cant imagine what you are going through. I know that we are far apart and havent seen each other in years but if there is anything I can do I am here for you, I am only a phone call away. God bless you Sam xxx

Leezett Birch
Brisbane Qld Australia

Hi Samantha! I was very sad to hear that your wonderful Husband has passed away. He was a great encouragement to me. As you know we were going through a very similar Journey together. Be assured that I will continue to keep you and your beautiful Family in my thoughts and prayers. We are are very privilaged to have an extra special shining star in heaven to keep watch over us! with Love and best wishes for You and Yours.


Hi Sam I am so sorry to hear the tragic news about Graham.
I knew that he was unwell, but had no idea about how serious it really was.
My thoughts are with you and Jack and Poppy at this difficult time. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help out, particularly with Poppy. If you need some time alone without the children please let me know what I can do to help.
If there is anything I can do to help you through the school's volunteer program, like having some meals dropped off, ironing done or anything else, please let me know and I will contact the appropriate people. I am not sure when the funeral will be, but I will watch the papers. I am going to Adelaide on Thursday for a conference so hopefully I will be able to attend. Take care of yourself and your beautiful children.

Love Kerrie O'Neill

Dear Samantha, My heartfelt sympathy to you and your children and families on the passing of your beloved Graham. Your dedication and strength to keep going has been an inspiration to me, and I have enormous respect for you. In following Graham's journey through this disease, his courage was also inspirational, and a testament of his love for his family. In your grief, I hope you can just be with the many emotions that you will feel, and be gentle on yourself as you continue on your journey with your children. You and Graham have left a legacy of what really matters in life. Thank you so much. Yours sincerely,

Bernadette Tarlinton

Dear Sam, I am so sorry and bewildered to hear your news of Graham's sudden death. It is appalling and I can't begin to understand how you must be feeling. Our thoughts are with you at this terribly sad time. You are such an amazing family, with such strength and love. Graham was so lucky to have you by his side. Warm regards,

Jen and Mark Kelly

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy, Our thoughts are with you all. Your a brave and courageous family. May you get all the love and support needed in the time ahead. He will be remembered through you all. Much love.

The Bradshaw Family

Hi Sam, I'm really sorry to hear of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your kids.


Hi Samantha, Very sorry to hear about this and my thoughts are with you, Yours Sincerely


Samantha, Our deepest sympathies to you, your beautiful children and the rest of your family in this heart wrenching time. Graham was a courageous man, as is his family. Sam, you are an amazing woman. What you have accomplished, the strength you have summoned and your sheer determination have been nothing short of astounding. You are truly an inspiration.

Nadine, Jason and Kids (Australia)

Dear Samantha and family, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. Your emails have been such an inspiration and Grahams continued bravery in the face of many setbacks has also been amazing. You are such a strong, loving family and although I don't personally know you I am glad to have shared some of this journey with you. I am so pleased he was at home and surrounded by you all and I know that his love and example will guide you and your kids into the future. Good luck and blessings to you all. Thinking of you...


Dear Samantha, Thank you for letting us know. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Our most sincere condolence.

Ray Radisich & Family (Australia)

Dear Samantha, I feel so sad. Thank you for letting me know. You are a wonderful person. Kindest regards,

Merrilyn Serong

Deepest condolences to you all on the sad news of Grahams passing.


Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy, We are so very sorry to hear that Graham passed away. Keep strong and take care of each other. We send you lots of love and hope you will get strength from each other.

love from the Hammant family

we are very very saddened to here graham has gone i got so used to following his progress that all of your family was like part of our family take care of each other from

paul shelley shae and braden (Australia)

Dear Sam and Family, I was deeply saddened to hear that Graham had passed. I cannot fathom how difficult this must be for all of you, but for what it is worth, please know that you are all in my thoughts and prayers. With heartfelt sympathy,

Jonathan Racelis

i'm so sorry to hear that, you've had a long fight, God bless you all

DS (Australia)

I am so sorry.

Pat (Australia)

i'm so sorry for you all.

lynden (Australia)

Dear Sam, I am so terribly sad to be reading your email. What a fighter he was and what terrific support he had in you and the family. You did all that was humanly possible for him, sacrificing so much to give him every opportunity of treatment. My thoughts are with you, sincerely,


Sam, I can't believe it. Graham was so strong and optimistic; I was always impressed by his vitality. Take care of yourself, you are such a strong woman, I'm glad to know you and glad I had the chance to meet Graham. My deepest sympathies,

Anna (USA)

Dear Sam, We are so sad to hear the news of Graham passing. James and I send you all our love and thoughts to you, Jack and Poppy. Your determination and courage has shown so many people what true love is and how we can all empower ourselves in all the choices we make in life. It is the way we handle the difficult times that really counts. Please, if there is anything we can do, we will. Lots of love

Emily-kate and James

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy, Thank you for your email. What very sad news. You will miss this brave man so much, not just as a husband, friend and daddy but for his amazing strength and fighting spirit. What a man! You must be very proud of him. He has left behind a lasting legacy of determination and courage, and one which your children will benefit from all of their lives. I know that many hundreds of people will be very upset to read of his passing and be thinking about you all. With deep sympathy to the three of you Sam, and the family. Best wishes and love

Sandra Mathers (Adelaide)

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy, I thought I would write to you here, and tell you how sorry I am for your loss. I too am so very glad you had time with Graham this year, your email you wrote about your holiday in the caravan was just delightful, so thank you for the joy that you and Graham have given me for just a small something last year. Your emails are very much appreciated, and my heart is with you and your two beautiful children. My name is Allison, I am a single mother of two beautiful boys, and whilst I am sure you have many wonderful people around you for support, we would be very happy to catch up with you one day. If you ever need to just ring someone, you give me a call, I would be honoured to speak to you.

Love Allison (Australia)

Dear Sam, Jack & Poppy, Please accept my sincere sympathy at the loss of Graham. My thoughts and prayers are with you at this sad time. Kind regards.


Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy, I am so very sad to hear that Graham has passed away. You have all been through a very brave battle. Love really has no bounds. What a wonderful family. Lovely memories last a lifetime. My condolences at such a sad time. Regards

Bev Galton

very sorry to hear about the news.... :(


Dear Sam, I am so sorry to hear about Graham. You have all gone through so much over the past few years. I can only offer my deepest sympathy for you and the children. It was my greatest pleasure to help and I am honored to have been at least a little help in your lives. I hope you will take time to grieve and don’t try to be brave for everyone. Cry as often as you have too. It's natural . Again so very sorry. Love and prayers

Susie Isted (Australia)

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy,

I am very saddened to hear about Graham's passing, and in so many ways it seems that Graham isn't really gone. In so many ways he will live on through you and your lovely children....in your hearts, and in your memories. I hope that in time you are able to fully aprreciate and even enjoy those wonderful memories.

Sam, I don't know you, but I must say that Graham's obvious bravery throughout this ordeal has been matched stride for stride by your bravery. In life, any of us is indeed lucky to meet a person that loves and appreciates each of us as much as you obviously appreciated Graham. And I have no doubt, his appreciation and love for you was every bit as strong.

Unfortunately my personal finances have taken a bit of a nosedive recently and have prevented me from helping out as much as I would've liked, but I really appreciate the fact that you've kept me informed of Graham's situation throughout the ordeal that you all faced with such bravery and love.

May you now find strength to be able to deal with Graham's passing. I hope, and I'm sure, that with the help of time, and the love of your children, you'll be able to move forward, and once again find the great happiness that you obviously shared with Graham.

You deserve so much praise for the incredibly brave and dedicated fight that you have fought with Graham, and I am sure he would be resting peacefully now, and want nothing more than for you to be able to reach a point where you can enjoy your life again. and simply enjoy the memories that you both shared.

My thoughts are with you Sam at this very tough time. Well done. You fought a fantastic fight. Amidst your grief, please find some time to give yourself a great big pat on the back. You deserve it.

Yours sincerely,
Michael Paulsen (Australia)

Our deepest sympathies to you, Poppy and Jack.

Jane (Australia)

Dear Sam. Words cannot express how deeply saddened I am to hear this news. I know I didn't know Graham personally, but feel as if I've lost a member of my own family. He was an inspiration to all cancer sufferers and will be remembered as a true hero. At times when I felt that life was dealing me a bad hand, it was thoughts of Graham and your family that made me realise just how lucky we are. I'm not sad for Graham, he's at peace now. I know that you and the children will go on, because that's what he would want. My prayers, love and thoughts are with you and the children. It is a privilege to have been a very small part of his life.

Love Val (Australia)

Dear Samantha, My sincerest condolences to you and your family. I am so sorry to hear of your news. Thinking of you xxx

Paula xx

Hi Samantha, I am so so sorry to hear about Graham. My thoughts and prayers are with you and the children. Love and Light


Sam, I'm so sorry. After all the horrendous stuff Graham, you and the kids have lived with, and ultimately, through. But you all had a red-hot go - you did all that was humanly possible and never gave up, and that approach to life will stay with the kids forever. One day they will draw on the example you and Graham set them. They've seen the finest side of human behaviour up close, demonstrated by the two people they most love. That's a huge legacy for Graham to have left them. Stay strong !

Allan (Australia)

Hello Samantha ,Jack and Poppy, My wife Pauline and I were so sad to hear that Graham had passed away. Although never knowing any of your family, you have been part of ours for the duration of this battle and we have felt all your joy and pain! You all are to be admired and congratulated for your super human efforts to give Graham the hope and love that he deserved in his time of need. Well done! Pauline and I wish your family the very best for your futures.

Adrian and Pauline Bott. xx (Australia)

Dear Sam,Jack & Poppy, Our thoughts are with you at this very sad time. We were devastated to hear that Graham had passed away. We wish you & your family a long life

Lena & George Collins (Australia)

Dear Samantha - John and I are so saddened to hear of Graham's passing - you all put up such a brave and fierce fight over the past years - truely an amazing effort - something you should all be very proud of. Our prayers and thoughts are with you all at this difficult time. Sending you all our love.

Christina & John Forbes (Australia)

We are so sorry to hear. Our deepest sympathy

Vito, Arna and Jordan Terranova

Sam, I'm so sorry. What a great, great battle you both fought. I think you are an amazing woman to have achieved what you did and whilst raising two beautiful children. I'm sure that would have given Graham his peace and happiness during these past two years. I wish you and the children a smooth road ahead and please keep in touch for any reason at all. Kindest Wishes

Elissa Porritt (Australia)

Samantha, I am so sorry. Graham really fought the good fight in order to have a life and to be there for you and the children. You all have been on such an incredible journey. I will be thinking of you and Jack and Poppy as you continue on. Blessings to each of you. Carolyn Berg

(Anna's neighbor, Seattle)

Samantha jack and poppy, I am so sad for your loss. Keep your chins up and remember the good times. Will think of you guys always.


Dear Samantha, My wife, Anne ,and I are so sorry to hear of Graham's death. Please accept our sincere sympathy towards your family. It was such a brave struggle to retain life and you fought so tremendously hard on his behalf. What a rollercoaster of emotions you have endured over the period of Graham's illness .
We wish you Jack and Poppy the comfort of happy memories to sustain you as you commence the rest of your lives without a beloved husband and father.
Anne and I have lost two of our three sons so understand a little of coping with the random finger of fate.

Yours aye John (UK)

Dear Sam, We are really sorry to hear the sad news about Graham, he went through so much and fought so hard and we both believed he would win his battle. He wouldn't have got so far without your love and support. Words are sometimes inadequate at times like this but you and the children are in our thoughts. with love and take care

Lyn and Trevor (UK)

Hi Sam, Our deepest sympathy to you and your family. You have been an inspiration for others and I just wanted to let you know you will be in my thoughts at this difficult time. Kind regards,

(Mum to Sam - Yr 1 StLeonard's)

He will always be with you.

Sandra xxx

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy, Thank you for your messages and your phone call. I am so very sorry for the loss of Graham. I am so sad and just wish you all well. I have written a letter and card which hopefully will be with you soon. Thank you for getting in touch and giving us the sad news. We send you all lots of love,

Louise, Matthew, Amelia and Charlie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (UK)

Samantha, Jack and Poppy, We never met and I'm not sure if I should really write this, but I received your message with great sadness and can only beging to imagine how you feel. I send you as much love as is possible.

Katie x (UK)

Dearest Sam, I am SO SO sorry to hear about Graham. I can not even begin to imagine the emptiness and feelings of loss you must be feeling. I wish so very much there was more that I could do. You and Graham so amazed me… in your ability to always think of others and help others during his battle, and Graham’s ability to fight. What an amazing man he was. I hope that we can stay in touch and please, please let me know if there is anything I can do now or ever. My thoughts are with you and the kids. We are all so saddened by the news.

Love, Colleen (Seattle)

Dear Sam, What can I say? I am so very sorry for your loss. Graham was such a wonderful husband and father and I feel privileged to have known him as a friend. I cannot begin to imagine how your life has been for the past two years, only that for every step you made forward there were so many steps backwards, but that you have all been so strong throughout everything. I hope that the strength you have found will help to keep you going through these dark days. I know it sounds like a platitude, but at least Graham cannot suffer any more. You are all in my prayers and I send you lots of e-love.

Helen xx (UK)

Sam. I am so so sorry. My heart goes out to you and the children. You have been incredible - a strong advocate and partner for Graham. And Graham was just amazing in his attitude and resilience and humor. I feel privileged to have met you both.
I will send hugs through Anna, when she sees you next month.

Love, Diane (USA)

Sam, I have no words but I'm sincerely sorry. Your family has been strong through the entire ordeal, but I hope you now have your own time to feel Graham's life. My sincerest,


I'm so very sorry about your loss of Graham and Graham's loss of his life. You sound like a strong and intelligent lady. Graham was fortunate to have you. Sincerely,

Karen in Seattle

Dear Samantha, I am really sad to hear about the loss of Graham. I would like to just say that I am glad that the last two years have been so precious to you all.
Please accept my condolences to your family and especially to yourself and your Children. You will all be in my prayers. Kindest Regards

Jim Shevlin (UK)S

Dear Sam, I hope you're managing to make sense of the situation. Graham had a lot of people that cared for him, please see the email below from Kate Moore.
Kate runs the UFO SITN chat forum and posted this message and a flurry of instant replies came back from other SITNers. Graham met Kate of the UFO gig in Seattle. I hope you don't mind but I will pass on the emails of best wishes to you.

Big luvs, Mark (UK)

Some of you will remember hearing about Graham Barnell, a bassplayer who became a friend of SITN via our own Mark Curly Coles. In April 2007 Graham was diagnosed with a rare kind of leukaemia. He moved to Seattle, the only place in the world with the facilities for a possiblecure - a pioneering course of treatment that involved Graham undergoing months'n'months' n'months of debilitating and gruelling procedures. He lost loads of weight, he lost his hair, he lost the comfort of living with his wife and two kids (cos even with all the amazing fundraising that went on there was no money left over for his family to move to Seattle with him) and he lost just about everything except his sense of humour and his loyal friends. His online blog, which was featured in the Seattle Times, was very uplifting and inspiring, with loads of funny bits woven in with the
heartbreaking stuff. I met Graham last May, on the first day he was allowed out of hospital during his course of chemo. He'd just had a "Hickman line" installed into
his vein so that his chemo drugs could be kept topped up. So where did he choose to go for his first day out? Yep, to the El Corazon club in Seattle to see UFO. The club was unbelievably hot and crowded, packed to the rafters - but he perched at the back, beside the merch desk, and was able to see most of the show before the heat got to him and he needed to leave.Throughout the months in hospital there were times when nobody thought he'dpull through, and there were also times when he beat the odds with all guns
blazing.By the start of 2009 Graham was able to go back to his family in Australia and carry on his treatment with just as many highs and lows as when he was in Seattle. He caught every infection going cos he was so weak and his immune system was all over the place, but managed to overcome them - until yesterday. It just doesn't seem fair that a lovely person like Graham can go through so much and not get a happy ending to his ordeal, but there ya go... life can be a right biiitch sometimes.Sincere condolences to his wife Samantha, and to Poppy and Jack. And thanks to Curly for hooking me up with Graham, cos he really was a very inspiring and genuinely nice bloke, and it was a pleasure to have met him.

Hey Samantha. My condolences. May his soul rest in peace.

Bipin (Canada)

Hi Sam, I am so sorry to hear this news. You have both fought so hard. Sadly I know what it feels like so you have all thoughts and sympathy as you get through the toughest thing you will ever have to get through. Best wishes

Joe (UK)

Dear Sam, Heartfelt sympathies to you and all your families. Thankyou all for allowing us to be a part of Graham's life.

Linda Keating (Queensland)

Dear Samantha & Family, My sincere heartfelt sympathy to you all. I have been following your ups and downs for many months and hoped that everything would turn out okay. I even mentioned to my mum the other day that if I won the $90 million Oz Lotto I would pay your outstanding medical bill (unfortunately that didn't come true). Please know that my family and I are thinking of you. Kind regards

Cathy Gaby
Married Mother of Two - Kalgoorlie WA

Dear Samantha Jack and Poppy, We have you in our hearts and in our prayers. We are so sorry to hear you have lost your beloved Graham after such a battle. We send you our sincere and loving sympathy.

Allan and Win (Australia)

My heart felt thoughts go out to you all , just remember Graham would want you all to go on ,i lost a preciious daughter at 23 and knowing she would want me to gone on was what got me through

love julie (Australia)

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy, Our heartfelt sympathy on the passing of your remarkable husband and father. We have truly been touched by your journey and now feel so deeply for your loss. Although we never met Graham his fight and life will never be forgotten. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all,

Georgia, Duane, Rhys & Christin (Australia)

i am so very very sorry for you loss

the rafferty family

Dear Samantha: We are so terribly sorry for your loss. Memory is longer than life; love is longer than all.--

Jed R. (USA)

Hi Sam, Jack and Poppy, We are so sorry to hear about the passing of Graham. We can only try to guess the loss you are feeling now, but please know our thoughts and prayers are with you all at this sad time.

Eric (Australia)

What a shock Sam, really sorry to hear this news. Our hearts go out to you all, please accept our deepest condolences. I'm going to watcha rock band tonight, I'll be thinking of you all and him and I'll have a drink for Graham. Take care.

Bob xx (UK)

To Sam, Jack and Poppy, I'm so sorry to hear the news of Graham's passing. I send you all my love and peace at this time. May he rest in peace. I hope that all that he has gone through wont have been in vein, and that all of the Doctors have learnt alot from his illness/treatment, so that in time it may help future reseach and other patients. From all of the fund raising and emails that have occurred, although I din't know him, I can tell he was a man that was loved by many. May the memories you have of him help you through this sad and difficult time.Thinking of you all

Love Linda Rees (Australia)

Dear Samantha, We are very sorry to hear about the passing of Graham. Our thoughts are with you and your children at this very sad time. I would like to let you know that we will be continuing to donate when we can to help with your hospital bills so please keep in touch. I will be depositing some money to your National Bank account soon. Thinking of you all,

Zoe, Paul and Jacob (Australia)

Dear Sam, thankyou for taking the time to let me know, my deepest sympathies are with you, Jack and Poppy. Nothing can stop your hurting right now but I guess you have to hold on to the good times and although it has been a long time since I saw Graham, I'm sure you had plenty of those together. We recently lost a very close friend and my 5 year old son said "he's gone to play up in the stars with my Grandads and Gucci (the dog)", it's small comfort, but I like to keep that picture in my mind. I sincerely wish you all the best for the future and I know Jack and Poppy have gained a good start to their lives having had a father like Graham. Best wishes


Dear Samantha, I am so sorry to hear of Graham's passing. His journey and your unswerving support was an inspiration to so many thousands of people worldwide. I co-ordinate the St Leonard's College Crisis Support Service, and the volunteer families would be only too happy to provide you with any practical assistance whatsoever. If you would like us to arrange catering for the funeral, family meals, or anything else you can think of please do not hesitate to contact me. Our family's thoughts are with you, Jack and Poppy.

Gabrielle Wells (Australia)

Oh Sam !– We are so sorry to hear the news – Our love and prayers are with you all and we are glad for the small mercies that he was not in pain and you had time to say your good byes Don’t know what else to say really - Is there anything we can do to help you, Jack and Poppy – sadly we are half way around the world so if anything it will be remote I’m afraid – but please do let me know if we can help you in any way.

Love from the Daniel’s

David, Jo, Bailey, Alex and “Princess” Em (UK)

Dear Samantha and Jack and Poppy, I was so sad and surprised to hear the news I am thinking of you all at this time and my prayers and thoughts go out to you all at this time.Graham will certainly not be forgotten such a brave fellow he certainly put up one enormous fight once again thinking of you all and deeply sadend of the news of his passing.

Sandra Hoffman xxxxxx

Dear Samantha and Family,
You guys are so strong, be proud because my family and many are proud of you. Rest in peace Graham. Thinking of you guys.

Richard Tankard and family (Australia)

Hi Sam, I have put down some thoughts about Graham in the attached. My heart goes out to you at such a painful time. Thanks again for letting me know about Graham. He will be missed by many, though his life has affected many thousands & I'm sure it will continue to do so. All our love to You, Jack & Poppy xx

Pete (UK)

Hi Sam,
Thanks so much for calling me this morning, it must have been so hard for you to repeatedly pick up the phone & break the news that Graham had died. My heart goes out to You, Jack & Poppy & words are never adequate in these moments are they?
It has been a privelage to be able to call Graham a friend for the last 20 years & I have spent the day laughing & crying at the memories. I guess we got on because we share a similar sense of humour, similar tastes in music & we are the same age, but it was more than that. He made me feel a part of the team at BSI very quickly & it didn’t take long before we were creating mischief at work.
One of my early memories of Graham was at my stag do in October 1989. The company decided to put on a staff Halloween party on the premises in MK & it was ticket entry only. Coinciding with my stag night, we decided to gatecrash the party. As we walked into the bar, it was clear our presence wasn’t too welcome – the print dept were never that popular at the best of times with the rest of the company! With the atmosphere decidedly lacking with the handful of people there, Graham grabbed the trident that was hanging on the wall & started trying to stab the buffet food that was on display. It was so spontaneous, so irreverent & extremely funny! You can guess that we were asked to leave pretty sharp & we left crying with laughter, which pretty much set the tone for the night.
Graham’s passion for music will always stay with me & I thank him for introducing me to some sounds (& sights!!) that are permanently etched in my memory . When Graham announced he had a spare ticket to see Aerosmith @ The Marquee club, I jumped at the chance. They weren’t a band I was particularly into, but who would miss that? The atmosphere was electric & seeing the band up close with the legendary Jimmy Paige is still my favourite live gig of all time. I still have the unworn T shirt.. sad but true.
Seeing AC/DC at Wembley again wasn’t something I thought was my thing, but Graham offered a ticket & that was that…. Another great gig.
Graham was playing in the band Feeline Groove at the time & I remember the time they got offered the opportunity to play on Thursday Rock night @ The London Hippodrome. It seemed a lifetime before the band finally walked out on stage, to varied applause. It was the time when Graham’s mate Guy’s band The Choirboys were doing well & the style was cowboy boots, tight jeans etc. As Graham walked out in his smooth-soled boots onto a highly polished stage, he he strummed his first chord & simutanously slipped epicly, breaking the neck on the guitar. Ever the professional , Graham carried on as though nothing had happened, the roadie bringing on the spare bass & swapping the guitars very smoothly - a star indeed!
Another of these evenings saw one of the support bands struggling to get the support of the crowd - they were pretty rubbish it’s fair to say. In desperation the singer pulled out his penis, just to evoke a reaction. Laughter probably wasn’t what he expected!
It was great to see Graham fall In love & finally marry you too. We would have loved to have been with you at the wedding & we were sorry to have missed that. I think seeing your pictures was one of the things that inspired me to take ‘alternative’ wedding pictures – I’m sure they still look fresh & will hopefully bring you smiles as you look back at them.
Thank you so much for opening your home to us when we came to see you in 1997 in Sydney with Misha. It was great getting to know you better over that time. I still remember a great chilli paella you cooked for us while we were there. I can look back at that holiday with smiles too, remembering a time when Misha was free of Batten’s & enjoying life. Do you remember the time she encountered live wallabies? She was pretty close to one & was shouting “Hello”, the wallaby taking absolutely no notice. A potentially dangerous situation, but a great memory. You took us to that holiday shack by the ocean & it was a very chilled time. We also saw Reef with you too, another amazing concert.
The next few years are a bit of a blur as we had diagnosis for Misha & Nat & their subsequent deaths, but you & Graham were one of the few friends that continued to be there for us at that time & allowed us to be who we were. You never seemed afraid to discuss the tough day to day issues we were facing & I thank you for that. You also gave us permission to laugh then & we still had fun nights out – a good outlet that we needed.
Seeing your family grow at the arrivals of Jack & Poppy brought a wholeness to Graham & he seemed ‘complete’. His love for you & the children was very deep. We obviously missed you all when you relocated back to Oz, & always promised we would make it out to see you again - it's still on our 'to do' list & I am sorry we never achieved it while Graham was alive. I hope that we will manage it & come to see you all one day.
The bonus was that Graham got back most years & it was great to see you all in September 2006.
I can still remember being stunned by the news of Graham's diagnosis of Leaukemia in Autumn 2007. He fought so bravely though from the start & it was great to heat that he had responded well to the first round of treatment & pull through seemingly so well.
His last visit in January/Feb 2008 for his Dad's funeral was very emotional. It was a privelage to be there for Graham on the day of the funeral & I was made to feel very much a part of the family by Graham, his mum & the wider family.
We managed to get to another gig too while he was here. To be honest, I couldn't tell you who we went to see, but it was great to spend time with Graham in his element. We talked, we drank, we laughed & also got very serious. The music was loud & it was a small venue. He came over to us a couple of days later to have a meal & catch up with Rach & the kids. We talked some more & it was then that he shared alot about his illness & treatment & also how brilliant you had been. He also talked that he hadn't been feeling so great & when we said our goodbyes, both Rach & I felt anxious for him. Despite all that, he was still able to smile & crack a few jokes - you could never squash his spirit..
The shock of the news that the Leukemia had come back to quickly & aggresively so soon after his return caught everyone by surprise didn't it? We watched from a distance in awe at that point , as you started your campaign to raise funds to get Graham to America. You guys were so strong & came across so well on the various news articles that we saw & read. Even more humbling to see was how the local & wider community suppported you both financially & practically. We were very proud, though felt so helpless that we couldn't do much from these shores, except pray & send you our messages of hope.
Part of me wanted to come & be there for my mate (& for you), just to talk & distract him & perhaps even drag him out to a gig! It wasn't very practical & financially certainly impossible, so was shelved.
Yours & Grahams regular blogs & postings on the donor for Graham site kept us informed though, thanks again for documenting things so well & for all the photos. We, as many as your family & other friends did, felt we were there with you & it kept us very much in the loop.
When you eventually got to America, we shared in the highs & lows - with every positive, we celebrated, but also got frustrated & angry when the disease took another turn. You had such a good team round you though, even if it came at a very high price.
Getting Graham home after so much fighting & treatment was a major achievement & one that we had all being praying & hoping for every day - with Graham's permission we had also been asking the church to pray & they faithfully did.
I had been following your blog & wish I had connected with you more after your return home, but it never happened. My step dad was diagnosed of Acute Myloid Leakemia in January this year & after 2 rounds of chemo & several weeks in hospital, it seemed that he was going to die. It was very hard on the family, as my mum had just got over her treatment & chemo for breast cancer. The hospital said they could do no more & sent him home. He returned most days for blood & plasma transfusions & then one day, things started to turn round. He's in remission at the moment, so he & my mum are making the most of every day they have left.
Thanks again for letting me know, you must have so many things to think about & as I say, it meant so much. I too thought a great deal of Graham & he was my best mate in many ways. I guess many people will say that though, he always gave a lot of himself & always made people at ease with his laid-back friendly disposition.
I have cried a lot in the last 24 hours as I have looked back & remembered - guess I thought we would see each other again & he seemed to be doing so well - still can't believe it. A lot of the pain though is for you, Poppy & Jack. Graham was a great husband & Dad & it feels so unfair that you have been robbed of him - life is shit sometimes isn't it.
The thing that I keep thinking though is that Graham is alive in our hearts & minds. The memories will live on & I will smile of the fun times we had, both before & after he met you.
Nothing can rob you of the memories & he is also alive in Poppy & Jack. They both seem to have that sense of fun & mischief that Graham had.
Don't ever feel rushed or allow other people to tell you how you should 'feel'. In our experience, the days I cry for Misha & Nat are less frequent, though we will never get 'over it' or 'move on' - why would I want to move on from the memory of my beautiful daughters? We have learnt to adapt to the new and unwanted direction our lives have taken & I have to accept that 'things' will never be the same again. Part of us dies with the person.
When the phone stops ringing & people start to avoid talking about Graham for fear they might say the wrong thing, please know that you can call or email any time & talk about the memories. I feel sad that people don't want to talk about Mish & Nat any more, almost as if their names have been removed from the vocabulary. The worst possible thing has already happened & I want to talk about them regularly.
You are also strong & I know you are a fighter too, but also be kind to yourself & take time out when you need to. Counselling helped us, though if you do seek out a counsellor, ensure they have experience of bereavement - my first counsellor didn't and was unable to stimulate the right converstion or offer any help.
If you're able, please let me know when his funeral is - will be there with you in spirit. Keep in touch & I hope that our friendship will live on. You are welcome to stay with us any time you're in the UK & the door is always open to you & the children. With all our love & prayers for you over the next hours, days, weeks & months & if you ever need to talk, do please call, any time day or night.

With much love,
Pete, Rach Soph & Zak xxxx

Dear Samantha, You don’t know me, I have never met you – my son finished at St Leonards 2 ½ years ago and my daughter is currently doing Year 12 there. I donated to the “a donor for graham” fund because I hoped that if my family was in the same situation, people would do the same for me. It is with great sadness that I read about Graham’s death. I would read the regular updates with great hope that Graham would succeed – that he would get well and go back to leading a normal life and be with his family. I cannot begin to understand how you must be feeling – but I do know that your life has been shattered. All I can say to you is let yourself cry whenever you need to – don’t try to be strong and pretend you are ok. Let your family and friends know that it’s ok to talk about what happened and speak Graham’s name often. When there is a birthday or anniversary or even Christmas, it’s ok to say that you are sad he is not here to share it with you. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family and I wish you strength to get through the next awful days, weeks and months and beyond,

Love Amanda Matler (Australia)

Hi.Sam.Sorry to hear about Grahams passing.My condolences to you and your family and hope all goes well for you in the future.take care,

Steve Duncan (Australia)

My Dear Samantha, Your e-mail regarding the passing of Graham is received with great sadness. My wife Ena and I were moved to support Graham both by donation and perhaps more importantly through our prayers. Being motivated by Ena's successful fight against her ovarian cancer nearly five years ago we have a small insight of the journey you, your family and friends have travelled during Graham's illness. Your regular reports written with passion and read by us with special interest were most encouraging as we keenly followed Graham's journey of setbacks and triumphs along the way. Now we can but offer our love and support to you, Jack and Poppy especially during this time of much sadness.
I must pause now as I submit to my own feelings for your loss and I will need to keep your sad news from Ena for the time being as she is currently in New Zealand visiting a friend who is undergoing chemo treatment at this time. May God bless you and give you strength. Much love to you all

mick murphy (Australia)

Hi Sam, How very sad for you and your beautiful children. I do not know you, but truly admire Graham’s and your courage and perseverance. My heartfelt condolences to you. Regards

Ken (Australia)

Dear Samantha, I am so very sad for you. You and Graham went through so much. Although I do not know you personally, I very much admire the effort you maintained in so many ways to give Graham the best care possible. With my very best wishes for you, Jack and Poppy,

Gilda Segal

It is with great sadness and a very heavy heart that I respond to your email. I cant imagine how you must be feeling. You have been amazing in keeping us up to date on Grahams progress and it was always uplifting to hear of his ongoing progress. My father passed away 16 years ago at the age of 57. He had cancer, and it is such a cruel, indiscriminating disease. I still think of him every day. He was such a special, inspirational person, and I draw my strength from him always. Just know that you are a beautiful, loving, giving person who did everything and more for the man you love. It will be a bloody tough road ahead, but you have the support of me, and thousands more. Just know you are in my thoughts Love and light

Jane xx

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy,I cannot begin to tell you how sad I am to hear about Graham.
I know this has been a long and emtional journey for all of you. My mother passed away 7 yrs ago and her fight began when I was only 7yrs old.I spent her last 12months
at her side and know what you have all been through I know you will all get through this and will be strong for Graham. I wish all of u long life and true happiness


I am so sorry for your loss. My love to you and your family at this sad time. Please take care of yourselves.


Sam, we are sorry for you and your family’s loss. He was very brave and he fought hard and long. Now, its your turn to be brave. Our thoughts go with you and thankyou for allowing us to drop in on your lives and keeping us informed. Take care,

Helen and Garry (Australia)

Sam, I'm so sorry.....don't know what else to say. I've posted a message on tnms - the Rush board here in the UK - where Graham had a lot friends and supporters....Hell of a man you had there.........Take care and keep strong

Neil (UK)

Dear Sam and family, We are very sorry to hear the sad news, but we are glad that Graham was able to spend time with family, god bless you and your family

Dianne Distill (Australia)

Sam, I'm so very sorry. What a fighter. My heart breaks for you all.

Evie (Australia)

Dearest Sam, Jack & Poppy, I am truly sorry for your loss. You all have been in my thoughts and prayers over the last year when I first heard about your story. No words can ever ease your pain but I do hope you find comfort in knowing that you are all in so many peoples prayers and I wish you all love.

Stacey Lucas xx (Australia)

Our Heartfelt Condolences to you all

Love Jean & Roy (Australia)

Hi, I am so sorry for you all. I am sending much love at this difficult time. May you know, that an angel walks beside you all now....x


Samantha, I’m so sorry to hear the terribly sad news. My thoughts are with you and your family. Kind regards,

Shona (UK)

Oh God, Samantha, I am so sorry. My hubby and I send our deepest sympathy to you and your family - may he rest peacefully in the arms of God forever. Thank you for sharing his incredibly courageous journey with us - I am forever changed by being a (tiny) part of his fight. I am so, so sorry.

Cara Riley (Australia)

Dear Samantha, I am very saddened to hear of your loss. My deepest sympathy and prayers for love and light to you and your children. Warm regards,

Fiona Falzon

We were so very very sorry to hear the sad news. When someone dies, we feel a little part of us dies too, but you know, in reality people never really die, because so much of them lives on, and will live forever. He will always be there, he is there in his children, and will be there in his grandchildren, a little bit of him will always be a part of them.
Life on earth was never meant to be forever and we have no control over when that time is up. But life is really a journey isn't it? Every one of us will one day have to take that final journey, we will all have to 'catch that train' we all have a ticket we just don't know which train we are on, but one thing is for sure, we will all meet at the end of the journey, we are all going to the same place. Something that can never be taken from us is our memories, they are ours to keep for ever. You all have so many happy memories of Graham and that is what he would want from you all now, focus on the happy times and smile as you think of him. Time is a great healer, I know how bad you are feeling right now, but I promise you that it does get better. I didn't believe that I could ever get over losing my sister and my mum, but I did. I know that they are with my Dad, and it is only a separation for a short while until one day I am on that train station taking my final journey and they will all be there to meet me as Graham will be there waiting for you.
This world is today missing one truly beautiful and very brave man, who fought so hard to stay with you all. But he is only ever a thought away. Remember him with happiness, not with sadness. We send our love to you all and are so sorry for your loss.

Susan and Bryan

Dear Samantha, You do not know us personally but we have followed Graham’s incredible struggle and will to live. He was a very blessed man to have you, your two children and the amazing friends and family support in his life. If ever things are tough I will always think of Graham and his family to give me strength. My families love, thoughts and prayers go out to you and the children at this time of tremendous grief.

Jillian & Grant Scherf (Australia)

Hey Samantha, My deepest condolonces to you and the family. I am so glad to hear that he went on peacefully and that his loved ones were able to ease his journey. I'm guesing that you guys have been prepared for some time, but, as was the case for my father, it still came as a shock. You get used to them beating the odds and think that they will be one of the "miracle" survivors. I hope you can all get on with your lives with the same determination, tenacity and zest that Graham seemed to show. Kindest regards

Richard (Australia)

Dear Samantha and family,
I'm so sorry! God bless.

Creator, Enfolder, Guide
From first to last our strength,
You brought us into the world,
walk with Graham and his family now we pray.
Guide them
Encourage them
Comfort them
As you welcome Graham safely
into your loving embrace

Sue (Australia)

Dear Samantha,Graham has gone with the love from everybody that knew of him.Our sincere sympathy to you and your family,God Bless,

From Peter (Australia)

Dear Sam Jack and Poppy, We send you our heartfelt sympathy at this time and will pray for your family as you go through this sad time in losing Graham. Thank you for sharing with us your life and we will remember you and your family

Luv and sincere wishes John and Johanna Oosterhof

Dear Sam, Jack & Poppy, There are no words to adequately express how I feel about your enormous loss. Despite the sadness and pain your special memories of a great husband and father will ultimately get you through. Please accept my deepest sympathy. Best wishes to you all for brighter days ahead

Ray (Australia)

God bless all of you and Graham! I am so sorry.....

Love from Heidi (Australia)

Dear Sam, Jack & Poppy, My sincerest condolences to you all. You’re an amazing person Sam & I bid you ALL all the best for the future.

Suzy xxx (Australia)

god bless you all..my heart bleeds for your pain ..thank you so much for letting me know..i feel truly honored that i was allowed to play a miniscule part of your courageous journey...love and thoughts go out to you and your family..


Dear Samantha, Jack & Poppy, I am so sorry to hear about Graham, this will be a very sad time for you all. Cherish the memories and the extra time you had with him and the two wonderful children you both produced. My thoughts are with you. With best wishes

Cathy Bushby

Dear Sam, Jack and Poppy, My heartfelt sympathy and sadness for your tremendous loss.
The one thing I am certain of is that Graham was an inspiration to the many people who have had experience of any kind with this illness. My heart really hurts for you and your wonderful family. You are firmly in my thoughts and prayers. Love and care,

Robyn (Australia)

Hi Sam, So sorry to hear about Graham. Thanks so much for leaving the message - I know it wouldn't have been easy. I'll tell Graham's friends here. Mark and I met in central London last night and went for a pint of Guinness at The Toucan pub beside Soho Square where I shared a pint with Graham the last time he was over in the UK. He was full of stories at the time - happy memories. Several messages about Graham have been put up on a UFO chat site. I've asked Mark to send these on to you. The first, and largest one is attached. They also include one from the bass player of the Quireboys, Nigel Mogg, which would have pleased Graham. Lots of love to you, Jack and Poppy.

Iain & Helen (UK)

Dear Samantha, I was very shocked and saddened to learn yesterday that your husband Graham has died. I cannot begin to imagine how you must feel after all that you and he had been through, the ups and downs, the hopes, the successes and now the final ending. I really feel for Jack and Poppy too. You all dealt so well with the rareness of his disease and the unique circumstances that made his treatment so difficult. So many people were concerned for you and inspired by you all. I have no information on the details, since I have been on leave since early June and am currently attending a conference in Colorado in the USA. Please accept my condolences and those of the College community. My wife Jean and I are thinking of you during this difficult time.

Roger Hayward, Principal, St Leonard's College

Dear Mam, Nothing I can say will make much difference just know we are sending our love to you, Jack and Poppy and all the family. Won't send flowers, will just try to get more donations. All our prayers,

Jo, Sozos and Maddie, XXX (Australia)

Dear Samantha, I’m so sad to hear you have lost Graham ... after all you have been through together. If we can help you at all, please don’t hesitate to ask us. Thinking of you and the kids.

Love Jen (Australia)

Dear Sam, I found out this morning the sad, sad news of Graham’s passing. As deeply saddened as we are, I can’t imagine the grief that you Jack and Poppy must be sharing right now. After travelling the journey that few people would have had the courage and determination to take on, this is such a soul wrenching turn of events. Your individual strength and love for Graham has been remarkable and a benchmark for all.
Know that we are all thinking of you and your family. Love to all

Richard (Australia)

Hi Sam, I just want to say thanks for letting me know today. The news hasn't really sunk in that Graham is gone. I know you don't need me to tell you, but i'll say it any way that Graham was one in a million and a truer friend then I have every had. I just want you to know that if you or the kids need anything then I am only too happy to help. I will leave you in peace now to greave over a wonderful man that was taken too early. Please keep me informed of the funeral arrangement. I don't know if there is anything I can do but don't hesitate to ask. Our thought are with you and your family at this difficult time. Love

David Emma and Nathan xxx (UK)

Dearest Sam,Jack and Poppy, We are so so sorry to hear the sad news about Graham.
Thank you for letting us know . As you know ,Graham was really special to us and we will always have such lovely ,fun memories of him and you from all those years in London together. Graham was the kind of guy that everyone who met him loved him,including us! Not having him in our lives will leave a huge hole! It was lovely that you were all there together at the end. We are so sorry. Our very real thoughts are with you 3 and dont hesitate to let us know if there is anything we can do -whatever that may be. Love and strength to you.

Helen and Iain xxx (UK)

Sam, Jack and Poppy, Words cannot even express how sad I am for your loss, Graham fought so very hard and so did all of you. Our thoughts and love are with you at this terrible time for you. Please also send my condolences to Beryl, I will write to her too.

Penny, Daniel, Fiona and Ciara (USA)

Hi Sam Graham Jack and Poppy, Thank you for keeping in touch with us. We are very happy for Graham and wishing you all the best with lots of love

Ivona, Ziomek,Amanda and Olivia xxxx (UK)

Hi Samantha, I'm sorry to hear Grahams not doing well an back in hospital.I hope he'll be home with his family soon an well, on the path to a recovery. All my best wishes

Kaye (Australia)

I'm really sorry to hear of this dip and hope that it will sort itself out very soon. I am at this point in time finishing my 2nd yr of a dietetics degree. On the diet side of things (which I'm sure Graham has a good adviser on anyway) I could suggest oily fish as an anti inflammatory helper if thats acceptable with medications. Im away from my texts and notes at the moment but if I find more dietary ideas I will forward them on. Best wishes and prayers.

Monique (UK)

Hi Sam, Graham,Jack and Poppy, Sorry to hear G has had a bit of a setback!! Will check how he is via website!! Give him (and all of you) our love!!!!! Also very late Happy Birhday to Jack!!! Lotsa luv

Helen and Iainxxxxx (UK)

You are all in our thoughts Sam. You are a fabulous lady. If you need anything, just let us know. Remember to take care of yourself.

Elissa xx (Australia)

Hi Sam, Karen here Gee, that must be tough on you all. I'm sorry to hear it. But Graham is strong and he'll fight it again, as he has before. If I were religious, I'd say that I'll pray for you. But I'm not, so I'll say that I'm thinking of you all and will definitely keep Graham in my thoughts. Please send lots of strong, positive thoughts to all the family from all of us here.


Wishing you a speedy recovery, Graham

Anna's neighbor in Seattle

Hi Sam - sorry to hear of Graham's setbacks. We have him and your family in our prayers. Thinking of you.

Jen (Australia)

Hi Samantha and Graham So sorry to hear of the setback and hope this is just a blip on Graham's road tp recovery. We think of you all often and send our love.

Lyn and Trevor (UK)

Hi Sam and Graham, Thanks for your update. You're always in our thoughts and we're sending love your way. One foot in front of the other as you confront this latest setback.( and a mental massage for your weary feet) Best love and all our prayers

Meg, Guy, Maya and Jude (Australia)

Thanks for the update and good wishes to you all.

Roy & Jean (Australia0

Dear Sam, Thank you for your update on Graham's health.

You have all been in my thoughts and prayers as you continue with the battle for Graham to get his good health back. You are an amazing family, and sharing your experience of the massive fight against the terrible illness Graham was stricken with has surely helped so many people from all over the world. Your love and devotion for your family is a wonderful inspiration to those who feel they cannot go on when facing a serious illness.

I have followed Graham's journey for quite a long time now and I do hope that this recent setback will soon pass and he will be back at home with you, Jack and Poppy.

I plan to contribute more dollars to your enormous medical costs as soon as I can clear my own debts (it sounds worse than it is really, as my debts are the regular ones....rates, power, phone, chemist and grocery accounts, plus the car rego soon....you know, the things that always come up just when we think we are getting ahead!!)

Money sure does make the world go around and I am always grateful for my part-time employment here at the Primary School. I have always managed to support various 'causes', including a little boy in Guatemala for the past four years, and I truely believe that we all can help other folk who are finding it so hard to manage, especially in a situation like yours, desperately raising funds to ensure Graham had the treatment to save his life.

It was, and still is an amazing thing you have done, and I can only praise your wonderful efforts and encourage you to never give up and never lose faith. You have touched the hearts of so many people, as we can see reading the 'Heroes' list, and Graham is no doubt so very proud of you, as we all are.

God bless you Sam, and your precious children Jack and Poppy. Graham is a much-loved and lucky man to have such a loving family. Hold onto that love when times are tough and keep in your hearts the love that so many of us 'out here' have for you all.

Much love from Gayle (Inglewoo, Victoria)

Thoughts are with you Sam. You and Graham are an amazing and strong inspiration to one and all.

Love Biffy (Australia)

Hi Sam, this is disappointing news. Good Luck Best wishes

Denise (Australia)

We’re thinking of you all Sam and sending you much love.

Sally (Australia)

Thinking of you all at this time - let's hope he's better and back home soon. Love

Christina (Australia)

Dear Sam, what extroadinary bad luck!. How amazing is the body to identify and fight a host disease,... in a way shows his body is still on track, but not an effective response in this instance. Hang in there. You have done sooooo much, ... you will get through this too. Our very best wishes,

Averill (Australia)

Hi Samantha, Sad to hear this news. We wish him speedy recovery and are sending him positive healthy vibes. Let me know if I can do anything for you. xo

Barbara (Australia)

Really sorry to hear that Sam. Was very happy to hear that you'd all been out and about and that Graham had been feeling much better. You are all in our thoughts. Much love, and healing energy coming to your family from ours. May Graham have a full recovery. X x x x x x

Brooke (Australia)


SANDRA (Australia)

Thank you for your email We wish you all the best and you Graham and your family are in our thoughts.

Bev (Australia)

Hi Sam, You are never far away from our thoughts.... We knew that no news was good news but now the dreaded return of this! I certainly pray that it can be treated quickly. I have recently been doing some pretty intense research and I have come across this excellent site that I have sent you the link to. It is the BUDWIG diet - protocol (you may already be familiar with it.) Not just for treatment of cancers but all kinds of ailments where the cells have been damaged or undernourished. It is definitely worth a read. We have seen it work in my own dad. http://www.cancertutor.com/Cancer/Budwig.html Take care

Georgia (Australia)

hi sam, sorry to hear graham has had a setback, don't worry , he's a fighter.[easy for me to say sitting here in ariah park]. he's constantly on my mind as i've still got the newspaper article hanging in our office. if anyone comes in whinging badly i point to it and tell them to read that. it shuts them up. anyway all the best and i sure next time i hear from you it will be good news. regards,

lynden (Australia)

Oh Samantha, I'm so sorry to hear the news, I am however, as I am sure you all are, relieved to hear that it isn't the dreaded Cancer. My thoughts are with you, graham and the family. Finger crossed the poor fella doesn't have to endure any more nasty treatments. Love always,

Jackie (Australia)

Hi Sam, I continue to be astounded at the challenges that Graham, you and family are presented with. And marvel at the stoicism and capacity to rise time and again to meet them head-on. Thinking of you all. Go Hawks!

Martin (Australia)

Dearest Samantha, I will certainly pray for Graham and send good vibes to him!! I really think enough is enough!!! Let’s stay positive though and help Graham however we can! All my love and good wishes,

Heidi x (Australia)

Hi Samantha, sorry to hear that news but wishing you all the best keep your spirits up you have one tough man, there thinking of you all.

Sandra (Australia)

Thinking of you and your family Sam. Love from

Justin, Cathryn and William x (Australia)

Keep your hopes high and keep the fight. God bless !!!! Best regards,

John (Australia)

we're thinking of you all and praying that Graham gets through another bloody hurdle. What can we say but keep hanging in there!!?? At least it's not the leukemia. All our love,

J, S & M (Australia)

Our best wishes go with him and also for you and the kids. Hoping for the best results

Garry and Helen xx (Australia)

Please give Graham my best wishes & I do hope he is back on top of things very soon.
He has been through more than enough. God Bless Him, I am praying for him

Jenny (Australia)

Hi Sam, Thank you for your email. Please send my regards to Graham, he will certainly be in my thoughts. Wow, Jack turned 8 !!! They grow up so fast, don't they? Poppy had fun yesterday in music learning the song we are singing for Grandparent's Day. She certainly keeps me smiling. Take care. With love,

Justine xxx (Australia)

Hi Samantha, So sorry to hear Graham is back in hospital with yet another unfortunate event. He certainly has had to go through the mill every time with the most unusual things happening to him. We are thinking of you all and especially Graham at this time. Hope the doctors can sort it out quickly. With lots of our love and prayers

Allan & Win (Australia)

Thankyou for the update Samantha. We are sorry that Graham is going through further turmoil which of course, effects you all. You are in our thoughts and prayers and we are hoping that Graham gets through this latest upset very quickly and continues to recover from his illness. You are an amazing young woman with wonderful strength. Keep on smiling and know that others do care. Regards,

Pauline and Bill (Australia)

Sorry to hear this news, hope its just a set back that will be overcome. We 're both thinking of you all, best wishes,

Ed and Cath (UK)

Dear Sam, My heart missed a beat as I saw your message subject flash by -- and I am not trying to be insincerely placating here (we caregivers are all acutely aware how that goes down with us) but reading through your note, when I came across "they have ruled out leukemia" I somehow felt that this can be beaten as well. Graham is special right?! you are right -- I for one have never heard of GvHD of CNS. In sari's case, it was actually the reverse -- the leukemia had affected the CNS, but touch wood, so far so good.
Thank you dear Sam, for taking the time to update us. What you have shown through the years serves as a constant reminder to all of us as to how to deal with adversity and you are truly a remarkable person, as are Graham and the kids. Please know that you are all in our thoughts and we will be sending you our very best wishes and positive energy your way. Much love to you all,

Kunal (USA)

Dear Samantha and Graham. Hang in there - our thoughts and prayers are with you.

Max and Irene (UK)

Thanks for the update Samantha. Graham will get through this one, he seems pretty tough :)

Maciek (Australia)

Our love and best wishes for a speedy solution and recovery!

The Daniels (UK)

Hey there lovely Sam, am so sorry that he seems to be the one that always gets the rare stuff! Hate being so far away - sending a big hug and hope things improve in the next couple of days. Much love to you all,

Tracey x (UK)

Come on Graham - Kick it's ass. Chin up Sam Thinking of you and your family

Nadine, Jason and Kids (Australia)

Sam, So sorry to hear your news. Please say Hi from us. As you say, he never takes the conventional route! Big luvs,

Mark (UK)

G'day. I am on your email list already. I think you are very brave and I appreciate the news you pass on at a regular basis. I do hope things soon look up. I am not religious, but if I was I would pray. Regards

Pat (Australia)

Dear Samantha,Graham,Jack and Poppy.. Pleased to receive your email and to hear such good news of Graham. Wonderful really, and great that life has taken on normality at last....We pray that you continue to improve even more, and get those muscles back to their former glory..Our love to you all and keep up the good work Graham....

Margaret and Pat...(Australia)

Hi Sam and Graham, What a wonderful warm email! So happy for you both and your family. I am sure it was a very long 12 months for you, but what a wonderful result. Warmest regards to you, thank you for keeping me up to date. I often click on to see where Graham is up to. Best of luck..keep going, see you at school. Love

Michelle (Australia)

Dear Samantha and Graham, Congratulations! on reaching 12 months! That is great news. I am always thinking of you and your family and wondering how you are all going.
My sister, who was diagnosed in June 2006 with AML celebrated 2 years on the 27 April since her transplant. It has gone so fast and all those horrible times she went through seem to be fading away for her and us. Again I am so pleased to hear that all is going well for you Graham. Keep going strong! You are always in my thoughts. Take Care

Carolyn (Australia)

Lovely News, thanks for letting us know and your future looks brighter now. Best Wishes

Jean & Roy (Australia)

Hi Sam, Thank you so much for the update on Graham’s progress and also to hear a little about your family holiday over Easter. So nice to know that you are ‘gradually’ moving back into what we could refer to as a normal life, so hope all the wonderful progress continues for your wonderful family. Take care and God Bless. Love from

Coralie (Australia)

Thank you Samantha and Graham for the latest update which we were delighted to receive. Thanks so much for letting us know and we are so pleased that though there are many things you all go through on a daily basis the news is positive and most encouraging. Good on you both and we hope your life gets back to normal as soon as possible. It was great to hear the good news of the arrival of Connor John MacRae. All so exciting for Damian and Jennie. That first baby!! Will keep in touch. Thank you for letting us know your latest news. Lots of love

Allan & Win (Australia)

HI SAM, IT great to hear Graham is going so well but as with life it doesn't make much sense sometimes. Therese passed away in November after 3 years.THANK YOU FOR THE EMAIL AND HOPE ALL YOUR DREAMS COME TRUE.

The Nairn Family (Australia)

That is all soooooo fantastic i'm in tears. The strength of all of you is a testament to what real love can do.Bravo guys!!!! Congratulations also on your new, auntie, uncle and cousinhood. This year will surely bring you greater things. We are finally in our new home and are hopefully can catch up with you all soon. Again Bravo and congrats, alls good that ends well and hope Grahams improvement continues. with all our love,

Jo, Soz and Maddie, (Australia) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Dear Sam , Graham and family, I am so glad to hear that all is going well and i hope that there is a bright future ahead for you all, and i'm glad that you keep me updated it puts a smile on my face everytime that i get a message from you so don't stop please . well take care and good luck in the future hope to hear from you with more good news too !!!

Regards Darryl Natalie and little Sophie (Australia)

Thats the best news I've heard all year! Congratulations on your extreme efforts, and absolute best wishes for his future progress. Kind Regards

Averill (Australia)

Hi Sam, so great to hear how Graham is going and you got a chance to have a holiday! Thinking of you.

Jen (Australia)

Very happy to hear your good news! Kind Regards,

Deborah (Australia)

God Bless ! Best regards,

John (Australia)

Hi Sam and Graham - thank you for your message - I am so pleased that things are getting back to normal. Keep up the brilliant work. Words of wisdom from my 83 year old father inlaw - take one step at a time - pace yourself as it is a long distance race! All our love

Christina (Australia)


Terry (Australia)

great news, its good to hear that everthing is going well.

lynden (Australia)

What lovely news Sam - it warms our hearts to hear that Graham is doing so well. You are still always in our thoughts and prayers,

The Palmos Family xo (Australia)

Thats fantastic news Sam, keep doing what your doing - its working. Take care Tamara & family

Tamara (Australia)

Hi Samantha & Graham, I am so very happy to hear that Graham is doing well & thanks for the updates. We wish you & your family good health Regards

Lena (Australia)

Thanks for the update Sam, sounds like you’re getting back to normal – what we take for granted. I’m very happy for you all. Regards

Sam (Australia)

Fantastic news, so glad for you all. Very pleased you got away for a little break over Easter which would have been wonderful for all of you and terrific for Jack and Poppy to a have a holiday.

Dorothy (Australia)

Dear Samantha, Thank you for your mail. I am sure Graham will get stronger and will be totally well again! My thoughts are with you and your family and I send Graham good wishes and strength! Love to you all from

Heidi xx (Australia)

Wow Sam, That was a lovely email. Thank you so much for updating me on Grahams progress. I bet he is glad he doesn't have to take as many tablets. It's a good job I don't have to take many tablets as I would forget them I'm sure....I wish you and your family all the best for the future, and hope Graham continues to do well and get his strength back.

Belinda xx (UK)

Dear Samantha:Congratulations!

-- Jed R. (USA)

Hi, Thanks for the update, so pleased things are going well. Thanks again for your news, best wishes to all the family,

Ed and Cath (UK)

Hi Sam and Graham! we are so delighted to hear the good news about Graham! we had been wondering how things were as we hadnt heard from you guys for a while!!! Keep up the good work!!! Lots of love

Helen and Iain xxx (UK)

Hi Samantha, Great news about Graham’s recovery! The Daniel clan is now happily ensconced on The Isle of Man for the next few years – our big “Europe adventure time” for a few years – we have the kids enrolled back at St Leonards for 2014 though and shall just take it a year (and a day) at a time on the adventure Kids are settling in to a lovely school King William College here, which also does the junior IB– Looks very old Europe style buildings – just like Hogwarts castle! Our love and best wishes to you all Kind regards

David, Jo Bailey Alex and Emily (UK)

Dear Sam, Graham, Jack and Poppy and Sue,

We hope that all is going as well as can be with Graham's treatment. We haven't heard an update about his health of late, but hope that everything is going well.

Just to refresh your memory - Nick and I were the lucky recipients of the 'Donor for Graham' prize for a night for two to Cuddle Doon Cottage in Rutherglen, together with a free cadillac ride to wineries and a free lunch at local cafe. We just got back from that trip yesterday and wanted to let you know that we had such a wonderful time - the owners of the cottage were most hospitable and very accommodating. It was a most enjoyable experience and one that we'll always remember fondly. So, thankyou so very much for your generosity and more importantly we hope that sufficient money was raised to help towards the costs of Graham's treatment.

We wish you all a very special Easter.

All the best,
Suzanne and Nick Croft (Australia)

Its such a shame,in this day and age, that there is a price on life, this makes me sad. Feel comfort in the knowledge there are people out there that have love for a fellow human. Be strong, our hearts go out to you Graham and your family. Wishing you well,

Nathan Muniz (Illawarra, Australia)

Small help

ACA viewer (Australia)

Best of luck

Starsky and Sara (Australia)

Best Wishes

Doyle Family (Australia)

Best Wishes

Kelly Brown (Australia)

Best Wishes

Anon (Australia)

Good Luck Mate

Anon (Australia)

For Graham,get well

JR & PM Lloyd

All the best Hawker

Anon (Australia)

With love

Anon ( Australia)

wish it were more

Anon ( Australia)

Live Life Love

Anon ( Australia)

Bless you

Anon (Australia)

Best wishes Graham

Trish and Jamie (Australia)

To good health

Belter Family (Australia)

All the best

J and V Bhatt (Australia)

Wishing you well

Anon (Australia)

Dear Mr Barnell & Family,

First of alii would like to introduce Myself, my name is Filiz. I own a small Takeaway shop in South Melbourne. In our store we have a small TipsJar that was filled up by generous customers for my staff's outstanding work throughout the year. Between us we had decided the tips jar would be put towards an air conditioner to motivate the staff.

However, one morning my staff and myself saw your story in the paper and were touched by what we had read. My staff and I decided together that we would prefer to help a family in need. We more than happily donated what we were able to give.

We would like to wish you the very best and hope the treatment goeswell for you.

From FilizSagdicand the staff at KebabsR'Yummy.

P.S.Hope to see you and your family come in for a kebab one day. Warning! We roll a mean one!!!

Hi Sam,
I hope this finds you, Graham and your family well. I know we have not been in touch for a long time but my thoughts are often with you. Take care and stay strong.
Love Justin, Cathryn and William x


Hi Samantha. It is so great to get positive news! You all spoke so well on the news shows - it's no wonder the support that has been generated from around the country - you are such a wonderful family! have a great week too! Jen

Jennifer (Australia)

It was great to recieve your email and to know that Graham is doing well. He must be a very strong willed man to come thru the hell he has had to endure. Am very proud of him and yourself for coming through to the other side. The great side of his new life! Keep strong and keep fighting. Thinking of you.


Dear Sam,
So pleased to hear the good news! I do hope 2009 is a happy year for you all. I am sending a donation to the fund- small but sincere .However I can offer to assist the children( no fee of course) . I am very busy but I'm sure we could arrange times if you would like Sam. Take care-what an amazing woman you are!
Warm Regards,


Dear Sam,
Thank you so very much for your update. I very much appreciated your notice that you would be on the TV as I made sure I did not miss you that evening. I was so heartened to see your story was such a positive one, you and your family made me smile that evening, which of course would make my boys smile as well.
I trust your children have a wonderful time at school and every day your life is better. As I said in my first email, there was something about your story, I dont usually leap to my computer after watching such stories. There is something wonderful about your family.
Best Regards,


Samantha, Graham and family,
Congratulations on this milestone and best wishes for continued healing each day.

(Anna Robinson's neighbor in Seattle)

Hi Samantha and Graham,
Happy New Year to you both and your family. I am sure you both enjoyed the holidays with your beautiful children.
As school started back today, I hope you have some lovely time together....until 3:15pm! Wishing you and Graham love and best wishes always.
See you at school!


Thanks for that. You two have a lot of stamina! and courage! Well done!


Congratulations to Graham for his 6 month anniversary and to sam and poppy and jack as well. Talk soon and sending best wishes that you continue to get stronger each day.

Love from Michele and Scarlet

Hi Thanks for the email it is great to hear things are going well for you all and I hope that they continue to do so.
I look forward to hearing from you again and thanks for keeping us informed.
I am sure that things will continue to umprove for you all.


Gday Graham Samantha Jack and Poppy,
Great work, it is unbelievable to see what you guys have achieved as a family we are all so proud!

Love from Richard Tracey Bec Zac Aleisha Arch and Josh Tankard

Hi Sam,
Congratulations on reaching this milestone. It is truly a remarkable extraordinary journey you have been on.
Our little ones returned to St Leonard's (Cornish) today as well.
Enjoy your more relaxed days together.?
You are never far away from our thoughts.
Take care


Hi Samantha
Thanks so much for keeping in touch & I'm so very happy to hear that Graham is doing well. WE wish you & your family health for years to come


Dear Sam,
Thank you for the update. I have been following Graham's progress via the web and am so pleased it's turning out so well. Yes, indeed he is an inspiration, as are you.
Give Graham my best wishes, enjoy the peaceful time!
Best wishes

Mary (Australia)

Hello Samantha,
I am glad Graham is doing well. It does take a very long time to recover.
I know as I have had a bone marrow transplant in 2007 and am still slowly recovering. I am doing well.
Hope everything goes well for you all, and am glad to get updates.

Barbara (Australia)

Hi Sam, Karen here.
Isn't it wonderful how life can seem so bleak one moment and so hopeful the next?!
I saw Poppy this morning up around the grade 2 classrooms. Is Jack in Mr White's class with Emerson? That would be nice!
Here's wishing you and Graham a happy, healthy, peaceful year ahead. I look forward to seeing you around the classrooms!
All the very best,

Karen (Australia)

Thanks so much for the update Sam and were so so pleased to hear that with every passing day Graham is getting a little stronger. You are in our thoughts often and we look forward to getting your updates.
With love

Sally (Australia)

Sam and Graham, Keep up the brilliant effort - you are a remarkable family.
Look forward to catching up at school

Christina (Australia)

Thanks for the updates Sam Im so happy for you all and glad it has all worked out.

Sam (Australia)

Dear Samantha,
I am sooooooooooooo glad that Graham is doing well and will continue to do so! I will pray for him again. All the BEST to all of you!

Love from Heidi (Australia)

Great news Samantha.
I wish you and the family all the very best for 09.

Doug (Australia)

Hi Samantha and Graham
Thank you so much for the good news update on the email.
I was just looking at the website last night and wondering how things were progressing
We are so pleased to hear that Graham is doing well. What a marathon for you all and a roller coaster ride.
We think of you lots and look forward to progress reports.
We send our love to you both and to Jack and Poppy. It will be great for them to get back to school again.
Lots and love

Allan & Win (Australia)

Congratulations. Your message is a constant reminder to us about what is REALLY important in our lives.
Our family are so happy for you and your family.

Best wishes from the Morcom family (Australia).

Such a wonderful message of hope comes from Graham's story, we feel honoured to be part of it .. enjoy some peace together ..


Hi guys
we are so pleased that Graham is doing well.
We are all well enjoying our fun winter day.
The schools are closed, London transports are not working all because the heavy snow.
Here are some pictures.
Wishing you all the beast and hope to see you soon.


That's marvellous Samantha !
You've done a magnificent job - enjoy a bit of a relax ( relatively speaking )

Allan (Australia)

Congratulations to all of you. What a milestone for Graham. Take care,


Hi Samantha. My name is Brooke and my daughter and I saw you guys on the today show recently. I can only imagine the journey you've all had in the last few years, and would love to do something to help. My daughters name is Joeli. She is 5. We have made some plum jam from the abundant fruit on our trees and have decided we would like to donate some of the profits to you guys. Joeli is very happy to be doing this for Graham. We are going to walk door to door locally and have printed out scrolls detailing graham's plight with donation details. We are hoping to spread the word around here for you. May even try to get a stall at a local market. And try through school when she starts. Do you have any formal brochures or promotional material to show people as we explain it? Im not sure how people will react yet, and hope they believe we're honest if you know what i mean? I know most people will be fine, but I think the odd one will want proof.

So, what do you think? Is it possible? If not, that's fine. We'll see how we go and send the money on. I hope your hubby is feeling heaps better, and that you and your family are getting some normality back in your lives.

Best wishes, Brooke, David and Joeli. (Australia)

Good Afternnon Samantha, My name is Terry and I have about the plight of Graham...I am trying to raise money for his family and medical bills at Oakleigh Vicroads where I work, can you please inform me of a donation site so we can help out in a small way.. Regards

Terry (Australia)

Hi Graham and Samantha, You guys are great; saw your TV and newspaper articles. Stay strong, we continue to think of you all. Let us know of any fundraisers you organize; we would be happy to help. Best wishes

Ken and Sonia (Australia)

Hi graham, Sorry it's not much, but as a daughter of a mother who has AML, I want to help as best as I can. Hope you can raise the rest of the money.

Binnie xxx (USA)

From John & Claire (Dx'd AML M4 1/3/08, PBSCT 6/3/08). LLS Boards (GradJohn). Keep it up Graham!

John (USA)

Graham and family: I'm so glad things are going so well for all of you. Stay strong and keep us posted on life in Australia. Your friend from the LL boards,

Yasmina (USA)

best of luck in your challenge.

James (Australia)

Dear Graham, We wish you all the best in your battle. We strongly support your efforts to make Australians aware of the need for this form of treatment in Australia.

Lew & Paula (Western Australia)

All the best Graham to you and your family.

Eloise (Australia)

best of luck for a speedy recovery

john & di (Australia)

Our prayers are with you hope this small donation helps. kind regards

Derek & Soraya (Australia)

Graham with the hard fight you have put in you deserve to not have this financial pressure. Concentrate on letting your body now heal itself & everything else will take care of itself. TRUST. Kind Regards

Helen (Australia)

My young children & i just saw your story on the TV. We are stunned how ridiculously expensive the medical costs in the US are. No one should have to pay that much to live. Congrats you brave brave family, we hope our small donation will help towards paying your costs.

Lucy (Australia)

Graham, keep strong and positive. I have multiple sclerosis. I also use alternative treatments and they help somewhat. I hope you get enough to clear your debt.

Susan (Australia)

Good Luck mate and you are looking good.

Roy (Australia)

Hi Graham, I wish you good health, God Bless

Edward (Australia)

My heart goes out to you and your family. I hope that this small donation makes a difference for you all.

Gary (Australia)

Believe in your strength and the strength of those who support you to overcome ill health.

Leanne (Australia)

My thoughts are with you and your family, good luck!

Cath (Australia)

good luck mate.

Patricia (Australia)

Hi, We saw your story on Current Affair. We hope you get well really soon. We love our daddy and we can only imagine how much your kids love you. All our very best love

Lochie & Riley (Australia)

good luck mate go the hawks

Jamie (Australia)

With all good wishes for your future - get well soon!

Jennifer (Australia)

All the best,

Carrie and Dick (USA)

Good news to date. Keep up the fight guys! You are a super-family. best wishes.

Julien (UK)

Hi Graham, I just read your story on the herald sun website. I know this donation isn't much but I hope it counts. Here's to wishing you a long and happy life watching your children grow up. Cheers,

Emma and Damien (Australia)

Hi Sam, I know Graham is home and recovering and is cancer free, but these episodes and stories are still bringing tears to my eyes. I wish I could do more for you. Fingers crossed I win Tatts.

Barbara (Australia)

Dear Samantha & Graham, It's been some years now - in case my name doesn't ring a bell, you came to me with Jack for violin lessons for a little while back in 2004. My ears picked up when I was watching A Current Affair last night when your names were mentioned and after hearing the story I thought that we should send you a note. I'm very sorry to hear of Graham's battle with leukaemia. I can't begin to imagine how this has impacted you and your family. I really hope things continue to improve for you all. On a positive note, it was wonderful to see how Jack's growing up and to see Poppy, who was born just after you stopped coming for lessons - you sent a picture through at the time. Amazing how time flies. All the best in your recovery. Kind Regards,

David & Jenny (Australia)

Hi Sam, We have been following your journey and have been moved by your inspirational battle and strength. Thank you for your emails and updates. We have been thinking about your family and hoping Graham makes a full recovery. It is just fabulous to view those clips and to see your relief and Graham at home with his family. Congratulations! I hope you have a very boring 2009. Lots of love,

trina and mattxx (Australia)

Hi, Sam! It was so lovely to see you and Graham in that news clip on the Today show. Graham looks wonderful.... and I am SOOOO happy that you are home and he is healing. I hope that all this media brings in lots of money for you, and I wish i could have been more helpful on that front. You both do such a tremendous job in bringing home the importance of this all, in raising awareness and in bringing out the best in people. It brought tears to my eyes to listen to Graham speak of his time here. He is so incredibly brave - and can still think of others going through this process. And wow... someone really donated 10k and a holiday!!! Yippee!! Please know that I am thinking of you. HI GRAHAM!!!! Cheers,

Colleen (USA)

Thanks Samantha for your updates and I was so pleased to see how much healthier Graham looked on ACA last night. You are in our thoughts, Regards,

Janice (Australia)

We watched a ACA last nite Samantha and it gave us goose bumps! Glad to hear Graham is on the road to recovery. All the very best. Thank you

Vito & Arna (Australia)



Hi Samantha, I saw you and Graham on television this morning. I truly understand what and how you feel about everything that you have been through. You are a brave woman and Graham is brave man. My son (now 22) was diagnosed with Leukemia,(ALL) in feb 2003, and underwent 3 years and 4 months of chemotherapy. Then 8 weeks after completion, he relapsed. Treatment was recommenced, this time in preparation for a bone marrow transplant. My older son and daughter were not a match, so we were fortunate enough to have an unrelated donor found. The transplant took place on 5 March 2007, and like Graham, my son, Lane, went through horrific complications. Grade 4 GVHD, respiratory failure, 31 on life support in ICU at Royal Perth Hospital. He stayed 10 months in hospital. He was discharged in December 2007, and has had ongoing complications, and like Graham, he has never given up. He could control the mental side of things, because all else was out of his control. His determination is unbelievable. I think it's because he doesn't like the word no !!! Lane's medical team received permission for transplanting Mesenchymal Stromal Stem Cells to aid in the GVHD. You probably know about these by now. They have worked most of the time. Lane's fight against GVHD is ongoing, daily.
He was a state sportsman, and his mental strength has been his survival "kit". As a fellow "carer", Samantha, I wish you well, and at any time, please do not hesitate to ever email me. Lane's story is been published in the February issue of the Leukemia Foundation's Magazine. Best wishes from us all. Stay strong. Regards

Deborah (Australia)

Hi Sam, Graham, Jack and Poppy, Lovely to meet you all again on t.v. last night. Keep up the fabulous spirit, you are all such an inspiration! Congratulations to you all! My very best wishes for continued triumphs!! Good luck and happy New Year.

Sandra (Adelaide)

Dear Sam, How wonderful to read of the success of Graham's treatment. Each time I read something I am overwhelmed at the depth of your courage and your strength in managing all you have had to. I hope this latest infection is under control and Graham can start to gain strength and weight. I look forward to meeting with you at the start of the school year to set things in place for Jack and am sure we can make it a successful year for him. You have all had so much to deal with and he has managed so well for someone so cluey but so young. I hope you enjoy the last part of the holidays and best wishes to Graham and you all. Kind regards

Carolyn (Australia)

Hi Samantha & Graham, We saw your story for the first time tonight. Wishing you all a lifetime of love & laughter! Breathe Sam, you will all be fine now darling. We have sent you a small gift via direct credit to your account to help with the bills. They will melt away before you know it. Love & thoughts,

Karen, Ram & family (Australia)

Fantastic news guys, sounds like you have a very hard working PR person weaving some terrific strings. Good luck for both TV appearances. Cheers

Greg (Australia)

Hi Samantha, Just a quick note to wish you all the best with your financial situation. Wrapped to see Graham is back and on the recovery road. Hang in there and I think your paper article will help. I have a small repair business in drought effected nth vic and to get by I have had to do some part time mining work to get through. Believe me underground mining is not a love job but the money was good. With that in mind all the while I was doing it I had good health whereas Graham has been battling just to stay alive. I have been lucky. I have saved a little from the job and so I will go to donate page and send some to you. Good luck with the latest round of fundraising. All the best

Mark (Australia)

Hi Sam, Marvellous - I will certainly look for a copy at the Campbelltown SA library! Good luck and best regards.

Sandra (Australia)

Both Doug and I were so moved by the exceptionally good and encouraging news of Graham's successful struggle with cancer. I was able to pull up the article in The Australian, no pics, but hopefully more folks with funds will be willing to step to the plate for you and help clear your debt. We wish you all the best in 2009, it couldn't be any more difficult than 08, could it? May the days of pain and peril be behind you. You are to be commended for your courage and perseverence, you are an inspiration, to everyone. Good Health and Prosperity in the New Year. Sincerely,

Doug and Sandra (Canada)

Hi Samantha. Fantastic to hear that Graham is back home and doing so well. Our very best wishes and all our prayers for his ongoing recovery. Love

jen (Australia)

G'day Folks, That's good news for you all - it must be wonderful to have him within reach. Sounds like he eats well at home, at least :). Keep punching ! xoxoxoxox

Al (AUstralia)

Hi Sam, I have been watching and reading all of your updates for Graham... I am wishing you and Graham all the best! Cheers Sam,

Helen x (Australia)

Thanks Samantha for letting us know your latest news!! Glad Graham is home again and we will be looking forward to the newspapers in the morning. We think of you all often and hope everything will continue to go forward now and be well and truly on the mend for Graham. Lots of love to you all and hope to speak to you soon

Allan & Win (Australia)

I have to say I only through a few dollars in as a result of my friend Paul saying he knew you directly, I am continually amazed throughout the long journey that you and your family have gone on. I think that the approach Graham has taken is a great inspiration and great news. However the story that is even bigger behind the scenes is the effort you have put in and I take my hat off to you and your dedication you have shown, I smile when I get the good news and have down days during the not so positive days that seem to be more in the past. I am not sure the purpose of the email, apart from saying you are an inspiration.

Stephen (Australia)

Hi Sam, Graham and kids, Thank you so much for keeping us up to date on your progress! What great news for 2009 and my best wishes for continued fighting spirit and good luck. You would have to be the bravest human being I have ever heard of Graham. Not to mention your wonderful family too! Such an amazing story! Very best of luck for a complete recovery, relaxation and fun in 2009. Kindest regards always,

Sandra (Australia)

Sam, we are so pleased to hear that Graham is doing well, GO GRAHAM!!! Love

Colleen and family (Australia)

You two are amazing. Happy and a Healthy New Year to you both and may there be many blessings throughout the year. Love and keep on keeping on.

Noreen (Australia)

Wow samantha,.... good to hear the overall good news, but obviously you are still on the roller-coaster ride. Buckle up and safe-travelling from here in. best wishes,

Averill (Australia)

Hi Sam, So good to hear from you.It is great to see how well Graham is doing, considering everything he has been through he has made it to 2009 - something that is a joy in itself, and even though he is a bit battered and bits keep falling apart (knees an issue with me too!!!!) he is here, compus mentis (well as much as any blokey can be) and around at home so thats a great result compared to where everything was when I last saw you!

Tracey xxxxxx (UK)

Hi Sam, Despite the occasional setbacks, I am hoping that they are just temporary in the whole scheme of Graham's recovery. I know from talking to children in the Junior School that they were delighted with Jack and Poppy's return, and I am sure that the re-establishment of some routine for the children must be reassuring for you. Thanks for the continued updates and all the best to all of you. I know the health battle is Graham's, but you have been incredible in your part of the journey also. Regards,

Beryl (Australia)

So happy Graham is home again. So many battles but he will win the war!! What an inspiration. Thank you for all the updates. Love

Susie (Australia)

Mam, You and Graham are nothing but an inspiration. I am so happy for you and your beautiful family. May Graham continue on his incredible path to full recovery. Take care mate. Kind regards, xxxx

Jackie (Australia)

Its lovely to know that Graham is back home with you! We would like to wish you all a great christmas and a happy new year. With all the best wishes and lots of love from

The Wiertelak family xxxx (UK)

Hi Graham and Sam, We were so pleased to hear that you are getting better and stronger Graham and we bet you enjoyed Christmas at home with your family. We have just made a small gift to your fund and we hope 2009 will be a great year for you all. Lots of love

Lyn and Trevor (UK)

Glad to know that you have arrived back home and are in recovery. Merry Christmas from

Paula, John and baby Johnny xxx (UK)

Samantha, Deposited the money for the tickets into the NAB account today and posted the raffle ticket butts as well today. All sold!!!! Taking a holiday through the Blue Mountains after a family wedding in Dubbo before heading home to QLD just before XMAS. Cold compared to QLD temps!!!!!!!!!!!! Give our best to Graham and tell him that we wish him all the best as we do to you and the family for XMAS and the New Year. We really appreciate the updates. Kind regards,

David, Greta & family (Australia)

Hello there, We have done a collection around our street and have sold some tickets.
We will be posting a cheque and the unused tickets back tomorrow. Good luck with everything. Regards,

Ron and Lorraine(Australia)

So so glad to hear that you are all back in Australia, and that Graham is home in time for Christmas. May it be a painfree, relaxing and rejoicing family christmas for you, after all you've been through. Best wishes,

Averill (Australia)

Dear Sam, I wish you, Graham and your family a very happy Christmas and hope that 2009 is filled with wonderful things – particularly health and happiness. Kind regards

Kirstie (Australia)

Hi Samantha, Excellent to hear that Graham is on the mend and back home for Christmas, you and the kids must be overjoyed! Have a great Christmas, as I’m sure you will and all the best for the New Year. Good Luck

Rod and Family (Australia)

Glad to hear that everything is going well. Best wishes for this special Christmas

Maxine (Australia)

Samantha and Graham.....so good to hear some good news Graham and prayers that you will just keep on the road ahead. Happy Christmas and love,

Noreen (Australia)

Hi Sam,have a wonderful christmas and hope to catch you soon,

Love Mez and James (Australia)

Best wishes to you, Graham and family!! Warm regards

Greg (Australia)

Hi Sam, Tickets all sold, on their way to you today; will deposit funds today. God bless you all this Christmas. Regards

Ken (Australia)

So so glad to hear that you are all back in Australia, and that Graham is home in time for Christmas. May it be a painfree, relaxing and rejoicing family christmas for you, after all you've been through. Best wishes,

Averill (Australia)

Hi Samantha, thank you all very much for the update on Graham's progress. I am so proud (it's not the word, but it's how i feel) of you and your family for the commitment and loyalty towards Graham and his journey. The raffle ticket butts will be in the mail on Tuesday. Also you are right about the weather, the rain is welcome and although not expected in December it is appreciated. Regards & best wishes for you and your family for this Christmas and 2009.

Bill (Australia)

Hi Samantha and Family, We returned our tickets to the Wollongong address with a cheque a few days ago. We have been following Graham’s progress and know that he is home at last. Such wonderful news. We are thinking of you lots and thrilled at the outcome. Let’s hope everything continues to improve and one day soon you will all be back to normal It is so amazing what you have all been through. If we hadn’t been following it all no one would believe the ups and downs you have had over nearly a year in America. Itgoes to prove that determination and dedication can get you to where you want to be!!! We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas at home together and we will be in touch soon.With lots of love to you all

Allan & Win (Australia)

Good luck.

Johanna (Australia)

Best of luck.

S (Australia)

Warm regards to Graham & Family

Kelsey (Australia)

That's just wonderful news Sam. How brave and gutsy you all are! Keep it up and best wishes for a wonderful Christmas. May 2009 be your best year ever!!! Very best wishes, as always.

Sandra (Australia)

Still in our thougts, be strong.

Carolyn (Australia)

Hi Sam! Welcome home! What a trying time you guys have had, so many ups and downs.
We have all been thinking of you guys and were so glad you could all be together for the last couple of months. You have been an inspiration to many and you have both shown how to face life's challenges when thrown at you. Looking forward to seeing you,

Emily-Kate (Australia)

Hello there, So excited you are coming back and it has all been worth it. You and Graham are one hell of an amazing couple! Much love and joy

Marianne (Australia)

YEAAAAAHHHHHH!!!!! That is so fantastic! Hope the trip isn't too difficult but CONGRATULATIONS!! We really look forward to seeing you gets once you're home safe and sound! xxxxxxxxx

Jo, Soz and Maddie (Australia)

Wow! Wow! Wow! Have a safe flight home and we shall see you soon. You must be so excited. We are all looking forward to catching up. Love and kisses

Sally (Australia)

Wishing you all a safe journey home, & very healthy future.

Kyla (Australia)

Hi Sam, That is such amazing news, you and graham are often in my thoughts and Lenny asks me about Poppy and Poppy's Dad often. Take care God's speed for your trip home.

Meaghan (Australia)

OH SO HAPPY 4 U! you'll be back in no time. Will head down to Melbourne later this year or early next year and call in to check on much healthier Graham! God you must be so xcited to be coming home. All the best Sam, you are super woman. xo

R (Australia)

I just read that you are on your way home in a few days, good luck and I hope the infection goes away quickly. I bet you are looking forward to getting home and staying away from these expensive hospitals!! We hope that your next trip to the US is just for fun, We hope Jack and Poppy enjoy some trick or treating at home. Fiona and Ciara are stuffing pumpkin bags full of leaves to decorate the garden and change their mind daily about what costume to wear!! Take care and the very best of luck for an easy trip home and keeping well until your immune system is up and running to the full.

Penny, Daniel, Fiona and Ciara (USA)

Oh wow that is such great news! Anyway, all the very, very best with the trip home. I know how arduous it can be dragging kids around the world, even at the best of times. You're going to have your hands full! I hope all goes smoothly and that Graham manages the long haul. And that it's not too stressful for you. It must feel amazing though to know you're finally on your way home, as a family. Tell Graham congrats and well done. He has fought hard and come out the other end victorious. Skinny, it seems, but victorious! All the best,

Karen, Scott, Emerson and Cheyenne (Australia)

That’s such wonderful news, it will be great to have you all back home. Look forward to seeing you when we return. Love and kisses for easy ride home.

Linda (Australia)

Fantastic news. Keep doing all the right things and we’ll see you soon.

Ross (Australia)

Our 19yr old also has AML. You are in our thoughts.

Sharon (Australia)

I just wanted to say I have followed your story about Graham for the last few months through Facebook. Your story really touches the heart on how brave you all are and what a wonderful family unit you are too. May God speed Grahams recovery. Sending you love light and blessings to you all.

Angie Baxter x (UK)

Hope you're home soon, enjoying life!!

The Bead Faery (Australia)

Almost there. Keep going.

Susanna (Australia)


Anne-Marie (Australia)

Hiya Graham! Hiya Sam! Apologies for not having been in touch for ages....!!! We've had a crazy summer. Nothing in your league though. I think you guys win easily. Just had a catch up on the website. Brilliant that you're out of hospital Graham, and that you all have a date for heading home :o))))!

Ian (UK)

Hey Gra., Great to see you looking so well. Couldn't differentiate your physique from the footballers! Guess the countdown is well and truely on - I'm so thrilled for you all - can't wait to catch up. Sounds like systems normal as you described your screaming banshees..got a few in the back garden, thank god spring is upon us. Al'ls well here. All my love to the fam. Take care and thinking of you all

Cath (Australia)

I am a good friend of Michelle Maykin's and had a cousin who was recently diagnosed with AML - all the best to you and your family - keep fighting!!!

Ashwin (USA)

hi graham and family ~ i read about you from friend michelle's blog. i wish you all the best ~

valerie (USA)

Hi there - I am a friend of Michelle's and read about your story through Michelle's log. I hope my contribution will help in some ways. Good luck! Best,

Meeka (USA)

Hello Samantha, I heard about your husband through a blog that I have been following (projectmichelle.) Know that my heart goes out to you and your love ones especially your husband. I made a small donation since I am not that well off. Wish I had more to give. I myself am a cancer survivor and am a young father. I am currently 34yrs. I know a bit of what it feels like to go through this. Please send my best to your husband and let him know that there are alot of people who are cheering for him. Take care,

Bao (USA)

Get well soon.

Kaustubh (USA)

Hi Graham, I heard about your double cord transplant from Michelle Maykin. She'll be doing one soon as well. I've been friends with her since freshman year of college and feel a connection towards you through her trials that I've been witnessing. I wonder how you're doing and please accept this small token from a stranger.

Young (USA)

Go Big Blue. Show what you can do! (That's our favorite Cal cheer)

Van (USA)

Hello, Yeah Graham's out of hospital. How good does that feel! I know it's not home at your own house but from over here it feels great to know that your well enough to be freed from the hospital bed. I just can't for one moment imagine what this crazy life of yours is like. You guys really are amazing, this is the biggest fight and your winning!! It's so hard to imagine that I could ever be as strong and focused, you are such an inspiration! Happy halloween you Americans! The witches' New Year, that's got to be good for a few special wishes for a great year ahead. Good luck with the tricks for those neighbours that rip you off with the lollies. Tell Jack the ol' gladwrap over the toilet seat should fix 'em. We are all well and enjoying the warm weather. We joined Nippers (surf club) last weekend with dreams of our kids as champion surfers. Twenty minutes after we paid the $120 enrolment fee Ruby was in tears and vowing to never enter the ocean again and Joah had lost his club cap that cost an extra $25. We'll try again next Sunday morning, lets hope it's a gentle surf. Love you guys and always sending you our best

Loll XXXXXX (Australia)

Dear Graham, Hope this helps. We are all thinking of you. Love,

Jennifer (Penny's auntie)

Hi Samantha and Graham, What a joy to read you will be getting out of hospital on Sunday. You certainly know how to keep Samantha and everyone around you on your on their toes!!!! Your recovery has been remarkable. I hope you are going to buy a lottery ticket when you get back to Australia as your ability to beat the odds is quite amazing. Best wishes for your continual recovery!!!!!!

Sally and Andrew (Australia)

Hi Sam and Grae and co. Congrats on your amazing effort - courage and patience seem to be your gifts! Youll be good teachers to the rest of us. All my love and cant wait to see you soon. All my love

Cath xx (Australia)

Hi Sam, I used to work with Graham at Thomson. It's great to hear that he's picking up again after the discouraging news on 22 Sept. Tell Graham we're all thinking of him and looking forward to welcoming him home soon.Cheers,

Amanda Keel (Australia)

Hello Sam, just read your update and we are DELIGHTED to hear of Graham's rapid turn around! It is nearly October, so much closer to when you all return home together, how wonderful. Also nice that you can watch the final today (go the CATS, haha). Still keeping everything crossed for Graham, I'm of a Buddhist persuasion and pray for him in my own way...our best,

Andie & Geoff (Gold Coast)

Hi Graham, We have been following the website and hoping like crazy that the turn around would happen for you and it looks like it has. We are so thrilled for you and the family.What a relief for you to be out of bed on the bike and beginning to eat again. Our love and prayers that the recovery keeps going well - out of hospital and eventually home. Lots of love and best wishes to you all

Allan & Win (Australia)

Hi there, Just returned from Canada, somewhat jetlagged but relieved to see your improvement. Thanks Sam for all your updates. Cheers,

Martin (UK)

Well mate I was so pleased to hear that you're slowly recovering after getting savaged by a turbet..but seriously thank God you're gonna be ok. You've been through the lot mate & are a credit to Sam & the kids. You have a lovely family & good friends. I am so chuffed. OK mate take care, say hi to Sam & kids for me. Hopefully you'll get this & are feeling a little better bro ,yours

Jeff (UK)

Hey matey, how's it hanging? From the Seattle Blog Wotsit it all seems to be going mighty fine. Well done matey, and lotsa SITN lurve to Mrs Graham and the Barnellettes. I raise a glass of something to you every night - even if it's only a glass of Alka Seltzer! (It usually is!).And remember... when you write the screenplay for the fillum of the bio-pic, make bloody dammmmn sure you spell my name right, ya hear!

Kate xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (UK)

Hi trouble. I have been keeping up to date with your news on the website. Its amazing how you are coping with the horrible things being done to you. Your blogs are very funny - you should have been a writer you know. Sam's technical updates are also brilliant and clever, I spend alot of time flipping between Wikipedia and back but I get there in the end. Stay strong - I can see there are lots of incredible people supporting you and I am sending you (telepathically I suppose) as much strength as I can. With all my love

Helen xx (UK)

Graham and Sam, I am so relieved and happy that you are doing so well! Thank goodness for research and drugs! It really is a good thing that the docs convinced you guys to stay here for the full 100 days, and not return home. I know I really appreciated the close eye they kept on Anna for those first 100 days, and I know that the regular oncologist or doctor just doesn't do it like the Hutch does. Keep it up, and if there is anything we can do to help, let us know.

Diane (USA)

Hi Graham and Sam... Well - I see you were able to link up to see the AFL final - very exciting and well deserved by the Hawks... We were hoping on Saturday that you would somehow be able to watch...But what a victory - the guys were great....I started following them in 1991, so it has been a long time....But to see Shane Crawfords face and Alistair Clarkson after the game was fantastic... After what Alistair and Hawthorn have done for you both this year, it would have been very satisfiying to watch...I gather Jack would have been watching too - he would have been wrapped.... Hope all is ok with you all - you're in our thoughts and prayers

David (Australia)

Just wanted to say that we are thrilled at the pic of Graham on the bike, what a change in how he looked only several days earlier! Keep getting stronger.We hope Sam's mum had a good flight and can stay to help with the children (if your 2 are anything like mine I don't know how Sam manages while you are in the hospital Graham!!) Take care.

Penny, Daniel, Fiona and Ciara (USA)

G’day mate, Hope everything is heading in the right direction still, it’ll be great to see you fit and well and over here sooner rather than later. I went to the Grand Final on Saturday and although it wasn’t the result I was hoping for, it’s hard to begrudge Alistair after everything he’s done. If they were playing any other side but the Cats I would’ve been cheering for the Hawks as well. Hang in there mate, everyone’s thinking of you, speak to you soon,

Troy (Australia)

Graham, I guess it is NOT one of the many many many measurements the medical fraternity monitor in your instance .... but I think perhaps it should be. Blogging as a vital sign. So incredibly pleased to hear you are up and about.

Elissa (Australia)

Hi Graham, So sorry to hear of your set back, you have come so far just hang in there and keep strong. We have only just opened your e.mail as we have been on holiday in Hampshire for the last week. The summer here has been very wet to say the least but we were lucky and had a good sunny week. We check your site regularly to keep up with things and hope you start to feel better shortly. Love to you Sam and the children

Lyn and Trevor (UK)

Hi Graham, I hope youre feeling a bit better and things are looking uppish...perhaps you'll get your face on the giant screen at the match tomorrow. I'll keep an eye out for the result ... is it hard to follow Aussie rules? I can just about follow Gaelic scoring but dont quite get the game...

Roy xo (UK)

Hi Sam and Graham (and Jack and Poppy), I have been checking into the website regularly to see how things have been going - what a bloody rollercoaster of ups and downs. I've also been saying lots of prayers for you all, especially Graham, and would like to think they have helped a bit. I thought of you Sam on your birthday and figured you wouldn't exactly be going overboard with celebrations this year - next year, eh? All my news seems pretty trivial compared to what you guys are all going through...so I'll settle down to a bit of revision and keep saying my prayers. Lots of love to you all

Helen, Johnny and Michael xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (UK)

Hi Graham and Sam, sorry to hear that after all you have been through, there is yet another hurdle. Glad to hear that each day you are getting better. Although you might not hear from us often, you are in our thoughts and I keep up to date with your progress with your website. Say hi to Sue from us. Thinking of you all.

Love Donna xx (Scotland)

Hi Grae, you and Sam are amazing people, I don't know what to say because what you've been thru. Seems unfathomable to comprehend. When you get thru. this next stage my money's on you either climbing Everast or making a trip to the antartic without the aid of modern tech! I love you guys very much and often think back to Poppy's birth where we were likened to the two wise cracking judges from the muppets whilst Sam tried not to laugh and be distracted in her labouring. Keep up the good fight. Love and peace to you and the kids..

Cath XX (Australia)

Hi Graham, Great to hear that things are looking a better.. keep up the good work! Hopefully next time I contact you it will be tell you that Hawthorn has one the Grand Final. We are all thinking of you.

Charmaine (Australia)

Hi again, Just checked my mail while in Ottowa. Jane and I are thinking of you. I'm just trying to let this news sink in, and can't think of anything helpful to say other than you have a lot of people who really care about you and are rooting for you all the way. And, of course, for once a nice guy should get a break! Shockingly, I must concede that you are even nicer than me. Hang in there,

Martin (UK)

Hi Graham, I hope you're on the mend, good news on your website, just 52 days to go, as Jack says! Big luvs mate,

Mark (UK)

Hi Graham, so glad to hear you are on the up. it sounds awful. You like climbing those mountains, jumping those hurdles and taking the road less meandered don't you? You are a brave and strong soul and you will be able to overcome this latest obstacle. Your wife is not half bad either. I spoke to Sam on her birthday the other day and she sounded so together, strong and ready for action. She is nothing short of absolutely amazing. Looking forward to you all returning and sorry I haven't any flying miles to donate, but if there is anything else then say the word. Take care and keep strong, Love and prayers are flying your way always.

Michele and Scarlet (Australia)

Hi Graham and Sam, I am a 37 year old, happily married mother of two living in Kalgoorlie, Western Australia. I have been following your progress ever since I saw you guys on tv with Alastair Clarkson (I donated $50 towards your fund). I wish I had frequent flyer points to help, but unfortunately I don't. I just wanted to let you know that all of my thoughts and positive energy is being directed to you guys. I felt so happy when I read the update today of Graham's condition. Stay strong Graham and know that we are all thinking of you. Best wishes always for a quick recovery.

Cathy (Australia)

Hi Graham, Here you face yet another battle.....I am so sorry that you must be challenged again. I want you to know that even though I have never met you, I often think of you and also check your progress. I am saddened to hear of this latest set back. I hope that with so many people on this earth, your friends, your family and people like myself, thinking and wishing you well, that these wishes join force in the universe and a miracle will occur. You do deserve it and it has happened before, Love to you and your family, may good things come your way and you be blessed with health very soon.

Love from Kate Stevens, Edithvale, Aust.

XXXXXXXXXXXX Love to your wife and kids and the challenges they also face every day!

Hi Graham, You are doing it tough. But we all think you will beat this thing. Just hang in there. Sam you are a saint, thanks for the updates on the website. Lots of good wishes,

Sue (Australia)

Hi Sam, Thanks for keeping us in the loop, you’re going an amazing job with the communication. We’re all thinking of you guys and hoping the clinical trial is successful.

Jill (Australia)

Hi Graham, Not great news about the GVHD’s resistance to the steroids, but you have done such an amazing job getting over every other hurdle I’m certain you can handle this last one!! We’re all hanging out for you to come back and obviously everyone sends their best wishes. So mate, keep up the great fight, it seems like the bell for the last round has been rung and you’re way ahead on points - the corner team is backing you all the way. OK, I promise to stay away from the dodgy analogies from here on, but I hope you get the message! Cheers for now

Rich (Australia)

Hi Graham (and Sam although you don't know me), Just writing to say how glad I am to read of your good news just now - so relieved and happy for you both. What a trip for you all....Keep up the good work Graham - will be following your progress.

Carmen (Australia)

I had been hoping all day that the news would be good today and I just read your update!!This journey has been so hard for you but there are so many people
cheering you on. It is possible to beat this and you are going to prove it. We hope to hear more good news soon!! All the best

Penny, Daniel, Fiona and Ciara (USA)

Hello Graham + Sam, you must be going through crap, I'm sure, but I hope you can see some light on the horizon, and keep looking towards it. I must admit I don't understand why your immune system would see your own stuff as foreign, but I'm way out of depth on all of that . . .Let us know how you get on in your trials, hope your right about not being on the placebo, and I'm sending magic waves of positive energy across the world, tho I don't have any airmiles. Good luck.

Roy xoxo (UK)

Hello Graham, Here on the gold coast we read your updated news frequently - just wanted to let you know that we keep you in our thoughts and your whole family in our hearts. We are very much looking forward to hearing of your return to robust health and return to your home here in Australia. How wonderful they are over there! Keep up your good spirits, we can't wait to hear that you are feeling better and better......warmest regards

Andrea and Geoff (Australia)

Hi Graham, I am sorry to hear the news about your GVHD, but you are a strong person and one huge fighter, so I know you will win this battle also. Please know that I am thinking of you both daily, and am sending all the good wishes I can your way. Sometimes I know that is feels as if you will never feel well again, but you will, it is only a matter of time. It is a slow process, but there are people out here rooting for you and knowing you can do it. We will be back in Seattle October 19th-21st and we plan on seeing you if you are up to it. We are coming over for a visit with Dr. Lee, she is doing a study on chronic GVH and I am part of the study, since I still have symptoms of it this far out from transplant and am still on my immune suppressents meds, along with a list of others. Stay strong, remember sometimes it is one step forward, two steps back, but eventually it is the other way around and before you know it you will be at home and running after your kids, just keep that picture in your head and it will keep you strong. Sam, keep us posted. Always,

Sonya (USA)

Graham and Sam, My name is Gail...SITN member, and I reside on the eastern US coast
in Rhode Island. I read your story and wanted to send you a quick note of support. I'm sending positive vibes your way as you move forward with treatment. It doesn't matter if you're a rocker, rapper, or a country western knee slapper. Compassion for the struggles of our friends and loved ones should always be in our hearts and on our minds as we go through life. With all the sadness and troubles we face in this world today, it's always uplifting to see a true fighter who in the face of the most difficult times will not give in or give up. I'm glad you're being cared for by the best, and my prayers are with you and your family as you travel this long road to recovery. Chin up, my friends, and keep the music flowing through your soul as well. It has always helped to bring me through some of the worst situations I've had to face. Much love and support,

Gail (USA)

Hi Graham, Just wanted you to know there are a lot of people in the UK thinking of you, we're all rooting for you. Hang in and keep tough. Very Best thoughts and Wishes to you and yours,

Dave Burn (UUFO)

Graham- Just another UFO fan coming here to wish you a full and complete recovery. We are all behind you pulling for you to come through. Keep on fighting!

Hans Albers (Roselle, IL)

Hey Graham, Not happy to hear/read that you have another mountain to climb - luckily there are many of us climbing with you (carrying Kit Kats and PG Tips for any pitstops). Have lassooed (hmmm sure I've spelt that wrong) a heap of healing energy to send with this email so I hope this finds you on the improve.

Cheers Sandra (Australia)
PS Witnessed your Hawks demolish my Saints last Saturday night in the preliminary final (bugger). They looked very good, tough and gritty.

Hi Graham and Sam, I am glad that Jack arrived safely. Graham, I am sorry that the transplant has not been straight forward for you (that's a nice way of saying "making you really ill"). I am positive that you will work your way through this problem just as you have with all hurdles so far. I am amazed and proud of what you have already accomplished, so look at this problem as the last step of a long staircase, and plough on through!! I look forward to hearing the good news.

Peter (Australia)

Hi Graham, I have had the opportunity of catching up on the latest news on your website and thought I would say a quick hello. I constantly have staff here asking about you and just thought I would let you know that. Linda, Cooper and I are also looking forward to you coming home healthy in the next couple of months. Not sure if you know but I used to be an Intensive Care Nurse at Monash Medical Centre so I was exposed to a lot of very unwell people who pulled through against the odds and now are living very fulfilling lives.Talk to you soon.

Mark (Australia)

Dear Graham, so sorry to hear of the GVHD. We are all sending you so much love and hoping like crazy you can kick this bloody thing. Don't give up. You've been in tricky spots before... we know you can do it! All our love and strength and courage to you and your little family

Megan, Guy and family (Australia)

positive vibes positive vibes positive vibes....Anyway hi Graham everything's crossed here, just another battle that you will win. Remember your body takes a little longer to respond than others. So keep fighting this infection. Andy Chanter started chemo today. You and Sam are their absolute role models and they look to you all the time for inspiration and that fighting spirit that you have had for so long, I know it's very tiring but you have almost won the whole war!!! Hang in there and Mitchell is planning your welcome home party, let us know who you want on the guests list our place-our pool nice sunny day/night-sparklers for the kids (and adults too)-just like new years eve at our house last year. Lots of love from

Janine, Rowan Caitlin and Mitchell (Australia)

Hi Graham, I'm so sorry for your condition. I just wanted to drop a line to say hi and help you going through this difficult time. I know it is tough, but please remember that you are a fighter. You have overcome so many things so far. You can do anything. I know you will feel better soon, but at the same time, I will pray for you everyday.

Mutsuko (USA)

Hi Sam & Graham, Very sorry to hear things aren't going the way you'd hoped. Reading Sam's desciptions, it sounds like you've already been through more than enough! We all send our thoughts and hugs to "hang in there" and stay strong.My thoughts are with you, and am hoping that things turn around quickly. What amazing inner strength you must have to be going through all this and yet sound so resilient and positive in your messages. Keep up the fight! You set an amazing example for us all, and your kids especially. With love from the Wintletons,

Nikki, Derek, Olivia & Hadley (and the Temps -- Lan, Tom, Sandy, Rich and families) xo

Hi Graham, Hang on in there. You beat the Leukaemia now you have to beat this. We are thinking of you All the very best to you and your family

Ken and Lyn (UK)

Hi Graham.... I am Terry Johann Hymel and I too am a member of SITN and a big fan of UFO. Our leader Battty brought your illness to our attention and I just wanted to drop you a line to let you know I am keeping you in my prayers and hope for all the best.


Dear Graham, Sam, Jack and Poppy, We have been following your progress and have so much admiration for the courage and strength you have found to fight this mighty battle. We will continue to pray for you.

The Sturt family (Australia)

Dear Sam, Hearing about all that you and Graham have gone through is so humbling. My own issues truly pale into insignificance. After all that you have both been through this must be just yet another test for you to overcome, keep your faith and remain positive. Please pass on my very best to Graham, I look forward to hearing about his recovery. wishing you all love and strength to continue this battle.

Michael x (Australia)

Graham and Sam, I heard about you through my friend Sian. I met Sian when her daughter, Tegan, and my daughter went to Kinder together. Like you, we have two small children, Gabrielle is 6 and Harrison is 3. It is after I read them their stories and they have just fallen asleep in the evening all tucked up safely in bed that I think of you. I don't know what you are going through however I can image some of the pain and anguish. You must be utterly sick of it all. You've come this far and you both clearly have fighting and positive spirits. That's what gets people through in the end I imagine. I hope you're both getting lots of support. We will put some money in the account today but wonder if there is anything else we can do to help. Anything I can do - just let me know. The offer stands when you come home so no pressure to reply at the moment - we'll be here anytime you need us. Graham - I miss your blogs. I look forward to their return. Sam - you are an incredibly strong woman.

Elissa (Australia)

Dear Graham and Sam, I received your email this morning but could not respond earlier as I was running a training course. I understand that the fight against GVH is getting tough. I think the help you need is the help you're getting as, as you say, you have the best medical team in the world. Reading Sam's email first thing put into perspective the lack of importance of petty problems. Knowing that so many people are caring about you so much must be a comfort. Everyone in the BBMDA asks me how you are, and my colleagues at work kept in touch. They all send their love. It’s 10:30pm and I have to get up very early to get to the second day of my training course. Late nights for me are a thing of the past. Must be age. Graham and Sam, this is a bit of a rambling email but I just wanted you to know that we all care a lot. All our love,

Malcolm, Jenny James and Nicholas And all in the BBMDA (UK)

Hi Graham,Keith here from SITN, saw Batttttty's post and wanted to send you our best wishes for the best possible outcome to your treatment and a speedy return to good health!

Keith Capolino

dear graham, i got word on your situation from battyyyy what does one say when they learn something like this????? i dont know what to say but first off im not a religious person but a spiritual person and i want you to know my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this hard time, i hope to god you get well, best regards

ED MCcARTHY (aka edDIE) (UK)

hi graham, i have been keenly following your progress and check your site every time i log on. there were times when i didnt dare look in the days leading up to yr transplant, but you have beaten the stakes on that so i feel you have the strength to beat this GVHD..my thoughts are with you and yr family, and like i said i check yr site for progress every couple of days. keep fighting graham it can make a difference.

love sarah (bedford)

Listen boy you keep on fighting,we love you, we pray for you and we know you are going to make it. Don't you dare give up, because we will never give up on you.

Bruce and The Quireboys (UK)

I just got Sam's email and heard that you have yet another hurdle so wanted to send our best to you. I will keep checking the web page for your progress and hope so much
that the new medication works, I am sorry that this has been such a hard fight for you but keep it up, we all want you to be able to be home with Sam, Jack and Poppy. With love and best wishes.

Penny, Daniel, Fiona and Ciara. (USA)

Graham and Sam, We have been checking your website multiple times per day, hoping for good news. I am so sorry that things have taken this turn - but you are right about being here in Seattle. You have the best docs and the best options. I continually visualize Anna's t-cells fighting off her leukemia and flowing past her organs serenely, and I've added Graham to my visualizations. It is my form of praying, I guess. (Along with a
more conventional form, since we don't want to miss any opportunities!) Our thoughts are with you continually -

Diane and Anna (USA)

Hello, We are gutted that all is not well, we think of you both every day and hope for the all clear and back to oz email, it has to come soon nobody could fight harder than you.

Sean (UK)

Hello Graham, We check your web site daily and follow your progress. We’ve not met and yet Andrew and I feel very connected to you and your family. My husband who is also unwell is always interested in your progress and sends his thoughts and support. You are clearly a brave and wonderful man, who must be so very tired from the price that this never ending journey extracts. I had the pleasure of briefly meeting Jack and introduced him to our son Harry (neither Jack nor Harry will remember this meeting) but it was a nice moment for me, as I had already had the chance to speak with Sam on Skype and was very grateful that she took the time to offer her support and seemingly endless expertise. What a wonderful woman you have married. Enough babbling, I’m sure you have many messages of support to read. Your journey is different to ours, and yet similar in some ways. We wish you well, and think of you and your family often. I hope with all my heart that you, Sam, Andrew and I have the chance to break bread one day, with our kids noisily getting to know each other in the background.

Lea Chanter and family xxxx (Australia)

Hi Guys, I am devastated to hear about Graham’s deteriorating condition. You are so brave, fighting this battle with all your might. Thank you for keeping us all so well informed – everyone, I am sure, hope and pray that the doctors can perform a miracle and get things under control. Thank goodness you are in Seattle. I am not sure what else to say …..GOOD LUCK!! Are you going to be able to watch the Grand Final this weekend? We will be cheering for Hawthorn too. Hugs and kisses to you all. Keep up the fight Graham – we are looking forward to you coming home.

Sally XX (Australia)

Hi Graha m, I don’t think any of us outside of your family could ever possibly truly understand what you’ve been through and continue to endure. What we do all know though is that it’s been tough – real tough. You’ve responded to the challenge by hanging as tough as anyone possibly could to date and we know that you’re doing and giving everything you can to get through this latest complication. I hope the knowledge that everyone here is right behind yourself, Sam and the kids, constantly thinking of you and praying for you all, helps the fight at least in some small way.

Ross (Brighton East)

Hi Graham & Sam, thanks so much for keeping us posted on how things are going. It means alot & we think about you most days & wonder how you are. The UK seems a million miles away from you guys, so the posts are great. Glad to hear that the transplant went so well, obviously saddened to hear about the GVHD. I know you are a fighter though Graham & we all have faith in you & trust that you'll pull through. Can't wait to see you all again & we'll have to catch some more live music Graham.Our love, thoughts & prayers are with you all - say hi to Poppy & Jack from Zak & Sophie (& us!)

Pete & Rach xx. (UK)

Hi Graham, I am just writing to say Hi and to let you know that we are all thinking of you over there in Seattle and I know you are able to access your emails. I will write again later in the week. Cheerio for now

Ros (UK)

Hi Graham and Sam, So sorry to hear about the GVHD. We do track Graham's progress on the Blog and pray for him and you all loads and are sorry we're very slow to communicate more directly. Our thoughts are with you at this stressful time.

Matthew, Louise, Amelia and Charlie xxx (UK)

Dear Sam and Graham: My name is Jorgelina, I am a close friend of Mariano Imbrioscia, who works with Graham in Omnigraphics and me and my family have been following Graham's treatment and trying to help. Very sad to hear that are you in another big fight.
We will be praying for Graham health and we wish you two all the optimism in this new difficult situation ... don't give up!. Much much love for you and your children


Hi Graham and Sam, Apologies for not having been in touch over the summer. Very sorry to hear your latest news, guys. Thanks Sam for the emails. We've got everything crossed for you here. Give 'em hell Graham! Keep the faith - just not in a Bon Jovi way!!!! All the very best from London town,

Iain & Helen (UK)

Hi Graham, Sorry to hear about the latest set back, the last few months have been such a tough time. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, hoping you can get through this. love and best wishes,

Ed and Cath (UK)

Graham, So sorry to hear about your new fight, but as usual I am sure you are the one complaining the least and just concentrating on beating everything. It always seems hard to tell you about what is going on back here as it all seems to pale into insignificance in comparison to what you are going through. Concentrate on getting better.

Charly (UK)


Best of luck mate, really hope you pull through. I was hoping to have some good news about Newcastle United to tell you, but alas, we seem intent on shooting ourselves in the foot time and time again! And not good news on the golf front either, the Yanks beat us in the Ryder Cup so I bet it's all over the newspapers over there. You get some rest and confound those doctors, us Rush fans are above mere medical science, you go show them. Take care.

Ashley (UK)

Hi Sam and Graham... Sorry to hear your news - you have certainly been in our thoughts and prayers and will continue to be of course....Well - Hawthorn did on the weekend... they are into the Grand final to face Geelong.....Should be a cracker match - they beat St kilda by 54 points, so very convincing........ and Geelong only bet the Doggies by 29 points.....Thinking of you guys - hope the children are ok too..Cheers

David (Australia)

Dear Graham & family, We are sorry to hear the recent news about your new battle. As if
beating Leukaemia wasn't enough....now you have another hurdle you have to leap over. Well Graham, you flew over the first hurdle eventually and now you can do it again ! Thoughts and good wishes and strength for all of you.

Denise (St Leonard's mum).

Hi Graham How are you going, are you going to watch the AFL Grand Final on Saturday-go HAWKS, boo Cats. Say hi to Jack for me, I really miss him because I haven't seen him for such a very long time. Is Poppy OK? lots of love from

Mitchell (Australia)

Hi Graham, so sorry to hear about the GVHD setback. We are thinking of you every day and hoping like crazy you can kick this bloody thing. Don't give up. You've been in tricky spots before and you can come through this. All our love and light to you and your little family.

Megan, Guy and family xxxx (Australia)

Dear Graham, So very sorry to hear that things are not going all that well, you are in our thoughts and prayers and do hope that this new drug kicks in and things start to improve for you. You certainly have had a rough go of things and it is about time that it all started to turn around for you. Thank Mam for keeping us informed with the news which we eagerly await and give her and the children our love we are thinking of you all.

Judy, Peter and Family (Rankins Springs) xxxx

Dear Big Bro, I hear that you have another big battle going on, keep fighting cos we know you will get better and we all want to see you soon. We just want to send you a huge hug, please keep up the fighting cos we all love you so much. Love and hugs,

Tracey (UK)

Hey mate. Just received an email from Sam informing me about the current state of your health. I'm really sorry to hear about the complications and hope that the treatment they are now trying works for you. You're a very strong and brave person and also an inspiration mate... We're all thinking of you and hoping everything will be ok. I went and saw Hawthorn beat St Kilda in a preliminary final on Saturday... So it's Geelong vs Hawthorn in the Grand Final. It should be a great game and we're all barracking for the Hawks of course... Take care mate.. We're all hoping everything will be ok.. Best wishes

Peter (Australia)

We are all thinking of you and hope that you get through this next battle... hang in there ... I will everything crossed for you...

Charmaine (Australia)

Graham, keep taking those drugs and make sure you get better - I check your site pretty much every day to keep track of how you are going - so keep up the battle. And tell Sam thanks for keeping everyone posted, we all appreciate it. See you round...

Carmen (Australia)

Hang in there Graham. You can do it !!! Hang in there !!

The Ainsworth Family (Australia)

Samantha, Thankyou for the update. I have sent a little extra to help you both. You both have my total admiration and I, along with so many others pray for a successful outcome. Kindest regards to you, Graham and you family

Gary (Australia)

Dear Sam, Graham, Jack and Poppy Thank you for this amazing email. What champions you all are! What a marathon journey! It is honestly just mind-blowing to read about all these tricks and miracles of modern medicine. Your strength, all of you, is just amazing. I wish and pray for you all, continued endurance, and a successful outcome.
My very kindest regards and best wishes. Hang in there for a victorious outcome! Stay strong! Love to you all

Sandra Mathers (Adelaide - where it's cold and drizzly today!)

Just Stand Up

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Just Stand Up!


Dear Samantha, Thankyou for the update on Graham's progress. I am so pleased to hear everything is going well. I hope you and your family will be home in Aussie soon. Take care

Vicki (Australia)

Hi Sam, I’m over the moon to hear about Grahams progress and I’m so grateful that you have taken the trouble to keep me informed. Your plea for help was so obviously desperate and genuine. It’s hard to trust the internet because there are so many scams coming through all of the time. Never the less, I’ve had a good feeling from this small act of charity that I’ve decided to do this again for other genuine cases. I now realise how good being charitable makes one feel. I’m not well heeled but I can afford a small donation sometimes. Even though individually we can’t do much, collectively it works. It really can have the desired effect and actually save a life. I’m so glad to hear that your children are with you. Good luck with the future. Best regards,

Terry (Australia)

thanks for the newsy update and we trust the progress continues. stay positive and good luck.

v+g (Australia)

Hi Sam and Graham, We are both so happy to hear that your fight is almost won. You have missed the coldest winter in Melbourne I have seen for ages. Even yesterday was only about 15 degrees and cold, cold wind. I think its very fitting your return home is in spring - the time of new life, warmth and growth. really looking forward to seeing you when you get home and giving you a nice relaxing massage and big bear hugs. we're thinking of you, cheers,

Mez and James (Australia)

I would like to say congratulations and continuing best wishes for the road ahead. I truly hope for all of you that it will get easier and that Graham will be home in Australia disease free and healthy in the not too distant future. Kind Regards,

Deborah (Australia)

Hi Sam, Thanks so much for the update. I have been following your news closely. It is so so wonderful Graham finally got the transplant. Its certainly been an uphill battle for him. We hope that GVHD is under control very soon and that the nausea stops. I'm sure it won't be long and he will feel so much better. Like a new man!!!! I was so pleased to hear that your mum and Jack and Poppy had arrived. That must have been so exciting to see them and just wonderful to be together!! Keep strong Sam, you are doing a SUPERB job. I know you are dealing with so many things. I hope you are eating well and getting enough sleep if thats possible. Thinking of you all. Love

Jenny, Jeff, Max ,Travis and Lucinda (Australia)

Great news Samantha. Thanks for the update. Regards

Doug (Australia)

Sam, You are doing a great job loving Graham and keeping the momentum rolling with him. I have taken the opportunity to place another USD100 in the account towards Graham; would love to do better but that’s what I can do. Was a bit emotional when I read Graham’s blog confirming his progress after the engrafting and so pleased to see he is on the right track. Even though I have CML I do not understand all of the terminology (would probably be a better student if it was AML and I had a young family) and am amazed at the depth of your knowledge. Also very impressed with the St Leonard’s College community. Once again please do not reply to this email as I can keep updated via Graham’s blog but, again, good luck to you both and terrific to see your family together at this time and the kids with you and their Dad. My boys are 35, 33 and 30, and I now have a nine month grandson, and l have learned you love them and never take them for granted. Best Regards

Terry (Australia)

so glad there is some good news Samantha and please remember we are always praying and you and your family know what prayer can do. Keep your chins up and all will be well.

Noreen (Australia)

Dear Sam, How wonderful to hear such good news. Truly amazing stuff. Thoughts with you all and I will ensure that everyone I know here gets to hear about it. Best regards

Ros (Australia)

Awesome, great to hear, we are so happy!

Vito & Arna (Australia)

Go the hawks for premiers 08!!

Dear Samantha, My God, what a roller-coaster ride you are on! I admire your strength in facing all the obstacles on the down-slopes. Australia must seem so distant, and like another world that you all must be yearning for. As I was reading your update, I was thinking how you must be so totally desolate, missing family & home & normality,... and then... thank goodness for dear mum bringing the kids over to you! I was so relieved to hear that, tears rolled down my face. We all totally impotent to do anything for you, but wish you a tonne load of luck and the very best of wishes. You both have a huge load on your shoulders ,and obviously, great character to endure it through to success. Thanks for the update, ... unimportant in the overall scheme of things, but greatly appreciated. Stick with it, Love, and all power to you,

Averill (Australia)

I am glad to hear things are going well for Graham. As a 25 year old man myself going through a form of cancer and chemotherapy treatment it is a honor to help someone in the same position. I only made a small contribution as it is all I could afford, but I know every little bit goes a long way. I hope things continue to go well for Graham.

Brent (Australia)

Hi Sam and Graham, Wonderful to hear good news. Certainly need a lot of patience for this process but it's great that you may be coming home soon. Best wishes and I look forward to seeing you back at St Leonards!!! Love

Rhyll xoxo (Australia)

Hi Samantha, it's great to hear the good news..it makes me appreciate my own family much more. Graham is lucky in so many ways as well as having you as a strong support. I wish your family well and i'll never winge about myself again especially after reading this last email. Keep up the good work. Regards

Karen (Australia)

Very glad to hear its moving in the right direction Sam. After all the ordeals, I think you'll have to write a book. Good luck with the recovery. Regards

The Ball Family. (Australia)

Dear Sam, Graham, Jack and Poppy,So thrilled to receive your email today. I have never met any of your natural family; but am part of the St Leonard's Family and also of course the world wide family of humanity. I appreciate the updates on Graham's progress and as a member of these families I feel sad at each setback and celebrate each step forward.
I hope that before too long you will all be together back in Australia once more, and doing all those little things that families do. With much love and very best wishes,

Dorothy (Australia)

Hi Graham, Sorry it’s been so long since the last email. No excuse really, just flat out.
Been reading with interest all the progress and really glad you are out of hospital and back with the family. I guess it must be hard to believe all the twists and turns of the journey, it’s the stuff of tv mini-series! Well, 4pm Friday beers about to start. Looking forward to sharing a couple of cold ones with you! Cheers for now

Richard (Australia)

Dear Graham and Sam, It was just wonderful to read that you were out of hospital and your treatment worked! Last night we had our AGM, and I let the committee know that you were out - and everyone was delighted! Keep up the good work!!!! And although I barrack for the Saints, I'll be hoping the Hawks win tonight for you! Love

Louise (Australia)

Hi Graham, I'm so glad you are recovering, your cell count has gone up and you have been discharged from hospital. I hold you and your family in my prayers and think about you every day. I know your energy is increasing every day as you are healing.

Shona in Canada.

Dear Graham, This check is from Jenny, who previously contributed $40 to you from her recent arts & crafts fundraising proceeds. She left FHCRC to go on a yearlong trip and her rabbi gave $10 as a farewell gift. It's a Jewish tradition to pass it on to another person for good luck. There you have it. I am so glad you are finally getting a transplant with Dr Delaney's expanded cells. I am sure you will do very well. You have so many people sending you well wishes.

Judy (USA)

I've just read on your website that Graham's been discharged and just wanted to let you both know how happy I am for you all (although not as happy as you are I guess!!) Say hello from me and tell him to make sure he washes his hands after handling money !! (it's very dirty you know!) Good news!!!!

Brian (UK)

Hi Graham and Sam, just seen your updates and I can only say how glad I am you've got through so much miserable experiences to get this far. I'm so relieved your graft is official and all you've got to do is avoid snifflers and sneezers for a year or two... Anyway, you've both done a fantastic job to get through all this, to persist so far; and you've handled the whole thing with good grace. Good luck..

Roy xx (UK)

Graham—I am Jonathan Gutman’s dad. He is one of your doctors. We are all pulling for you!!

Hello Graham, I’m not sure how I found your story … I was searching double cord blood transplants in google and came upon your website. I’ve read your story and have been touched. My husband has also been battling AML since Dec 28 2004. On May 8th my husband Donnie (39 years old) recvd a double cord blood transplant. Graham we pray for you and your healing, we pray for your team of doctors and we pray for your family. God Bless You,

Kimberly Schutz (USA)

Hi graham, helen here! Just read the latest news on your website! Is looking really good- excellent! Lots a luv

Helen xxxxx (UK)

Hi Graham, Great to hear you are now out of hospital, you have been through so much and we hope everything keeps getting better and better . Good to see the picture of you with your children again, you and Sam must have missed them so much over the last months. Love to you all

Lyn and Trevor (UK)

Not many things warrant a double exclamation, but that news sure does! (Terry Pratchett said that three exclamations in a letter indicates borderline insanity or a lack of imagination). So pleased for you all.

Martin (UK)

Hi guys, I just read your blog and wow – what fabulous news. It made me cry for joy so I can only imagine how wonderful you all feel after such a tumultuous and emotional journey. All I can say is congratulations and enjoy your time together as a family again. It certainly was wonderful timing to have the kids there for Graham getting out of hospital. I look forward to more positive news about your recovery as it continues to progress. Love and kisses,

Sally (Australia)

Congratulations!!! to the whole family, what an acheivement. Welcome home from hospital and hope it won't be too long before we welcome you all back Down Under.
You have truly been an inspiration. This donation if from a garage sale held in support of your fight against leukaemia... Lots of love and best wishes from

Margaret and Alan Walker (Highett, Australia)

Hi Sam, Just been catching up on Grahams progress and wanted to send our best wishes - from all of us over at TNMS (www.t-n-m-s.com) the European Rush site - it's great to see how things are looking up. I realise there's a long way to go but, with all his family backing as you do I have no doubt Graham will soon be back to full strength. It's just fantastic to see the support that people all around the world have given - really makes you realise that the world is not quite the bad place many would have us believe eh? Take care, all of you.

Neil Pudney (Pudders) (UK)

So excited to read the news. Welcome home Graham. We will be in touch. Love to all -

Ruth xx (USA)

Samantha, So great to read that Graham is out of hospital and enjoying time with your children. I truly hope everything continues to go well. You must be over the moon.
Kind Regards

Will & Lyn Ervin (Australia)

Hi Samantha, Graham, Jack, Poppy and Sue Wow! - What a relief to read the latest news and to know that Graham has been discharged from the hospital! It is really wonderful news and fingers crossed and lots of prayers for everything to go along now just as you would hope. It is great that you are all together again. The children must feel so happy to be with you after such a long time. Lots of love and good wishes –

Allan & Win (Australia)

Hi there, just seen the piccie on the website with those mad kids of yours and Graham - their faces are lit up, just such a fab picture, well done you. So hope kids are okay and that you're enjoying having them there. Have a great weekend and hope to catch up with you soon,love to all

Tracey xxxxx (UK)

Hi there, That is great news about Graham. Have a wonderful time with the kids. I am just so pleased for you all.

Marianne (Australia)

Dear Sammy, We are loving you all and holding you in our hearts. Our lives are plodding along seemingly event free, yet the reality of disaster being around any bend seems a given. I don't feel depressed or worried about that thought; but I do hope I will have the strength and resilience that you have shown. It's easy for me to say but I'm sure peace and happiness are just around the corner for you guys. One day soon we will sit at your Caravan drinking a beautiful bottle of wine and toasting Grahams good health.......I, like you, can't wait for that happy, ordinary day.


Thinking of you and fingers, toes etc crossed for Graham's recovery. Best wishes,

Louise (Australia)

Hi Sam and Graham, I just read your blog. I really hope you start feeling better soon Graham. You have had such an incredible journey and hopefully there will be more good days than bad and it starts to get easier for you. Is this response at the moment “normal” or is it difficult to qualify or quantify what “normal” is? Our thoughts are with you. Looking forward to your future updates and hope the news continues to be positive. Love and kisses,

Sally (Australia)

Hi Sam, Wow! – great to hear the news that Graham is where he is – have been kept updated through your wonderful website. You have both done such an amazing job. Sam - hoping (when you get the chance!) you are getting enough rest yourself. Hoping things continue to improve and the rest of the family arrive safe and well soon. Best wishes

Peter (Australia)

Dear Graham, Keep fighting! I admire your determination. Sincerely,

Merilie, a friend of Anna Robinson (USA)

Dear Samantha and Graham. We have been away for a week and had no real access to a computer. We are so amazed to read what Graham has been going through in that time since the transplant. Poor boy. Hopefully all will begin to mend soon. There seems to be so little we can do but we are thinking of you a lot. We have made a small donation this evening via PayPal knowing that every little bit will help you to get through all of this.
We will keep watching the updates and hope that real soon Graham will begin to feel a big improvement. You are both just so dedicated and courageous. We love you all and are so pleased to hear Sue and the children will be over to see you soon and you will have your little family together again after such a long time.. Our love and best wishes

Allan & Win (Australia)

Sam, Things will improve, even if it doesn't seem like it's happening right now. Just focus on today and find at least one thing to laugh about every day. Take care of yourself. If you would like a meal or anything else, including company, just let me know.

Anna (USA)

hi Graham and Samantha. We have been following your progress on the web site. Glad you got to day 0 and are on the way back now. Let us know if you want an excursion when you are released from the hospital or if there is anything we can do. When are you allowed visitors from the outside? We can smuggle in a pie and lamington!!!

Chris and Mike Tarling (USA)

Graham, Having read through the list of “heroes” it makes me realize how many people you have “rooting” for you, as the Americans would say, and that the real heroes are you and your family. We know you are not feeling real flash at present but our thoughts are with you and we continue to wish you well in your fight. Regards

Terry James & Suzie Lockyer (Australia)

Dear Samantha, Just read the latest and I know your doing it tough as with Grahams immense discomfort,and i can only wish you all the strenght and Love of you ,your family and friends to get through this stage of treatment in Grahams progress. Graham has incredible courage and determination and a lot of that comes from the Love and support for him. I really appreciate the updates and the fact that the funds are getting that much closer shows a great sign of hope. Wishing Graham well and Kindness,and to You and your Family and Friends, Kind Regards

Doug Callaghan

Good luck with the recovery process! We are all thinking about you. Wishing you the best.

Naomi (USA)

Dear Graham, I don't even know if you're able to read your e-mail right now. But if you're not, I'm sure Sam is reading to you. We've been tracking you on your blog-we're so relieved that your remission was a deep one and that you're through the transplant. We continue to think of you all each day and hope that your team at UW can keep you as comfortable as possible during this rough period. I had wanted my husband Roger to meet you in person, but he has been dealing with some GvH of the gut (upper and lower) for some time now and has been quite under the weather. I'm hoping that when you are released and stable, you'll be up for a visit. I want so much to encourage you both, but feel at a loss as to what to say because this process can be so very rough. We send you very warm wishes that your hospital stay will be short and that the process of regaining your strength will begin soon. Very warmly,

Lisa and Roger Kenna (USA)

Graham, Just a quick hello to you and Sam. Sally is constantly updating me on your journey and all I can say is wow. There is no way I can possible begin to understand what you guys have been through. Get well and get yourselves home. From the response last weekend at the fundraiser there are lots of people looking forward to enjoying your company. Good luck mate.

Andrew (Australia)

Hi Sam and Graham, Just got home from the dinner. LOTS of fun and the auction went great. Everyone had a great time and lots and lots and lots of money flowed! It was also great to see you on the skype connection. So I just wanted you to know that it all went really well and I look forward to seeing how much was raised tonight. I wish you could have seen it. Some parents said it was the best thing that the junior school had ever done - it really gave them a sense of community. So not only are you working to get Graham well, but you're also single-handedly creating an amazing community in the school! Anyway, all the very, very best, as I've said before. We'll all be thinking of you next week. It's 1am and about 4 hours past my bed time! Good night from down under - have a good morning over there.

Karen (Australia)

Sam and Graham, we missed you on Saturday night! A real shame that your only appearance was via skype! I wanted to write that I think you are doing something very important for all of us. Because of you, the community is stronger and most of us have had a long hard look at what is important in life. Hopefully we can repay you both! Good luck with the next bit.

Phil (Australia)

Hi there, Finally! So pleased to see the news of your transplant this week. Looks like people have also been doing some amazing fundraising as well. You've both done so well in organising things. BIG congratulations mate!

Martin (UK)

Hey Graham Relieved to see everything went well with the transplant. Happy Re-birthday Graham!!! ps. Had dinner with Sandra, Tyrell and Zoe on Thursday night and we are all keeping track of you and are thinking of you and the extraordinary Sam. Ciaou

Carmen (Australia)

Dear Graham & Sam. Best of luck for the 6th, you are in our thoughts and prayers. Love

Judy, Peter & family. (Australia)

hi graham and family, all the best for the next few days and i will be thinking of you.

sarah, (night duty again at bedford hospital) (UK)

graham, great news mate, keep up the good work, we are all so happy for you and your lovely family. regards

the nash family from canberra

Happy Birthday Graham! Wishing you all the best. Sam you are pretty amazing too. Much love,

Sari & Kunal (USA)

Hey there Mr Fablus, just a quick note cos have read the blog and know how tired you are - wishing you so much luck and much much love for tomorrow (weds) and beyond. Will keep reading Sam's blog so dont worry too much about replying, just wanted you to know that we were all thinking of you. Good luck and look after them new cells. With love from all of us,

Tracey xxxxxxx (UK

Fantastic news! Go get 'em Graham - you are one great fighter! God bless, mate.

John & Diane Lyon (Australia)

Just a quick email to say Good Luck for your "new" birthday tomorrow. Will be thinking of you this end!

Kate (Australia)

Hi Graham, Seems like everything is going well now, hang in there as it's almost time to be fully healed! Just think of all of the fun you'll be having in the near future! Let us know how it goes! I'm glad that it is all working out for you and the family. Cheers,


Hi Graham, I am praying that your health is being restored and that all your procedures will work 100% and that it won't be long until you are doing all the things you are missing in the present moment. I live in Winnipeg, Canada and came across your site when I was browsing facebook. I have added a link to your site on my profile page. Unfortunately I am not in a position to help with the fund-raising you need and hope that the funds will become available for you. Know that you are in my prayers every day, and your family too. God bless,

Shona (Canada)

Hi Graham, I know that this is finding you not feeling too well, but I know your big day is coming and I just wanted to wish you the best of luck with everything. It is such an exciting time for you both. I am keeping you guys in my thoughts and prayers. The conditioning regimine can be tough, but in the long run, if I had to do it again, I would in a heart beat. I also believe you are in the best place to have this procedure done. They are so wonderful in Seattle. I don't know how long you guys will have to be in Seattle, but we will be there again in October and if you guys are still there, maybe we can get together for lunch or dinner. Good luck on Friday and happy new Birthday to you!!

Sonya (USA)

Dear Sam, Graham, Jack and Poppy, Congratulations on the good news, and our thoughts will be with you all during the further treatment on 6th August. You certainly have had more than your share of ups and downs, and I hope the worst are now finished. You must be proud to know that what you have done will be used to help others following behind you. Best wishes for the future.

Eric Rivers (Australia)

Dear Graham, Well done Graham. Great to hear that things are going well and you are in remission. Good luck with the bone marrow transplant. I am sure that you will sail through this next part. I hope that you continue to grow strong and healthy. Take care and regards to your wonderful and strong partner and family, Sam, Jack and Poppy. Regards,

Jane (Australia)

We are friends of Anna Robinsons and she told us about your fight with leukemia and your journey here - Wishing you a successful "superfight"!!

Claire and Bob (USA)

Hi Samantha and Graham What wonderful news!! The news on the website is so informative and we feel like we are going through it all with you. Also, wonderful to see the photos of your journey. You are certainly experiencing all facets. The best news is that you are moving on to transplant this week. Hope Graham is holding up well and you also Samantha. It is so wonderful that through all the ups and downs, you have arrived at where you were planning and hoping to be. You have both shown such dedication and are an absolute inspiration. Our love, prayers and best wishes for an excellent outcome. Before long you will be homeward bound and healthy.

Allan and Win (Australia)

Dear Sam, I was just wondering at the weekend how Graham was going and feel so relieved that all is well. Nick was diagnosed with leukaemia last year but luckily had a type that was treatable with a course of chemo.
We are hoping for an all clear and a speedy recovery for Graham. Best Wishes

Maree and Nick Vinocuroff (Australia)

Dear Sam ,just writing to let you and Graham know that we are with you in thoughts and hearts. I am so glad to hear that the procedure is going ahead in the next few days. Stay strong, it won't be long now and you will both be rolling on home. Graham looks so well and happy, and so do you lovely one.
Love, kisses and constant thoughts of you both,

Michele and Scarlet (Australia)

Samantha & Graham,Forgive me for being so tardy and not replying sooner. Great news regarding the progress being made. Keep us updated Cold here in SE Qld. Ugg boot weather. Best wishes and keep us updated.

David & Greta & girls (Australia)

Really great news, especially after previous setback! Our Fingers are crossed!

Jennifer & Lynton (UK)

Hi Sam Graham, Jack and Poppy. Just to let you know we care and are thinking of you. We have transfer some money towards Graham's treatment. Good luck with your recovery. Looking forward to the future when we can all catch up. Lots of love and good luck to all of you.

Ziomek, Iwona Amanda and Olivia XXXXXX (UK)

Unreal mate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great news indeed. Forward you guys go!!!!!! Love

Symo (Darwin, Australia)

Hi Sam and Graham, We are delighted to hear of Graham's progress. Thank you very much for sending your update - it is much appreciated. Graham, good luck with your transplant! We sure hope everything goes well, and most importantly it works! Warmest wishes,

Tania, Laurence and the twins Andrew and Daniel (Australia)

Hi Samantha. Thank you for this great news. Thank God. I’ll pray for great success with the 6th August transplant. Best wishes

Rodger (Australia)

Fantastic - that's like I remember Graham when he started playing bass, turn up the amp and he played quieter, but still mostly the right notes!!!
. . . and the World turns. I'll have a Guiness for you tomorrow night at my gig! cheers

Brian (UK)

Sam & Graham, Fantastic to hear such positive news from you:) Keep strong over the coming weeks!

Kirsty x (Iain's sister in Edinburgh!)

That is such good news Samantha! Gee - the power of love is pretty strong isn't it. Not to mention the power of Graham! love to you all.


Dear Guys, That is certainly good news . This is the first time that I have donated on the net. I was also a patient of Prof Salem, he is such a kind , caring man, that I felt drawn to help. My thoughts are always with you. Kind regards. Love

Jan Lawson (Australia)

Hi Sam, Graham, Poppy and Jack - Thank you so much for your update email. I can hardly believe that you would find the time, or the energy, to contact your supporters in Australia! I am reading this at 8.30am on a frosty Adelaide winter morning, and the little shreds of sunlight trying to break through the clouds are shining brighter!!! What wonderful news. You are obviously over the moon and everything looks so positive for further success. My very best wishes and love for further miracles - you are an amazing family. Stay strong - you have the love and prayers of so many Aussies! With love

Sandra Mathers (Adelaide) xoxoxoxo

What excellent news! Very best wishes from a stranger who knows what it is like to have a loved one with cancer. Ain't science wonderful!

Sandra Barnes x

Dear Samantha,Graham, Jack and Poppy, Fantastic news! I have been thinking about you both over there and wondering how it is all going. This is incredible and I can only imagine how you are all feeling. Please keep in contact as I really appreciate your emails. Best wishes for you all and take care.

Jacqui Ross (Smith) and family (Australia)

Excellent news sweetie, I hope everything continues to go well for all of you, keep happy safe and well, love and hugs


That is fantastic news, wishing you all the best in the future! Thanks for keeping us up to date,

Mara & Brad

Dear Samantha, I work closely with Al Clarkson at the Hawks. We in the office are all keeping our eye out for updates - that news is brilliant. Best of luck with everything, you are very lucky to have Clarko on your side, it is obvious how passionate he is about Graham.

Nicky (Australia)

Hi Sam, Thank you very much and good luck with the next chapter of your journey, Kind regards, Debby

Mrs Debby Jepps, Donor Recruitment Manager, South East England

CONGRATULATIONS - best news, still wishing you all the very best

The Reeves Family (Australia)

Many good wishes for you and your family!

Ann (USA)

Graham, After reading your blog I'm willing to cough up (no pun intended) a hundred dollars just to let you know I am a Swannies fan. That said I am also a fan of Alastair Clarksons coaching methods and of the man; it was his public support that put me onto your case. Obviously, having CML myself, makes your fight important to me but oh the hurt when you got into the Swannies. Seriously, glad that cough has improved.......that was my first indicator of a problem and it is gone completely. Regards

Terry (Australia)

Yay that's awesome I'm so glad to hear it. I've been keeping posted on the website and have had my fingers crossed that he would get there in the end!!!
All the best for you guys :)

Sarah (Australia)

FABULOUS NEWS Samantha! We wish you continued good health both of you and every success for the transplant. You are in our prayers. Kind regards

Ashley & Dawn (Australia)

What absolutely fantastic news, thankyou so much for keeping us posted, we really appreciate it especially with all that is going on in your lives. Love

David and Linda (Australia)

Dear Graham Samantha and family, Praise God from whom all blessing flow. Our prayers are with you during these weeks.

Luv Johanna and John xxx

Fantastic news! What a fighter.

Evie (Australia)

What fantastic news! Our prayers have been answered. Please keep us informed about transplant etc. You are great for keeping everyone up to date with this. So much appreciated. Kind regards

Susie (Australia)

That is wonderful news, I hope he continues to improve and is home with the whole family very soon!

Michelle xo (Australia)

Congratulations, great news. Things might be just starting to go your way a bit. Not before time. Thanks for the update,

Lynden (Australia)

Dear Sam and family, When I watched your story I was just floored and inspired at the same time. It seemed so unfair, yet you both seemed so strong. Both of your strength is a testament to Graham continuously beating the odds. We will keep you all in our thoughts and wait for more news. Congratulations!!

Leesa Walsh & Family (Australia)

Thats fantastic news, I wish you and all your family the best for your future. Go the Hawks!!! Regards,

Chris (Australia)

I am so thrilled for you all. This is the best news we’ve heard and perfect timing for the transplant and the fundraiser on Saturday night. We will be thinking of you. Thanks for keeping us updated.

Jane (Australia)

Hi All, Very happy to hear the good news. May God bless him & you all. Cheers

Hugh & Maya (Australia)

Fantastic news. Good to hear that Graham is doing so well. Good luck with the transplant. Kind regards

Michelle (Australia)

Hey, great news and so hope it all works out sweet for you all...be thinking of you and may your god go with you. x

Fabulous news Sam and Graham!!!! As you said in your email.......full steam ahead. Thank you so much for the thoughtful update. God Bless,

Diane (Australia)

Hi Sam, That's terrific news about Graham!!!! Anne [ my wife] and I are so happy for the three of you - a truly brilliant triumph for dogged determination and guts Warmest regards

John (UK)

Our best wishes are with you, it is wonderful news. Thank you for keeping us up to date. GO GRAHAM regards

Lena (Australia)



Fantastic news and I am so happy for you all x best of wishes for the next stage and look forward to meeting you all one day

Monique (UK)

Hi Sam, We are DELIGHTED with your news!!!! So very pleased - all the best for this next "stage" and we look forward to your return home.

Andrea :-) (Australia)

Dear Samantha, That’s absolutely wonderful news. You must feel as though a massive weight has been lifted from your shoulders, and the future is obviously looking so much brighter. I’m really pleased for you all. Cheers,

Michael (Australia)

Dear Sam, Graham, Jack and Poppy, I realise you would get many emails, so there is no need to reply. I just wanted to tell you how amazing your email is and how happy it made me to think that Graham has survived all the odds to be able to have the stem cells. After losing 16 of my family with this disease, it finally gives us some hope for the future. My love, prayers and thoughts go with you all,

Robyn (Queensland)

Wonderful news !!!

Bryan (Australia)

Hi there, I’m so pleased this has all worked for Graham and wish him all the very best of luck for his transplant on 6th August. My thoughts will be with all of you,

Sharon (Australia)

Good news indeed and I wish you and Graham all the very best for continued improvement so that he can hopefully return to a normal life with his family.
I know just what you are going through as my wife is currently undergoing treatment for overian cancer and i am lucky enough to have a very supportive family of four daughters and their families . Very important!
Keep your spirits up and God Bless .

J R (Australia)

Hi Samantha, I am crying with happiness for you. I don’t even know Graham or you or your families but I am overwhelmed with happiness for you all. Please let me know if you need more assistance in the future. I am not rich (single mother) but would like to help. Enjoy the rest of your life with that very strong amazing man. Kind regards

Robyn (Australia)

May the good news continue! Your perserverance and profound belief in what you are doing has paid off. Regards

Gabrielle (Australia)

Glad to hear the good news. Good luck for the next stage. All the best

Mike (Australia)

Dear Samantha, We are thrilled with the news that Graham is in complete remission. We wish him all the very best possible and will think of him on his continueing journey to complete health. To you Samantha and your children we send our very best wishes,

Margrit (Australia)

Samantha. Wonderful news. All the best to Graham and you.

Andrew x (Australia)

Dear Sam, Graham, Jack and Poppy, We are absolutely thrilled with this truly amazing news. You have certainly taken the scenic route!!!! (I have tears flowing down my face as I type this) We will stay tuned for the next chapter. Wishing you all the best

Georgia, Duane, Rhys and Christin (Australia)



Keep the good news and your faith flowing. Best wishes to you all.

John (Australia)

That is amazing, I have Goosebumps. I hope he is feeling better soon!!!!!

Karen (Australia)

Well that is good news, Miracles can happen.

K (Australia)

Great news! Brighton is a buzz with the news. The power of positive thought. Keep it up, love to you all

Susie (Australia)

Excellent news. Always in my thoughts.

Judy (Australia)

Answers to prayers and to both your unending and undying love and work for and with each other. You deserve so much good now after what you have been through. Chins up and keep that love which binds you together. Graham the road ahead looks so good. Samantha you are stronger than most giants and what faith you both have. God BLESS IN A VERY SPECIAL WAY.

Noreen (Australia)

Your news has brought a big smile to my face. I hope Graham has been successful in raising the funds for his transplant. My fingers are crossed for you all. Thanks and Good Luck! Kind Regards,

Deborah (Australia)

Good on you Graham,hope everything goes well in August and you pull through 100%. Take care

Stephen (Australia)

Hi Sam This is great news. We will keep you in our prayers. Best wishes

Ken (Australia)

Samantha and Graham. What wonderful, wonderful news.

Terry and Suzie (Australia)

That's wonderful news. I keep checking in on the website and am saying prayers like mad. Will keep praying. Much love,

Helen xx (UK)

Dear Sam, What absolutely wonderful news!!. Our hearts and prayers go out to you, Graham & family. Kind Regards,

Kylie & Peter (Australia)

Hi Sam, Graham, Jack and Poppy, Thank you so much for the update on Graham’s progress. We have been watching your blog with great interest and our thoughts and prayers have been with you each step of the way. Even though you will never know your supporters we hope you can draw strength and courage from us all as you continue with all that is necessary for Graham’s recovery. Take care and love to you all From

John and Coralie (Australia)

Hi Samantha, This is such wonderful news. It sounds like you’ve been to hell and back and now you’ve lived to tell the story. We’ll keep our prayers going for you all. Good luck with the transplant and stay strong. All our love,

The Field Family of Shellharbour NSW

Great news as i said wish i could afford more than my paltry donation love and best wishes

jules (Australia)

Great news. Made my day. Regards

Doug (Australia)

Hi Sam, Thanks so much for emailing us.You are amazing. I check the website regularly and was so so pleased to hear the good news. I can only begin to imagine how hard it has been. I hope everything runs smoothly now. You were certainly due for some good news. We think of you and Graham often and will be praying everything goes well with the transplant.Give our love to Graham.

Jenny and Jeff (Australia)

That's great news guy's, keep your positive attitude, keep smiling and remember you've always a mountain of people behind you for support.

Love Amy xxoo (Australia)

Absolutely brilliant news! I'll be keeping everything crossed for the transplant,

Love Suzi (UK)

Hi Sam, Fantastic news! I am really thrilled for you. The last few months must have so unimaginably tough so the outcome proves it has all been worth it. Cheers,

Julie (Australia)

Brilliant news Sam. Love and best wishes for the 6th

Jo, David Bailey, Alex and Emily (Australia)

What wonderful news. We are so happy for you all and especially for Graham. Thank you for your email. We look forward to hearing all your inspiring news.
Warmest regards

Michael, Mercia, Selby and Archer xxxx (Australia)

What wonderful news, we will keep Graham in our thoughts and prayers. Love

Alison and the Staff at Mt Cotton Village Child Care Centre. (Australia)

Great to hear :) My thoughts with you and your family - Let's hope there's nothing but improvement from here on, all the best,

Rory (Australia)

Whoopeeeee! We are so thrilled! Hang in there, won't be long now before you're headed home!

Barbara (Australia)

So thrilled with your good news, am ecstatic too! Will be thinking of Graham on 6th August and hoping that everything goes well. Love,

Dorothy (Australia)

Hi, Great news! Hope all continues to go well for you both.

Jennifer (Australia)

Hi Graham, At last indeed! I was thrilled to hear that you've had some positive news. I can only imagine what it must be like to deal with all of this, but It sounds you have an amazingly positive attitude, which can only be a good thing. Fingers crossed the stars are now aligning in your favour!

Nikki (& Derek, Olivia & Hadley; Sandy & Warren and boys; Tom & Lan; Rich & Jane and kids) xo (Hong Kong & Australia)

Hi Graham & Family, Thank goodness its good news. I had been holding my breath since your last update and was hoping for good news. Am at work at the mo, night shift at Bedford Hospital! Busy night but upon reading your news, I felt I must send you acknowledgement of your progress. So remember I am still thinking of you and do check your site whenever I log on, which is mainly at home. Keep me posted and I will keep reading. I am going to PAYPAL you some cash when I get paid. Have tried to be inventive with a fundraising idea but for noe my hard earned wages will have to suffice. LOL! Take Care and be well.

Sarah (UK)

Hello Sir! absolutely fantastic news well done! here's to the next step.

Barry (UK)

Crackin news Graham. Well done to you both for battling to this stage. That's fair cheered up a grey Saturday in London! Lotsa love to y'all

Gail & Laurence xxxx (UK)

Hi Sam and Graham, it has been so wonderful to hear the magnificent news about Grahams progress. You must both be so relieved (what an understatement that sounds as I write it). We got your text early on Wednesday morning (Lol and and I and the kids were all having a few days
down at Sussex in her caravan). There was joy to behold. We were hugging
and crying and whooping for joy and the kids were the same - it is
incredible how they can really sense the importance of this even though
they really don't understand what is going on. The soup kitchen gave
them a sense of this I think and it was great to have so many people
together sending their goodwill over to you in one big bunch. We are all feeling for you in the separation of your family and hope that this is not too painful. Remember that it is transient and your home is waiting for you.... and most importantly the day you can look at the past is coming up quicker than ever. Love kisses and best wishes as always,

Michele and Scarlet XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (Australia)

Hello Sam and Graham, Just read your update on the website and could cry (in the best possible way) at your "positivity" and wonderful strength!!! You and Graham are so meant to be with each other, that is very plain to see - it is wonderful to hear that the "scenic" route may be getting that much closer successful ending - what an amazing homecoming you both will receive!!! Just wanted to say hello, your family is still in our thoughts and we are looking forward to hearing the results of the next biopsy. All the very best,

Andrea and Geoff (Australia)

Fantastic news!!! Well done!

Monique (Australia)

We are just so happy for you. Thank God for the Seattle hospital!

Marianne (Australia)

Hi, Great news. We follow your progress and always keep everything crossed in the hope that all will come right for you. Take care

Lyn and Trevor (UK)

Wonderful news Graham. Looking forward to hearing about the success of the op. Best wishes and routing for you !!

Kim and Gregg (Australia)

Graham, I advised last time I donated that chronic Myeloid Leukaemia snook up on me in 2006/7 but seems to have been caught before it tripped over into acute. I am advised that younger men have more rampant blood systems so things unfortunately move faster than in us older men. It’s hard to understand why some things happen in life but Suzie and I wish you and your family every success. It would seem to me that you are all fighters and will not let this thing beat you. Regards

Terry James & Suzie Lockyer (Australia)

Wonderful news Graham, hang in there and stay well. With all good wishes mate

Michael (Australia)

Hey Graham, Hope you don't mind - Carmen has been regularly relaying updates on: that's great news to hear. I know you're getting heaps of messages from all over but there are also the silent slackers like me that are most chuffed to hear your rather awesome good news. Actually, my sister informed me that she had seen you and Poppy on the street somewhere (obviously before you had left for the US part in the process) and was about to go up and greet you when she stopped herself as she remembered you don't actually know her. However, I expect next time she sees you she'll be asking for an autograph and treating you with full blown celebrity-status - apparently one of the little known side effects?? cheers muchly and all the best for the rollercoaster being able to become far more scenic railway over the next stage

Tyrell (Australia)

Well done for keeping at it you two... so glad to hear something good for you. Best of British for the next couple of weeks,

love Roy xo (UK)

FANTASTIC! Can't think of much else to say. So pleased for you and Sam. You really are a tough blighter aren't you? All the best,

Martin (UK)

Hi Graham, what great news, fantastic. We are so pleased for you. Really wonderful. Also, your blog is getting funnier and funnier! I have never heard of the music you listen to, but even I had to have a chuckle at you listening to Coldplay!! Take care, lots and lots of love,

Louise, Matthew, Amelia and Charlie xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (UK)

p.s. All the best for the next bout of chemo xxxxxxxxxxx

Graham, That is really excellent news, it looks like a corner has finally been turned - I can't imagine what it must be like for you and the family. We're all keeping a daily watch for news on the website and will continue to keep our fingers crossed for you. The beers are on ice waiting for the next piece of good news.

Charly (UK)

Beauty Mate!!!! So happy to hear this good news. Lets celebrate.

Chris (USA)

Took my first visit into blog land this morning and read your brilliant news Graham. Absolutely chuffed - must have been the PG tips, you could be onto something there. Cheers with Guiness...and a Kit Kat (perhaps not at the same time)

Sandra (Australia)

Fantastic News! We have been thinking about you, it sounds like you have had a struggle. I hope this all moves really quick now. Thanks for keeping us updated and the very best of luck

Penny, Daniel, Fiona and Ciara (USA)

Graham, fantastic news!!! Good to hear from you & sop sorry that I've been so crap at keeping in touch. Seems quite a lengthy process. Hope that you've managed to get some time 'out'? How are Sam & the kids bearing up? Keep us up to date & we continue to send our love, prayers & hope that you'll be back in Oz with the family soon. All the best mate,

Pete. (UK)

Hooray!!! So pleased to hear this news, what a relief. I'm sure there may be more ups and downs but lets hope the worst is over. Best wishes to Sam, Jack and Poppy,

Ed and Cath (UK)

YOWZA!!!!! GO GRAHAM!!!! Thats really cheered me up!!

lotsa luv helen xxx (UK)

Hiya Graham, That's brilliant news! Really pleased :o). V busy at mo, but will drop you some chat later.

Iain (UK)

Oh wow - how fantastic. Do you know I was only thinking of you this morning on my way to work and then, when I turned on the computer - your message was first in! ! How strange is that! I am so sorry to hear you have been so poorly though leading up to this good news. Must have been on a real roller coaster the last few weeks. You must keep in touch now and let us know how everything goes. Take care and speak very soon.

Rosalind (UK)

FANTASTIC NEWS! I am over the moon for you. Well done dooooooooooooood, keep on rockin ’! Best regards,

Mark (UK)

God Bless You My Son.Well done I knew you could do it. Cheers

Bruce (UK)

Hi Graham and Sam, Got your fantastic news that your are in remission and awaiting the next step for transplant. James and I are so, so pleased to hear this good news - we have been thinking of you both. Anyway - better get back to work - take care of yourselves - BOTH of you. looking forward to seeing you guys back home soon

love Mez (Australia)

Wow that is the best news have had in ages, well done you! Must be all the excellent pg tips and the telly effect! Well done again,

Tracy xxxx (UK)

Great news mate, congratulations.

Troy (Australia)

Hi Graham, Fantastic news! Keep in touch and keep fighting.

Malcolm, Jenny, James and Nicholas and all at the BBMDA (UK)

Dearest Sam and Graham -I just heard the good news (via phone and your e-mail, Sam) and I am so happy to hear that things are looking fantastic! You two must be thrilled. I hope you are celebrating tonight. Lots of love and excitement!

Naomi (USA)

Woohoo! Great news, now waiting with bated breath for the next phase…I’m in my busiest week of the year with our major furniture show starting tomorrow and I’ve caught a nasty cold – that’s stress for you! Not quite pneumonia though … Big hugs

Marie (Australia)

Hi Graham, this is incredible news!!!! The power of many thoughts and wishes around the world and your amazing courage and will to live. The lengths you have gone to, to stay well.....wow. I am very happy to hear your news. I have been keeping myself updated with your progress on your web page, but when I saw the e-mail message, 'good news at last' a smile instantly came to my face. I have not even met you but I often think of you. I wish you ongoing health Graham.

Kate Stevens (Edithvale)

Hi Sam and Graham, Just checked Grahams blog and was very excited to read some good news- looks like its full steam ahead now- all our very best of luck. I have put a little bit of video on Youtube that we took at Laury's soup kitchen on Saturday. There were lots of people there sending their best to you both, we didn't manage to get everyone on video- was quite difficult to do while chasing busy 18 month old- but we hope you like it ! Go to www.youtube.com and search for "Lol's soup kitchen" Good luck!

Love gail xx (Australia)

That is such good news...I am so happy for you mate.. Good luck with it and please keep me informed as to how it's all going.. Thinking of you both. Cheers

Pete (Australia)

rock and roll Graham, rock and roll!!!!!!

Carmen (Australia)

That is the best news!!! What a relief!...and that's from my perspective, I can't imagine what you and Sam were going through. Great, great news. Keep us posted with your progress and we'll see you soon. Take care. Keep rocking!!!

Vinnie (Australia)

Hi Graham, good on you, hang in there. Things are really looking up ! On the 26th July we will all be there supporting you & sending loving, healthy thoughts your way at the Savoy benefit organized through St Leonards. I'm sure you'll feel the benefit...

Denise (Australia)

Hi Graham and Sam, That is fantastic news. We are so pleased for you. Hey did you get my pic of the richard hammond from top gear.. I think you two look alike! Good luck.

Charmaine Mario and Coco (Australia)

Graham, I am so glad to hear that word, what a relief you guys must be feeling. It has been quite the ride for both of you. Looking to hear real soon, that you have had your transplant and that things are moving along the way it should and that you will soon be going home. I have been thinking of both of you and wondering how things were going. Good luck with the conditioning treatment, it was tough, but I made it through and so will you. I am so happy for you. Always,

Sonya (USA)

Mate, that’s the best news!!!!! Fantastic effort....sooooo glad for you both! Take care,

Richard (Australia)

PS can ’t wait to catch up for a pint!

Great stuff mate, I’m delighted. You must be beside yourself!! Well done and keep up the good work. Cheers

Colin (Australia)

Dear Graham and Sam, We just had to let you know that we are all moved and empowered by your journey. We pray with you that you receive "good" news soon. love

Younger Family (Australia)

Go Graham. I am a NHL relapser who is just starting the SCT journey. I wish you all the luck and a long time with your family.

Meepsmom (USA)

Hello Graham and Samantha and Jack, We are thinking of you a lot lately and hoping and praying for the best outcome. We hope Graham is feeling OK through all of this (infections etc) and most of all we are all waiting for the result to say you are able to proceed with the transplant. It is good to see the photos of Jack since he arrived there and he is obviously so happy to be with you both. That’s great. Our love, prayers and the very best of wishes

Allan & Win (Australia)

Hello Sam, Thanks so much for the update, we've been looking at the website to keep up as to your progress, so pleased that Jack is over there now, it must be wonderful for you both (and him!) Keeping Graham in our thoughts, hoping and trusting that he will be well enough to start the treatment ASAP!!! Great news of the 26yo with the successful transplant - it gives promise for Graham. All the very best

Andrea (Australia)

Hi Samantha & Graham, I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and praying for the best possible outcome. I cannot imagine what you are both going through at the moment; I admire your strength and courage in fighting this and pursuing everything possible.Love

Charmaine (Australia)

God bless you!

Heidi (Australia)

Hi Graham, My name is Amanda and I am from Melbourne. Your story has really pulled at my heartstrings as we lost one of our best friends to AML last October. Like you, he went into remission after his first round of chemo and when he had his bone marrow transplant preliminary tests showed that it had come back. They went ahead with the transplant April and all was good again until September when he was told that it had come back and he only had 4-6 weeks left. He passed away 5 weeks later. I am so sorry that you are going through this bastard of a disease and I pray that you will pull through. You are in my thoughts,

Amanda (Australia)

Dear Graham, I am Hannah, a St. Leonard's mother of two. My daughter was diagnosed with CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia) in 2003. She had a BMT at the end of 2004. We went to Germany, because the conditions were better over there. It was a very hard time for our whole family. She was 13 years old then. In June 2005 we were able to return to Melbourne. Now she is very well and we are very thankful. We wish you the very best and hope you find a donor. We know that this is a tremendously hard time. We are thinking about you a lot. If you have any questions regarding the transplant, don't hesitate to contact me! Never give up! love,

Hannah (Australia)

Have been reading about your experience on your blog and on LL discussion boards. Hang in there, you are going to get through this: you have a great family support system and you are at THE BEST PLACE for a transplant. The Hutch is amazing and your doc/trial is, I think, one of the best out there. Dr Delaney is amazing. We got the chance to meet her when my brother, who has AML, consulted with her and Dr. Appelbaum about his AML. He ended up going on a regimen of chemo consolidation as this seemed the best option for his type of AML. But we were very gung-ho about Dr Delaney's trial--she is amazing
and her results have really been fantastic. Just wanted you to know that I am sending good thoughts, wishes your way. Hang in there.

Yasmina (USA)

Hi Graham, am donating £50 given to me by friends of my Dad, Gordon & Claire. All the best,

Iain (UK)

I can't imagine how hard this must be to have to worry about the cost, too. Good luck with it all. You are doing incredibly well! Stay upbeat and keep away from sick people!!!

-Anna Robinson's Mom - Diane (USA)

Good luck Graham. We are keeping up to date on your website. Best wishes

Evan and Jane Packer St. Leonards College

Good luck in your fight. I am a friend of Jenny Stewarts in Australia. I have no idea if it helps but I'm about to have a baby (July 9th) and if its cord and placenta can be used by you please tell me how. Otherwise my thoughts and prayers are with you. Live strong. Kindest regards,

Lillian (Australia)

Hi Graham and Samantha, We are thinking of you both a lot and hoping everything will go well for you with out complications. It is wonderful being able to keep up with everything you are going through via the web site. We know it is Jack’s 7th birthday on Friday and have sent a small parcel for him. He will be looking forward to you being in touch on the day. You are all doing it tough and being so brave. I keep in touch with Sue and she told me more about the website which is so wonderful. We love you and admire your determination and courage through all this. You deserve the best out come. With all our love to you both

Allan & Win

That is fantastic. Thanks for the news and I will continue to appreciate your updates. All the best. Give Graham a hug from another Aussie!!

Trevor (Australia)

Dear Samantha, Thanks you for the news and I hope the treatment for Graham goes well. God bless you all.

Mark Brown

Just letting you know we care and are thinking of you.

Nola Wolski & Family (Kalgoorlie, Western Australia)

Dear Sam, I donated after watching on A Current Affair and this was my first ever donation after such encouragement from a tv show. I just wanted to say from this Mum with two boys in Melbourne, that I send you all my best wishes all the way over there. Your email is beautifully written and my heart is with you there. Wishing you best of everything,

Allison (Australia)

Hi Graham, Just thought that I would let you know that I am thinking of you. I am glad that you are going well with the treatment over in Seattle. Have they given you any indication of how long it will be before you can have the transplant. I think that you are a very brave man and have a wonderful supportive family and friends. Take care I will keep reading how you are going.

Vicki (Australia)

Hi Graham and family, Alerted to your plight by a nice billboard on the corner of Elgar and Canterbury Rds (I think). Though I don’t know you, thought I’d send a cheerio from Melbourne. Had a cold weekend just gone – a bit of rain which is what we need. Another overcast day today – but weather is not too cold. I read your blog and glad to hear that things are looking well for the transplant. Our thoughts are with you and your family in this difficult time. I am a blood/organ donor and am on the donor list – if I could help any more than that I would (other than communicating the plight, which I will). Unfortunately, I’m not a Hawks fan so can’t share your joy at their win. Originally from NSW, rugby league is my sport of choice and the Storm are doing very well. We have a 5yo son who is quickly becoming an avid Bombers fan – he’s already a Storm supporter, though none of his school mates follow the rugby so decided to choose an AFL team as well. Wishing you all the best – hope to hear good news about your results and the transplant!

THE LOVETT’S (Melbourne, Australia)

Good grief Graham, I was just driving down Canterbury Road and there was a humungus poster of you. Nearly ran up the back of the car in front of me. I think I am seeing you more now than when we worked at Thomson...Hope all is going well. Cheers

Sandra (Australia)

Hi Graham & Sam, great to hear that you're OS, & that things are progressing, even if not as you'd planned!!! Stay strong, & I look forward to reading your blog Graham. Take care of you too Sam,

Chris Loughry, (Albury NSW)

hey man your a star and my hero, I pray for your health, sanity, and loving wife and family. Keep the faith and get well. Thanks for your inspiration


Hey Sam, Thank you for your email I am happy to help. My heart goes out to both you and Graham and your family because my brother has been just recently going through cancer as well. He had testicular cancer which had spread behind his kidneys, lungs and brain but after a lot of treatment his tumour markers are down to normal and hopefully he will make a full recovery. I wish you guys the very best with Graham's treatment and I really hope he pulls through. Until then I will check the website for updates on his recovery. Kind regards,


Hi Sam, Our thoughts and prayers are with you everyday. We pray that Graham can regain his health to complete the transplant and that you have enough strength to continue to support him. All the Best

The Field Family, Shellharbour NSW

Hey Sam, Thanks for the email, it's great to know how you're getting on, you are in my thoughts often. I'm not sure if you know but I was driving around the corner from my place, the cnr of Canterbury and Station streets (my local shops), and I looked up and saw Jack, Poppy, Graham and yourself. I was shell shocked. I thought it was just one photo of your family and then I realised the whole MASSIVE billboard was for Graham. There was even a wedding photo of the 2 of you. Across the centre it had the web site www.adonorforgraham.com and it seemed to be produced by the leukaemia foundation.
I'm still in shock that you're on a billboard! Now I've just checked the web site while writing this email you, to see how much money you're up to and I notice that you have the billboard on the web site so you already know! Steve's been doing fund raisers at his work for you. They had a murder mystery night. They only raised $310 US but it was the most they've raised from one of their social events ever and the biggest turnout too. Steve said everyone really enjoyed themselves. Take care. Thinking of you and Graham. Love

Trish (Australia)

Sam, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you we've had a small fund-raising at a social event at work here. We're only a small organisation with just over 100 staff, but have been able to donate US$310 from the event, and our CEO, Matt has also donated AUS$140 from the sale of our old kitchen fridge. I know it's only a tiny drop in the ocean, but I thought it was important to let you know we're thinking of you. All the best

Steve (Australia)

Hi Samantha, My name is Sally Sher and my husband Anton and I are St Leonard’s parents (Tahlia Yr 8 and Allira Yr 6) and Old Collegians. We just wanted to write you a short note to let you know that both you, Graham and your children are in our thoughts and prayers. We think of you each day and are sending you all the positive thoughts possible. Love and positive wishes,

Anton and Sally (Australia)

Samantha,not a problem. I am glad that things in most respects are positive. All the best.

Andrew (Australia)

Hi Graham - here's a little more for you from the tnms camp - keep fighting mate!

Neil Pudney (UK)

Dear Sam, Thanks for the update. Good Luck with it all. Our prayers and thoughts are with you, Graham and your family.All The Best

Love From The Reeves

Thank you so much Sam for taking time out of your busy schedule to reply to all of your helpers. I will pray for Grahams results to be a positive one. Never ever give up. I wont! I totally believe in healing from God. He sent His Son to die so we might be free and healthy! I will also pray for your family in Australia. Aren't mothers wonderful? Keep up your spirits even in the face of adversity.

Love Sue and Chris

Hi Sam, My small donation is a pleasure. My family and I wish you and Graham all the very best in this journey. I know that it will be all worthwhile. Please pass on our support and love to Graham. Stay strong and best wishes,

David (Australia)

Great progress Sam. Thanks for the update and good luck. Keep me updated. Regards

Doug (Australia)

Dear Sam, Thank you so much for taking the time to update people on Graham's situation. I would like to wish you, Graham and your family all the very best for your bumpy ride ahead. Good luck and focus on being positive. Kind Regards

Jo (Australia)

We are so happy to hear of some light shed at the end of the tunnel. Our blessings to Graham.

Malcolm and Indira (Berwick, Victoria, Melb)

Our love and prayers are with you all and please tell Graham to hang in there, God is not ready for him yet. His family needs him right now. Love and prayers,

All the Staff at Mt Cotton Village Child Care Centre. (Qld)

Thanks for the news. I'm selling a few dvd copies of our centenary parade to people and will foward the proceeds as I have a newspaper clipping of you and Graham out of the Wagga daily advertiser on the notice board at work for people to see where the money is going. good luck,


Hi Sam and Graham, thanks for the update on Graham's progress. I just want you to know that my family and I will be praying for a successful outcome for the treatment. I will revisit the website shortly and add a little more to try and help. Best wishes to you both,


Thanks for the update, sounds like you're in good hands. Good luck to you both - and you do whatever you have to. Regards


Dear Samantha, Many thanks for your update. You can rest assured that our prayers will be with Graham during his treatment. I have seen many of my family go through the chemo and radiation, but have never had anyone who has had the opportunity to have access to the latest techniques. It is just amazing how far this has all come and I hope and pray that Graham can be a role model for many others. Many thanks and warmest wishes,

Robyn (Queensland)

Dear Sam, You must be very busy but a quick note to wish you and Graham well and reassure you Poppy and Jack are well looked after and enjoying their days at school. They both had fun at the Mothers Day breakfast and had lots of people to talk to and share the occasion with. You can be very proud of them! Lovely to hear your news and as always best wishes from St Leonard's. Regards,


Dear Sam, Thank you for your e-mail. We are all thinking of you and Graham and wish you all the luck in the world. Best wishes,


Thanks for the update Sam. But you are a heroine. The way you have managed to organise this amazing chance for Graham is just incredible. We are always thinking about you all, and your mum and the kids. I am sure they are fine, and although you are missing them it will all be worth it. I keep in touch with Graham's progress via the latest news link and although it is a bumpy ride, it is the journey that you just must take. I love seeing that $$$Total grow every time I look at the website. I was really impressed with the art show that the St. Leonards P and C put on. The work was fantastic. I am especially looking forward to the future when we can all catch up and this is all behind you. Somewhere down that bumpy road there will be a BEYOND all of this and you will be able to put it into the past. Keep up the fight and love to you all,

Michele and Scarlet XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

Sam, Thankyou for the update. I can only say I admire your strength and courage. With every cloud there will be a silver lining. Being away from the kids I can certainly understand but it is all for them too as they will have a dad forever to come. So keep smiling and feel blessed that we are thinking of you both and wish you well.

Sharon and Rob

Dear Sam and Graham, Glad to hear you have made it to Seattle - our thoughts and prayers are with you. Love from

Colleen and Paul

Sam, thank you for the update on Graham's progress. It is difficult to find words to console, particularly since I have never met you or Graham, but I do know there are many friends and strangers that have been touched by your circumstances, and everyone of us is standing around you both every day you are in that hospital. My thoughts are with you both, as are my prayers. Please pass onto Graham I'm looking forward to taking him fishing when he recovers and returns to Melbourne. Best


Glad to help we are a bit broke ourselves as we are recent immigrants from the U.K so we could not give much but every little helps. Best of luck for grahams treatment he is a lucky man to have a top chick like yourself by his side. Keep positive and strong, sounds like the kids are in good hands. All the best

Paul and Vanessa (Margate, Qld)

Dear Sam and Graham, Thankyou for the email and I wish you all the luck in the world. I look forward to your next update which I am sure will be all good. Good luck you are all in our thoughts


Thank you so much for the update. Wishing you the very best & thinking of you. Regards,

Sherri (Australia)

Dear Sam and family, YOU are the heroes and I am praying for you. Please give my love to Graham. God bless you

love Heidi

Hello Sam, Thanks for the update. Hang in there and give it your best shot. Like me, everyone will only be hoping & praying that their donation will have a successful outcome for your family. With love & best wishes,

Averill (Australia)

Sam and Graham, Thinking of you during this time. Our prayers go with you and Graham and may God grant you all strength for the fight ahead

Regards Johanna

Dear Sam, Many thanks for the update. Our love and best wishes and prayers to you and Graham. Keep us posted and do let us know if there is anything you think we can help with.

David, Jo, Bailey Year 4, Alex Year 3 and Emily ELC4

Hi Sam, I have been following Graham's journey each day and applaud all you are doing. Isn't it wonderful to see how people rally to help, it gives me so much faith in our fellow man. I would like to see knighthoods returned so Alastair could become Sir Alastair, what a wonderful job he is doing too. The St Leonard's community is so caring and I believe quite unique. I have been at the school for over 30 years and it never ceases to move me with amount of care and friendship emanating from the school environment.
I hear from the folks at school and I know they are keeping a watchful eye on both Jack and Poppy. It's hard to believe Poppy is at the ELC it seems like yesterday that she was born! Sam, stay strong, I can only begin to imagine how hard this is on you. So I send lots of positive vibes to you and Graham with best wishes from 'downunder'

Susie (Australia)



It’s a battle so tell him not to give in and to stay positive.
My father endured heart problems from the 1960s and passed away last year. He stayed with us so long because of his positive attitude.
I wish Graham all the best and will be watching his progress on his Facebook page.
Thank you for letting us know. I’m sure he will be down to 0 per cent soon and he can then have the transplant. And how wonderful is Ian Dicker and the Hawthorn crew.
I’m a tiger myself, but I luv hearing of the good deeds of football clubs, which seem to go unrecognized. Well done. All the best and take care of yourselves.

Ruth (Australia)

It was our pleasure, glad to hear the positive news, take care and wish you all the best.

Vito and Arna

Go Hawks!
Thank you both so very much for your update about Graham’s health. I was moved to tears while reading it aloud to my best friend, my husband. I know Graham is indeed your best friend and I try to imagine if I were you and how I would gain my strength going through what you are going through at present. I want to say to you although we have never met I send you and your family much love and healing. I am not conventionally religious however I do know there is a power greater than us humans and I have prayed for all things good for you all. I light candles for goodness and I will light a candle for Grahams recovery as soon as I finish writing this email that’s my version of going to church and saying a prayer. Samantha I send you unlimited love and strength during your life particularly during this battle: a battle that you will win!
Graham I send you the purest form of healing, strength, and my families love . mate this is the biggest battle you will fight but focus on the strength of the human spirit, fear is a bluff to test your strength of spirit ,your disease is that just fear it has no power over you and you will kick it’s butt!! In your quieter times know that people all over Australia are working spiritually saying prayers and sending you healing and unconditional love and support because you matter. Your beautiful wife and kids deserve you to live to old age with health and joy. I know in my heart this is possible and you will recover, tell the disease ‘I release you out of my life’ then say” thanks I happily welcome my new health’. I may sound a bit of a nutcase but I know positive affirmation works remember you are in charge of the disease it is not in charge of you. Stay safe mate and know next summer you will hang out at the beach, park or wherever with your wonderful wife and kids.

I’m not a footy fan but I have a mean kick so when you are recovered & well I challenge you to see who can kick the footy the furtherest (o:

With care, support and strength
Suzanne & Lawrence & sons xxxxx

Dear Sam, I was very pleased to receive your email, and humbled by the work that you must have put in to personalise each letter. My husband and I will follow your progress and contribute again as we can afford. We wish Graham a swift recovery and you and your family a happy future together. Kind regards,

Elizabeth (Australia)

Hey Sam, I was very touched by seeing this on tele, and glad my small donation can go to help and be a part of some ones recovery. I hope treatment will be successful, sorry the results are up then down, but keep the faith, I'm sure everyone will pray he pulls through, keep well, god bless and I will check out the blog.

Annabelle (Australia)

G'DAY Sam thanks for the email!! I LOOK FORWARD TO HEARING OF HIS SUCCESS!! as you mentioned about the bumps.... you will one day reach the end of this bumpy road and turn onto the smoothest highway you have ever seen!!


Hi Sam, To say I was blown away to receive your update on Graham's treatment is an understatement. Words just cannot express my feelings for a young lady who, in the middle of this huge struggle with her husband, has thought of the ordinary people back home who felt the need to help with your fundraising and let us know what is happening. You are obviously so special Sam, thank you so very much. You are just totally amazing! I am so glad you have such wonderful care and support in the US. Please know that we all have you and Graham in our thoughts and prayers. Stay positive and strong and fight the good fight together to overcome all the 'bumps'and emerge victorious! With much love from everyone in Australia. (I do hope that Tracy will do an update on your story!) My very best wishes to you both.

Sandra (Adelaide)

Thanks Sam for the email, Keep your chin up & stay positive. We are so glad we have been able to help. Graham's story on TV touched our hearts. We know only too well what it is like to be in your position. Kind Regards,

Kylie & Peter (Dubbo, NSW )

Hi Samantha, I am so happy to hear that Graham has started his treatment and that the generosity of people is amazing as I am finding out for myself right now. Alex passed away 2 weeks ago in a tragic accident and we are heartbroken (myself, our daughters, family and friends) and devastated. It was in the media but you wouldn’t have heard with all that is happening with you. I want you to know that Alex was a generous and compassionate man and I am glad our small contribution helped. Please continue to send me updates on Graham and how you are all coping and my prayers are with you and your family. Kind Regards,

Kerry (Australia)

Hi Sam, We are praying for Graham and also for you and your children. Stay strong.

Ken and Sonia (Australia)

Hello Sam, I hope the chemo goes quickly for Graham and the transplant delivers the answers to all your prayers. My family and I wish Graham and family the best of luck. Power to you all.

Paul (Australia)

Thinking of you all.

Rae and Nic (Australia)

Hi Graham, Just to let you know that I donated funds for you tonight.......I saw your story on A Current Affair a few weeks ago and it touched me. I have Acute Promyelocytic Leukaemia, only diagnosed in late Jan 2008. So the whole leukaemia thing seems a part of life now for me and I know just how terrifying it is. I have gone into remission, fortunately, and I hope a relapse will not occur. I will start my second consolidation treatment next week. Having this disease has made me so much more aware of the little things in life, things I would normally take for granted. My thoughts go out to your wife, children and family. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the luck in the world and I hope you have great success in Seattle. Best wishes...

Jodie (Australia)

Hi Graham, Hope everything is going great, Seattle sounds beautiful. Remember its so important to eat very well throughout transplantation, it can really knock you around. I had a relatively healthy diet and avoided too many chips, sweets, etc.. although its good to have some in moderation. Also it will be difficult especially in a hospital bed, but when your immune system starts to recuperate I really suggest you try to go for at least a few walks a day, even around the ward. When your transplant has grafted and you are ready to leave the room or go home altogether, really force yourself to get into some sort of fitness regime (physio will help), it really does wonders. I found with a good diet and pushing myself to be as active as possible (safely) that I recuperated very fast and am now enjoying more than a year in remission post transplant. My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time and im sure it will be a success…don’t let any negativity from anyone put you off. Prove everyone wrong like I have.

Karl (Australia)

Hi Graham, We were trying to figure out at work the other day how we could send
you an email and let you know that we are all thinking of you....but it seems our talents are not with figuring out how to work computers. Anyway just wanted to let you know that all the staff on 7 East are thinking of you and are keeping updated with your progress, on your various little websites. Hope you are well. Keep strong Graham. Your in our thoughts. Say Hi to Sam, Jack and little Poppy for us.

Love the Nurse's on 7 East. (The Alfred Hospital, Melbourne, Australia)

I have chronic myeloid luekaemia and am lucky it is treatable at present. I wish you the best Graham.

Terry (Australia)

Hi Graham, I'm am an 11 year old girl and my mums name is on the donation list. When I heard your story I wanted to do something to help so I did chores around the house to make some money for you. (Plus I go to your kid's school) Get better soon!

Nicole (Australia)

Best of luck to you Graham. It seems to me you have already won your battle regardless of the result. Push on....

Guy (Australia)

Gidday Graham, I’ve just read the great news on your website. Congratulations – it sounds like your health is heading in the right direction. I’ve got a M8 in Washington DC who got the same diagnosis two years ago; she’s travelling along pretty well and I’ll pass on your website details so she can check your progress too. I’m sure it ’s all beneficial to see positive stuff going on with others. I’ve made a small donation to your fund; I’m on a bloody pension unfortunately, but I’ll try to put some more into the account next month. Best wishes to you and your wife and the children too (and extended family and friends). Kindest regards

Lorraine (Australia)

Here's another $10 mate, keep fighting.

Justin (Australia)

Thinking of you and your gorgeous family, and wishing you all the best! Sorry I'm not able to give more. I'm a Qantas hostie, who is often on the Mel-Lax-Mel flights, so I'll be keeping an eye out for you, with a cold celebratory beer ready for when you return to Australia happy and healthy! Best wishes to you all.

Erin (Australia)

Dear Graham, Please accept this small token of my support towards your recovery. Best wishes,

Damian (Australia)

Hi Sam and Graham, fantastic news that you have made it to Seattle - James and I are sending all our good vibes and loving and we have our noses glued to the website waiting to hear some more good news. Soooooooo wishing all goes well. Keep smiling

cheers, James and Meridith (Australia)

Dear Graham & Samantha, Our thoughts and prayers are with you both as you embark on this journey. Sincerely,

Pam, Dennis & Kathyrn (Australia)

To Graham, Sam, Jack and Poppy, Hello!, thanks for the Good News. Good Luck You all try to relax a bit.

Paul (UK)

Hi Graham, Great to see you've started your journey, sounds like you're in good hands! Just wanted to send all our love from Muswell Hill The gig the other night was great, a real blast from the past with all of those guys in one room - Helen & Iain, Jeff, Ed, Marky and even Lindsay, Eds' brother and Suzi. Needless to say some reminiscing going on and the night at the Dulwich Lido was mentioned a few times - mad days but great fun.
We think of you often Graham and wanted to say hi and send our love to you, Sam, Jack and Poppy. Best wishes and keep fighting!

Love Gail & Laurence xxxx (UK)

Dear Graham, I have been reading your story since I was told about your health by my daughter who has 2 sons at St Leonard's (1 in ELC and 1 in yr 7). Today I have transferred my donation to your account and hope it will assist you to travel and receive treatment. I have had recent experience with Chemotherapy treatment during '07 and I send my positive thoughts and prayers for your care to you and your lovely family.

Joan (Australia)

Hi Graham, wishing you good luck for Monday, nice to see the photos. It must be quite surreal to be in Seattle now. You've obviously done amazingly well with fundraising and hopefully the shortfall will come in soon; even my mother-in-law is organising a raffle through her club!

Martin (UK)

hello there,
i want to let you know that i too care,
much i dont have of wealth,
but with you im happy to share,
to bring you to good health,
stay strong mate,
cause its never to late,
we are all behind you to help rid of your pain,
so once again you can smile again.
Best of luck !

Marie (Narellan Vale, NSW)

All the best Graham, i wish you and your family well.

Michael (Australia)

Graham, all the best, you are inspiring. I will pray for you, and your beautiful children and wife. Best wishes.

Ken (Australia)

Dear Graham, I read about you on the internet and I want to let you know that God will heal you and make you whole. He can do it in various ways...all I know is that what you need is to put your trust in Him and He who made man with his bones and marrows can correct it if something goes wrong somewhere. Just go to Him believing, in prayer and He shall do it. Don't think me religious but He has healed me miraculously too. God bless you.


G'day Graham, just a message of support. I lost my brother to chronic myeloid leukaemia. I would love to try and help you. I gave him a stem cell transplant and he was in remmision, unfortunatly he lost the battle to gvhd and a lung infection. He was 31 and spent 10 months in St Vincents. I would love to try and help in any way I can. Keep ya chin up though and think positive and all the best to you and your family. I sincerly hope you find a donor asap.

Shane (Australia)

Graham, Saw you on the TV the other week. I’m not exactly the most devout of people as far as religion goes but my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. God bless you.

Karl (Queensland Police)

Hi, We are posting a donation to assist you to get to the US for this operation. Our prayers and good wishes go with you. keep your spirits up and keep raising awareness; hopefully someone will, in the near future, find a way to reliably treat this disease and maybe even a way to prevent it.

Judy and Peter (Australia)

Our love and thoughts and wishes are with you Graham and your beautiful family Samantha Jack and Poppy. Come back better than ever and live long enough to play with your grandkids and great grandkids. We know you can do it. Your an Aussie, anything is possible. The Country is behind you..........

Lynette & Scott

Dear Graham, I heard about your story and just wanted to wish you all the best. I don’t have very much money but I will donate what I can. I have also printed flyers to drop off in my local area, I hope that helps. Best wishes to you and your family.

Amanda (Australia)

Dear Graham, I can only imagine what you are going through, I have donated via your bank account of $10-00. I hope this will help towards the cost of treatment. May God be always close to you. Regards

Rose (Australia)

Mate, I saw you on the tele last night and just want to wish you all the best buddy. I donated $100 today. I wish I could donate more so I was racking my brains last night on how I could help you raise the money. Firstly I have a website www.clubcoupon.com.au which is a fundraising site we are launching to help schools throughout Australia raise funds. Maybe I could put a link on my site, to your site to get you some exposure. Maybe we can rally some support in the business community where we can activate a club coupon directory which they can join with 100% of the proceeds going to you guys. I am going to speak to a few business people today and see if they are willing to donate some money too. All the best mate!

Grant (Australia)

As a Leukaemia suffer myself, whos luckily in remmission I wish you all the best in finding a positive match for your condition. Good Luck, stay positive & look forward to good health. Regards

Sean (Australia)

Hi Graham, Samantha, Jack and Poppy, We have just visited you website and donated $100 to help with your fight. We wish you all the best in the US and know that you will be well by September to see the Hawks take the flag. All the best

Barry, Penny, Jack and Poppy (what a small world when we barrack for the Hawkers and have the same children's names!) (Australia)

Dear Graham, Praying and wishing you God's blessings and healing for your treatment in the USA. All the best. Regards,

Loretta (Australia)

Hi Graham, We saw your story update on ACA and being a family man myself and Bombers supporter( healthy rival with the Hawks), I felt the need to try and help you with a donation USD 25, its not much but every little bit helps hey, also I feel for you for not only having to battle this terrible disease but you also have to leave your wife and kids and that alone I am sure is very difficult, I wish you all the very best and my thoughts go out to you and your family and I am sure you will beat this and as a sweetner the Hawks
will bring home the flag for you as well!!! Take care mate,

From The Mears family (Australia)

Hi Graham, I just saw your story on ACA. I always get upset when I see stories like yours. But what really gets to me is the kids. When I saw your kids at the airport, I decided I was going to go to your website. I have now decided to register as a donor. I only hope that I can help you. But if I am not a match for you, then hopefully I will be a match for someone else. Thinking of you, Love

Niki (Australia) (I have a son, Jake 6yrs and a daughter, Matilda 3yrs)

Hi Graham, I saw you, your wife and your lovely children on TV tonight and just wanted to say that I think you are wonderful. You both have fantastic attitudes and attitude is everything in life. Well done! You will do this, I know it. You and your family are in my thoughts. I can’t wait to see you come home again, when you are better. Love

The Hammant family in Brisbane

Good Luck! I know exactly what you are going through and have been going through a similar situation, this time for the last 12 months. I also have a rare cancer that no one really knows how to treat, but at least they are trying and so far it is working. Some times you feel like a guinea pig, other times just a ship floating at sea hoping everything works out for the best. Stay positive, focused and have faith, but remember you are allowed to have down days. Do this not just for your family, though they are a great inspiration (I have 3 children also, aged 14, 12 and 9). Do this for yourself, because as much as everyone tries to be there and help you, ultimately you are the only one who is going through it and the only one who can get through it, on-one can do it for you. I hope my small donation is able to help. Yours in this exclusive club of cancer that no-one would or should join

Therese (Narrabri, NSW)

G’day Graham, I don’t part with my hard earned money easily so if that story on A Current Affair was able to tip me over then I ’ll guarantee it’ll tip a lot of other people over.

Terry (Australia)

Graham, HELLO! I was just watching A Current Affair on Channel 9, (which i very very rarely watch), and happened to see your story. Your story struck a familiar note... You see a few years ago, a close friend of mine, my best friends mum, passed away from ovarian cancer. Her name was Tracey, and she was an amazing woman. A fighter, and a loving single mum. A few benefits were held to raise money for Tracey and her family. One benefit in particular was held to raise money for her last hope of treatment, seeing a particular doctor in Western Australia. The amount required to go was infact raised, however, by the time it had, the doctor had retired. As a result Tracey didn't receive the treatment she needed and sadly passed away. Leaving My best friend and her two younger siblings behind. The money instead was put towards starting a foundation for people with cancer and a trust account for her kids. The tradgedy was devestating and left a mark on everyone even slighty involved. Graham, i would hate for this to be your story. So i would love to make a donation towards your treatment. Unfortunately at the moment i am not working, and so i have limited funds to donate, and when i am able to forward the money, it wont be a whole lot. But i hope it makes a difference for you and your beautiful family! Good Luck with your treatment in America. Yours Sincerely,

Courtney (Australia)

I'm sure all of Australia is behind you Graham and with your family. After seeing the story tonight on ACA we will give a donation (even though small) towards such a good cause. Good luck and kindest regards,

Carol & John (QLD,Australia)

Hi Graham, Just wanted to wish you all the best, stay strong, Thinking of you and your
lovely family. Regards,

Lori (Australia)

Hi Graham, I just wanted to wish you and your wife well as you both travel to the US. I hope you continue to be strong and hold on firmly to your belief that you will recover and that you will see your two beautiful children grow up. I also offer my support to your wife during this difficult time. Regards,

Di (Australia)

Thank you for your inspiration, keep the faith and if one day when your on your feet and your bored, drop me an email. Thank you again for faith in humanity. God bless you.

Peter (Australia)

Dear Graham, Just wanted to say that we all wish you the best, we are grateful that we have the opportunity to help you out, we wish it could be more, we wish we could make you better. Keep your chin up, keep fighting, and come back healthy to your wife and little ones. love

Trish, Trav, Jett & Tyson (Australia)

Dear Graham and Family, After watching ACA tonight, we would like to wish you the very best. I have my own website and have placed a link on there to your site in the hope of getting your message out to more people. I really do hope that you raise the money that you are in need of. Our thoughts and prayers are with you during this difficult time. Lots Of Love

The Schafer Family Xxoo (Australia)

G'Day Graham, We don't know each other but we have one thing in common - we are adopted (thank God). I saw you on "A current Affair"tonight.You deserve a break. I pray that my small donation will make a difference. Please don't reply. You have got enough on your plate mate. By the way, I don't like AFL, I live in NSW country (Cowra) I love NRL, but I feel very close to you. Best wishes mate.

John ( Cowra, NSW)

Hi Graham, I hope all goes well for you in Seattle. The show went great, it was absolutely packed...so far there's about £3000, but it should be closer to £3500 when we've collected everything. That will probably be sent this Friday. We had a meeting yesterday at the Hard Rock,we're having the release party on the 15th May. There will be an auction, Yamaha, Gibson etc will donate guitars and Lloyd Grossman will be hosting the event. London Tonight will do an interview/feature as well and Dan Baird and ourselves are doing acoustic sets..Thunder are also donating something and I'm sure they'll be there..£10 quid on the door so we should raise a fair amount..forward this on to anyone you please. All the best,

Guy (UK)

Hello Graham and Sam, John and I wish you all the best in Seattle - we also have a few contacts for you via John's aunt - includes a surgeon that works at the Cancer Centre. Please keep in touch.

Paula and John xx (UK)

Just heard you are off to Seattle. Best wishes for you all and especially to you Graham as you leap into the future. Thinking of you all the time, love from

Michele and Scarlet (Australia)

Sam, Our sincere best wishes to you and Graham.
Our thoughts and prayers will be with you and we look forward to a huge celebration when you return. Do not hesitate to contact me at all if I can help with anything at all, when you are away. Warmest Regards,

Mary (Australia)

Dear Sam, From all of us here in our household - me, Scott, Cheyenne and Emerson, as well as my parents who have passed on your details throughout their large
work network, we wish you all the very, very best for a successful journey. Our thoughts will be with you.


All the very best Sam & Graham - our thoughts are with you both. Have a safe trip. Best wishes.

The "Forbes" Family (Australia)

That is wonderful news Sam. Our thoughts & prayers are with you & Graham. All the very best. We look forward to hearing from you.

Tamara, Alistair, Georgia & Harry (Australia)

Sending our very, very best wishes to Graham... You will remain in our thoughts daily. We will anxiously await good news from Seattle.

Julee, Paul and Sophia (Australia)

Our thoughts and best wishes are with you. Good luck. Cheers

Jane (Australia)

We wish you all the luck in the world and you are in our thoughts.

Love Amanda, Woody, Dominique, Isobel and Claudia xx (Australia)

Dear Graham and Sam, All our love and very best wishes, so fantastic you are on your way but we understand it's a longway to go so all our love, prayers and most positive thoughts and energy, you must realise now that you are truly loved!!! Travel well, keep strong, all our very very best,

Jo, Soz MArg Pat and Maddie (Australia) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Hi there Samantha. i saw youre plight on channel 9 after the 6.30 news. i was really touched, like many others. what struck me was the lovely souls you both have and has prompted me to give a donation, however big or small. please share this with graham because i believe my positive,loving energy will help Graham in his recovery.

Brent (Australia)

remember those long, boring journeys to dunstable college back in 81/82 (when you looked like the poster for esquires!). We used to sit together and talk about music-you were much better company than the nursery nurse students I was studying with! I wish you well..

Jo (UK)

Keep up the fantastic fighting spirit for yourself your wife and your children. Have faith and Good Luck for a bright and wonderful future. Our support goes with you on this journey.

Linda (Australia)

Hi Graham, Hope all goes well, my husband had non-hodgkins 14yrs ago and is still alive and kicking (also a 5 artery by-pass and he's diabetic). This donation is from our hearts, good luck and hope you are back in OZ soon with your lovely wife and kids. Regards,

Glenys and Peter (Australia)

Good Luck Graham.

Wendy (Australia)

Graham, I will be praying for you and your family.

Linda (Australia)

Saw the program last night with you going to the USA; God bless, come home safely.

Holleman Family (Australia)

Best wishes for your treatment in U.S.A. I will be praying for your recovery and for your family. Kind Regards

Jennifer (Australia)

Graham, My wife and I will pray for you and your family. For your health to return, and for you to be comforted in knowing that God gave His only Son, so that whoever believes in Him shall have eternal life. God Bless Mate.

Dave & Charmaine. . .(Australia)

we wish you all the best with the treatment. we will keep watching your website for progress.

harvey family (Australia)

graham & family, i was going to give a long soppy get well u dont need that. may i help u give it all u have to fight this i'm just another battler trying to keep the dream alive. the next time i c u on a. c.a i hope to god tracie tells us ur on ur way back home well and rid of the cancer. graham bless u and ur family keep the faith.

susan & steve (Australia)

We take our health and happiness for granted until we hear of people like yourself.You can't buy wellbeing can you, but hope this small amount adds up.I'm sending positive thoughts to you and your family.

The Morris family (Australia)

Go for it Graham !!!!!!

Christine (Australia)

hope all goes well graham. i was in tears watching your story on chanell nine. all the best. ps. your the first person i have ever donated to. go hawks

Stephen (Australia)

Graham will be thinking of you and praying for you and your family and for your imminent return to full health !!

Jennifer (Australia)

This is the first time I have donated money to a televised appeal other than RCH. There are so many. As a grandmother I was brought to tears by you and your wife having to kiss your children farewell at the airport. I wish you all the luck in the world.

Vivien (Australia)

good luck hope it all works out lifes too short to think about money... all our love

daniel and stephanie (Australia)

Good luck and God speed Mate.

Barbara (Australia)

Hi Graham, I'm a Hawks fan. Would like to see you toss the coin for the grand final. Best wishes for your treatment. Cheers

Paula (Australia)

All the best Graham, keep up the positive attitude & you'll beat this. Cheers

Mark (Australia)

good luck Graham - admire your courage All the best

Mike (Australia)

Our positive thoughts are with you Graham and family xxxxx

Carla (Australia)

All the best to you and your family. We send you our support.

Cecile & Mitch (Australia)

Hi Graham, I'm a father of 5 Kids from the UK living in Sydney, I just saw you guys on CA. I wish you all the very best,

James Lancaster & Family (Australia)

All the best ... Good luck and wishes.

Ange M (Australia)

My thoughts are with you. Be strong for your family and positive and focus on getting thru this. All the best,

Marc from Melbourne

It's ok, you can buy me a drink when you get back!! Cheers,

Brian J (UK)

Hello, I would like to wish you all the best of luck in raising the money to help Graham get some treatment.

Pete (Australia)

Hi Graham and family, I am a good friend of Jennie’s, and now Damian’s, and am currently living in UK, originally from Wollongong. Will be doing as much as I can to raise money over the next few weeks and hope that this will give you at least a start!??! My heart really goes out to you and all close to you and I hope that the U.S. will see sense or something. Love and the best of wishes,

Monique & Rob x (UK)

Dear Graham, Sending you all our strength and best wishes to you and your family.

Lisa and Peter (Sydney)

Dear Graham and Samantha, Sue rang today to say you were leaving on Tuesday for Seattle. We are thinking of you both and will continue to do so. We hope and pray that the treatment will be successful and that you will return home sooner than expected and feeling well again. Our love and very best wishes to you all. It was just wonderful to see you and the children at Damian and Jennie’s wedding. We were so pleased to be able to share the time with the family.

Allan & Win (Australia)

Dear Graham, our thoughts are with you at this time and hope our small donation helps in some positive way,and is given in memory of our dear friend Doug who also struggled with this condition....keep fighting mate a correct match is just around the corner.

John, Robyn, Sarah (Australia)

Dear Graham and your lovely family, I just had to write a few words when I learned this week of your current situation. How brave you have been and are being – keep going – remember how the lord responds in Footprints - "My son, my precious child, I love you and I would never leave you. During your times of trial and suffering, when you see only one set of footprints, it was then that I carried you ”. I remember so fondly our youth, the buzzing village we came from known as sunny Kempston, the partying, good times and friendships we all had in Bedford and your car which drove us around – was it a Citroen? I remember it had hydraulic suspension that rose on ignition – think my Orange Beetle was envious of that? – Us Kempstonians would go back to your folks house after partying into the night and natter without care or responsibility. The BBC interview I did for the band etc … all seems such a long time ago now? My heart goes out to you all. I will spread the word and think of you often. You’re a superstar and no-one could be more deserved of the vast attention this campaign has raised. May it bring all the successes required and long may you receive bright sunny days (very envious of those sunnier climes – a far cry from sunny Kempston!!!) God bless you all. Much love

Karen Brown (ex The Hoo, Kempston) xxxxxxx

Hi Graham, best of luck, for the future cobber. Made a small donation to get you over to the U.S.A.......I am a Carlton fan young fella, so I hope you don't hold that against me. (ha ha) Thinking of you and your beautiful family. To my new friend......cheers,

George (Australia)

Good Luck Graham, I hope you get all the donations you need to get your operation. I am rounding up the girls at work to help out too. Cheers

Caroline and Steven (Australia)

Hi Graham, Rarely watch TV these days but just happened to catch your story on the local news. I wanted to wish you well both for your battle with leukaemia and the fund raising. I'll make a donation as soon as I've sent this e-mail - it won't be very much I'm afraid but it comes with tons of positive thoughts and good vibes. If well wishes alone could heal you then you'd be a fit and healthy man judging by the messages of support posted on your web page. I wish you and your family all the very best. Stay strong, keep fighting, and keep faith in whoever or whatever you believe in. I will ask the Goddess to give you strength and see you safely through this. In Love and Light

Jan (UK)

Hello Graham, Saw your news item on Anglia TV here in Cambridgeshire last night and was very moved by your story. At 44, I am too old to be a bone marrow donor but I will be donating as much money as I can. I am also going to write to multi-millionaires here in the UK who I am sure could spare a few bob, e.g. Sir Alan Sugar, Simon Cowell, etc! I am sure you will get the funds you need and that the treatment in the US will be successful. Best wishes,

Mary (UK)

Good luck.

Catherine (Australia)

Graham, I sincerely hope you are able to raise funds for your treatment. My (our) friend, Paul Eling, told me about your situation and I also remember Paul talking about you very fondly when I met Paul in the mid eighties - I believe you were writing for a music fanzine, while he was the photographer(?). Sorry that this is a minimal donation but with the publicity and various events happening, hopefully this will still help with your cause. Best wishes.

Dave & Pam (UK)

With our love and support. Thinking of you always,

Love Lany & Barry (Australia)

Dear Graham and family, Our thoughts are with you during your difficult battle, all the best.

Best wishes, Leah and Elliot (Australia)

Hi Graham, Good luck with the fundraising and the treatment. Brightest Blessings,

Jan (UK)

Hi Graham, Hope this money helps you get to America. We wish you well.

Harold & Phyllis (Australia)

Hari om Graham. From

Radha Yoga (Australia)

Dear Graham, I read about your courageous battle in the local newspaper recently and wish to extend my positive thoughts to you and your family. Although it is nort much, I enclose a cheque for $100 towards raising the funds for your operation. Having lost my husband at the age of just 41, eight years ago, I feel for you and your family. He died of a brain tumour. My experience back then convinces me that a postive spirit and faith is extremely important in your fight. I know you will pull through! And will pray for you. God bless.

Marie (Australia)

Graham, good health is such a blessing but the wealthy should not be exclusive to treatment when needed. I hope this small donation helps in your quest to find a cure for your condition. I would hope that someone would do the same for me if needed heaven forbid. Best of luck, stay positive and my best wishes for a speedy recovery. Regards,

Sharon (Australia)

Best of luck for the success of your appeal. Sincerely,

Jim (Australia)

Donations for Graham Barnell's life saving operation. We wish you health and happiness with youe challenge ahead. Sending love to your family. Good luck & get well. All the best. Keep your spirits up, all will go well.

Kate, Vickie, Tom, Jan, Patty, Max, Eddie, Jill, Laura, Amy, Ngaire, Leah, Sally, Erika, Billy, Kim, Will, Bonnie, Sarren, Wendy, Breanna, Hanna, Robynne, Rhian, Chris, Kathy and Effie (Australia)

You are a brave soul.

Bert (Australia)

Dear Graham, please find enclosed donations we collected amongst some of our friends and family. We sincerely wish you and your family the best of luck in your challenge ahead. With love & wishes for health from

Kate, Breanna, Jai, Oliver & Mario (Australia)

Dear Samantha, Graham, Jack & Poppy, We are an older couple who watched your wee section on Ch. 9 tonight. My goodness, how very brave you all are and all that we can do is offer our small cheque to add to whatever others do too. We wish you a donor firtsly. We wish you a long, loving, healthy life. We wish that if the above are not within reach, we wish you a wonderful walk with God and we wish & hope that your family, albeit without you, moves on, your wife a great life, your kids a healthy, normal, loving life & we wish that this had not happened to such a great, normal, loving, caring family. We wish you love in every endeavour.

Anna & David (Australia)

All the best.

Bernadette (Australia)

To Graham & family, all the best for a speedy recovery.

Isabella and family (Australia)

Best of luck Graham. Love

The Irvings (Australia)

Best wishes. Get Well. Love

The Page Family (Australia)

To Graham with love from

Anna ( Australia)

We are new to St Leonard's and wish you all the best.

You are in our thoughts & prayers. Love

Kent, Meaghan & Lenny (Australia)

All the very best!

Karen & Scott (Australia)

Dear Barnell Family, We hope all goes well for you. Will keep you in our prayers. Good luck. We're all behind you. Regards,

Gayle, Stephen, Henry, Thomas & Conner (Australia)

I hope this helps you get closer to your goal. Keep your goal clearly in mind and miracles can happen. Visualize yourself as you wish to be and fuel that image with your strongest emotion. I wish you peace!

Glenn (Australia)

Dear Graham, I wish you well and hope everything works out for you – my son has AML and thankfully is in remission now – he also had to have a bone marrow transplant and none of his siblings or relatives matched and we couldn’t find a match nationally or internationally as he also had a rare tissue type – and then just when we gave up hope a girl in Germany came on the donor list, she wasn’t a full match, but enough for the doctors to do the transplant, so far 2 years later albeit a struggle, he is still in remission. My son had the transplant at the Royal Melbourne Hospital. I am letting you know this, to let you know, never give up. I have also made a small donation (every bit helps) last week by direct debit. I wish you well - my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Rhonda (Australia)

Hi there Graham, Well, it's really quite bizarre when I am driving home from the Preston High Street to look up at the train station and see multiple photos of you staring down from a large billboard! Being the celebrity groupy that I am (well, not really) of course I had to park the car and get out to take a photo. Really effective billboard Graham. It is just a few streets away from where I live in Preston (yes, I know, lucky me) and it gets a LOT of traffic through there believe me (both cars and foot traffic because of the markets). Hopefully it will do the job and you will get lots of lovely money. Have had a look on your website and it looks like things are gaining momentum - let me know if there is anything I can do to help... Caught you on the news and A Current Affair - great work by whoever is doing the publicity work for you. Hang in there Graham.

Carmen (Australia)

Hey Graham, Just wishing you all the luck with your recovery, and hope that you will be able to get the extra treatment you are needing. Remember never loose sight of trying to fight this terrible disease, and stay strong for your family and friends. Hope everything goes well.

Bec (Australia)

Hi Graham, Charly (Feline) here....................if I know you, I expect you are really embarrassed about all the fuss everyone is making about you! Well you are just going to have to put up with it because we aren't going to stop until we've done what we have to do. As you know we are all pulling together back here in good (good? Looking at all those photos on your web site I know why you left!) old Bedford and are getting ready for a right old knees up next weekend. We've all been spreading the word and I think we're going to raise a fair sum to go towards getting you back on the straight and narrow. I don't know what you did to the people here, but absolutely everyone you ever came even remotley in contact with is completely knocked sideways by the news you dropped on us. I'll email again soon, but just remember the immortal line: WHEN THE SUN DON'T SHINE, WE WILL BE THERE!

Charly (UK)

hallo Graham, I caught the back end of the Current Affair piece, had no idea you were suffering with this. What I saw was very uplifting in many ways, thinking of you and wishing all success as you and your family fight this. Not online all that often so just read your email, thanks for keeping me in the loop best wishes

Michael (Australia)

Hi Graham, I have just come across your story in the Emailcash forum. You've been through an awful lot so far, so I hope that a donor can be found overseas for you soon. My sister-in-law had a bone marrow transplant 10 years ago, & she's doing really well. She developed a love of beer, which she hated before the transplant.....when she met her donor, years later, he was a beer drinker!!! I hope you have the success that Hilda did. I have made a small donation, hopefully there will be lots of small ones, adding up to the figure that you need quickly. You & your lovely family are in my thoughts & prayers, & I look forward to hearing about your progress through your website, which is now in my favourites. My fingers & toes are all crossed for you, please take care.

Christine (Albury, NSW)



There are probably many people out there who would be happy to donate marrow but
are barred from donating because they have received blood products like myself (anti-d during pregnancy) or who have had atopic eczema (like myself) so it seems that it would be useful if there was a 'back-up' register of people who do not fall into all the guidelines for donation which could be considered as an option when it is hard to find a donor. I expect that the various organisations do not have the funding for such a consideration. Found your info on a flyer for a concert in London. Good luck,

Melissa (UK)

Your story has touched our hearts. Only wish we could donate the whole amount to you and your lovely family. We wish you well in your journey to wellness.

Garry and Helen (Port Noarlunga, SA)

Hi Graham, Samantha, Jack and Poppy, We just wanted to let you know that we are thinking of you all, and sending all our love and positive thoughts your way. You did a fantastic job with the ACA interview, and I am so happy to see that a lot of people have been inspired by your story to help. Mum is giving me updates all the time about your progress Graham, so we are sooo happy to hear that you are definitely going to Seattle for the treatment. Best of luck ….stay strong. Please know that we are thinking of you all, and if there is anything we can do – please let us know. Samantha, you have done a fabulous job with the website. Lots of love from Isaac to his cousins Jack and Poppy – hopefully he can meet them soon.

Love Liz, Matt and Isaac xoxo (Australia)

Hi Graham, A very very long time so see or hear! Just to let you know that everyone in Bedford (yes, I am back - I moved back here from London about 6 years ago) that can make it to the gig a week Sunday will be there to raise money. I am going with Annie and Michelle - I may even take my little girls with me (3 and 4 1/2)!!! I am sure they will be converted to Quireboys fans like their mum!!! Thinking of you

Rosalind (UK)

Hi Graham and family, Just a quick word to let you know that you and your family are in our hearts; thoughts; and prayers. I pray that the Victorian community can come together and raise enough funds to send you to my home country, the US, for the much needed treatment that we all know you desperately need. All the best to you and yours and please take care

The Moore Family (Australia)

Hi Graham, My name is Kyria and I live in Sydney. I saw your story on TV recently - I want to wish you all the very best. My husband and I are posting out $20 for you. warm wishes to you and your lovely family,

Kyria & Paul (Australia)

Hello Graham, I saw the TV program the other night & I could see that you & your family have been having a hard time regarding your illness. We donate regularly to many good causes & I feel you deserve a helping hand. My wife was recently operated on for a grade 3 Breast Cancer. She is currently having Chemo treatment & this will continue into next year. At least there is treatment here in Australia for her condition. I am a Real Estate Agent in Marsden Queensland & I would like to make a cheque donation or a direct deposit to help you get to the U.S.A. for treatment. People like yourself should be given a special circumstances grant from our Medicare budget to cover your circumstances. But of course this doesn’t happen. Keep thinking positive & don’t stress. The Australian Public are sympathetic to good people needing help.

Best Wishes, John (Australia)

Dear Graham, I feel for you as my mother in law was recently diagnosed with Leukaemia, and I think I may be able to help. I was born in Chile – East coast of South American, west of Easter Island in 1979 – so am 28 now. I do not have much funds as currently on a pension, but I can design websites or help with being a ‘donor’ if that is what is necessary to save your life. Feel free to contact me ANY time you wish, even for a chat. Much love and Peace

Rodrigo (Australia)

Hi Graham we would like to donate money via a bank transfer. We will pray for you and have you near our hearts. Kind regards,

Aleks & Elena (Australia)

After watching the Football Show last night our hearts go out to you! We have donated in the hope that our small donation will be a help towards the total that you need. We hope that many more have donated and felt the same way we did. Best Wishes

Steven And Bec (Australia)

Hi Graham & family. On behalf of my family I hope our little bit helps to get you there. Watched the footy show while at work tonight (we do some work on nightshift) and hopefully people dig deep to get the required amount. All the best mate.

David (Australia)

Hi Graham, My son 14 years ago was diagnosed with ALL. We know what you will be going through and offer you our best wishes, stay positive and strong. BTW, my son survived, as I am sure you will.

Paul and Elaine

Dear Graham, We are thinking about you and praying for you here in the UK and passing on your email to as many people as we can. Good luck, Graham. We sincerely hope it all turns out good for you.

The Osborns (UK)

Hi mate, I made a small donation of 25.00 dollars I know it’s not much but we can only hope the others can put in as well my heart is with you mate and if I could help you out in any way I would, you just hang in there Graham and good things will come around to a good person like yourself god bless you and good luck because the luck is already on your side mate just hang in there cheers.

Kevin (Essendon, Vic)

Graham, Just saw the Footy Show. Keep your chin up mate. All the best to you and your beautiful family – we hope everything falls into place and you receive the funds you require to get you over to Seattle ASAP. Here ’s to a speedy recovery! Thinking of you

Katerina & Con (Australia)

Graham, Sincerely hope you raise the money needed for your treatment. Makes me feel selfish for complaining about my $200 account for an eye test this week. Good luck and hope it all works out for you.

Brendan (Australia)

Dear Graham, You do not know me, i am an 18 year old girl from Tasmania that just had surgery to correct my heart problem, we have health issues in common :)! I saw your donation website on the Football Show about 15 minutes ago, and i thought i would email you and wish you the very best success in reaching the money target before the month is up, i truly do :). So many people are doing so much to aid you. You truly do deserve it. I wish you the best for the future and hope you and your family see many more amazing years together! I will gratefully send a donation your way tomorrow when my pay hits the bank :) Goodluck Graham. Love Forever & Always,

Serena (Australia)

Hi Graham, We watched your story a few nights ago on tv. We donated $500.00USD via paypal in the hope this small contribution helps you receive your medical treatment soon. Stay positive and don't give up mate... anything is possible

Steve & Deb (Australia)

I made a very small donation ($50us) Sorry i wish I could give more . I am wishing you all the best and pray for you and send you alot of healing . Your an incredible person Who will beat this . My kids and Parnter all wish you well ... Love , Light & peace to you and your kids and partner


hey, I just heard about you on the footy show, thought I'd just e-mail you and let you know i'm thinking of you and wish you all the very best. I am 18 years old and have just finished treatment for Burkitts Lymphona. I have been extremely lucky throughout the whole experience with very few dilemas. I hope the bone marrow transplant all goes well for you, and you're eventually cured! Good luck, stay strong!

Melissa (Australia)

Hey Graham!! You're on your way mate, i'm sure all will be well!! Thoughts are with ya

Rohan and Racha (Australia)

Dear Graham, Samantha, Jack and Poppy. Hope you are all doing well. Just wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you and your family throughout your journey, keep smiling, andmost importantly do not give up. There is always good things just around the corner. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help. I currently attend the Launceston campus of the University of Tasmania, and I'm sure there could be something done to raise money and awareness. Every little bit helps.

Bec, Tassie.

Mate, saw your plight on the footy show and I wish you all the best. I know things will work out for you. I will donate $100 toward your cause. Goodluck and God Bless. Regards,

Andrew (Australia)

Good Luck Graham and family. Glad to support your quest in some small way as my mum-in-law in the uk is being treated at Leeds General Hospital for a 'milder' form of the disease. Congratulations on raising awareness for the need for donors. Being from the UK we can't donate blood (mad cows n all that!) but we wish you (literally) well in the future. Hope to keep up to date via St. Leonards newsletter - our son is a Yr. 9. I just know that you'll get to enjoy your son and daughter's (monosyllabic, parents just aren't cool but I'll accept a cuddle anyway) teenage years. Cheers - Onwards and Upwards.

Kaye (Australia)

We are a St leonard's family and have been thinking of you and praying for you.

Mark, Jack, Sam and Julie (Australia)

Good luck.

R & A Morgan (Australia)

Best wishes.


Good luck.

Elizabeth (Australia)

Good luck.

Shawn (Australia)

Good luck mate.

Brad (Australia)

Wishing you the very best. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

Love From The Reeves Family (Australia)

This $100 is from my 2 children and my husband and I. I know it is only a small amount, but I would hope that others would help me and my family if we were in a similar situation. Whats is all for if you can't help others that need it more than you.
Take care. x

Vicki Ben Nicholas and Isabelle, (East Bentleigh, Vic)

Our thoughts are with you and your family,

best wishes from the Morcoms in Sandringham (a school family) (Australia)

Keep going mate, with all the support you can do nothing but succeed.

Geoffrey (Australia)

Graham we will pray for you. May god bless you and your family in this difficult time.

Rodger (Australia)

Our thoughts are with you and wish you well.

Helen (Australia)

I know its not much but its all i can afford. Hope it helps.

Justin (Australia)

Hey Graham, hope my little bit helps get you well. You have a lovely family. Good luck!

Linda :) (Australia)

Dear Graham and family, I didn’t see the place for a message until I had already pressed the payment button. I wanted you to know that your story touched our family so much that my three older children, the youngest is only two, immediately wanted to help. Usually the last day of school they have a lunch order, the only one they get a term. They made their own decision to have a packed lunch so you could have the money instead. When a friend of my 5 year old found this out she too gave us some money to donate. No child wants to see a dad not there for their children and my husband and I know how important it is for you and your wife that you beat this. We truly hope that you can make the trip and our little bit can make a difference for your family. We wish you all the best.

Jim, Rachel, Hamish, Liam, Erin and Aidan from South Australia

Good luck mate.

Scott (Australia)

Hi Graham, I hope that this small amount will eventually help you to win your fight. Believe in yourself and our divine creator as I have learnt from personal experience, that everything happens for a purpose. Best wishes to yourself and your family.

John & Dinh (Australia)

Good Luck mate, I wish you good Luck and would like to buy you a drink on your return. A friend of Rob Osborn.

Birdy (Australia)

Stay strong and positive Graham. We are fighting for you. All the best!

The Kelly Family (Australia)

All the best mate

Scott (Australia)

Dear Graham, My Dad was at the Alfred Hospital April-June '07 (Jeff Mugleston, aged 62...perhaps you met). Your story is close to my heart as he also had AML. Unfortunately he lost his brave battle (he never made it into remission)... but you are still in the race, AND MAY YOU WIN! I shall be following your progress closely via your web site (and by the way, I get the impression that your wife is an AMAZING woman). Sincerely,

Penny (Australia)

Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. Stay strong and positive and enjoy every moment with your beautiful family. May Seattle be the answer to your prayers. Wishing you all the best,

Juanita, Greg, Brittany & Cooper (Australia)

Dear Graham, Samantha, Jack and Poppy, It is impossible for us to understand fully what you are experiencing, your courage is amazing, no doubt it falters at times, however you are absolute inspirations to those of us who struggle with the everyday issues of life, let alone such a battle. We send our love and healing thoughts and have placed $500 in your NAB bank account (via online banking) today, which we truly hope will see you in the states before the end of April. May this miracle come true for you all.

Love, Adam, Toni, Sarah and Jame, (Eden Hills, South Australia)

Hi Graham, Just wanted to send you a message of love from all of us. You are an inspiration! We hope this little contribution helps to secure the opportunity you so very much deserve. Apologies for the fact that it isnt a larger contribution. If we werent servicing seven figure debt, it certainly would be, as your health is a most compelling issue for us. All the best to you and your beautiful family.

Meaghan, Darren, Jan and Don xx (Australia)

Hi Graham, My family is thinking of you as you move forward. May the donations meet your target and may the Seattle Clinic lead to a long ,healthy and happy life. Kind regards,

John (Australia)

Graham, Just to let you know we watch your story on channel 9 and we were deeply touched. We have donated a small amount of money to help you get the treatment you need.

Vito & Arna (Newport, VIC)

Hi Graham, I'm thinking of you and your family and wishing you the very best for your trip to squash this rotten disease, for the last time. I've emailed all my contacts and DEMANDED that they email theirs too, so many "little people" can unite to create such wonderful outcomes :-) Just wanted to let you know that you are reaching people far and wide (here I am on the gold coast). Please let me know if I can do anything from here, apart from tell everyone I know.....warmest regards,

Andrea King (Australia)

Hiya Graham, Im was so sorry to hear of your illness, leukaemia has touched my family too, need I say more. Am hoping to attend the Quireboys gig in your honour with a load of pals who used to come and watch your band and mine (Whiskey and The Devil) back in the 80s/90s. Keep fighting mate, thinking of you.

Christine XX (UK)

Graham and Samantha, I am sending good thoughts your way and hope that the money can be raised quickly!! My sister sent me the link - she is the doctor you'll see in Seattle... (Colleen DeLaney). I will pass this on and maybe I can get some others to donate, too. Hang in there..

...Erin (USA)

Hey Graham, Iain & Helen emailed me the link to your site and I've done my best to pass it on in the hope that I can spread the word for you. I know the guys will be ROCKIN' HARD for you on April 10 at The Phoenix;) Keep strong, keep positive & take care of yourself!!

Kirsty xx (Iain's sister) (UK)

Just wishing you all the best and hoping your get all you wish for. I have a friend whose husband was lucky enough to find a donor in Germany so it does happen. God bless,

Marg (Australia)

Dear Graham and Samantha, I saw your story on ACA My sister was diagnosed with AML in Melbourne of Jun 06. She also relapsed in Jan 07. Luckily my brother was a match and she was able to have a BMT and will be 12 months in remission on 27 April 08. She too had the Professor shown on the ACA program to look after her. Wonderful man! I was with my sister 95% of the time from the day she was diagnosed. I know what you have gone through and know what you are facing. I wanted to let you know I have forwarded your web site onto all my contacts and have put a notice up at work as well. I have forwarded a cheque to your wollongong box also. Stay strong and most of all positive. It will happen. I am praying you exceed your request and hope to hear of your successes in the future! Take Care

Carolyn (Terrigal, NSW)

Hi Graham, Saw you and your lovely family on ACA last night. I told my husband about you tonight so we have just donated $100 to get you to the US to sort all of this out!!
It must be very scary to be in your situation, for you and for your wife and gorgeous children. It is very impressive to me how you and your wife ( sorry I cant remember her name) are handling this. She is amazing. I don't normally donate money to things on TV like this but there is something VERY special about you and your family that made me think about you alot over the last 24 hours. I'm sure you will be ok. Please email us in the fullness of time and tell us how you are. We would love that. Be brave! May the force be with you!!

Meggan and Tim xxoo (Australia)

Hello Graham, I saw your story last night and have been taken by your courage to stay strong and believe that you will get there, that you will heal and you will be with your loving family for years to come. Your message is out there and Australians are very generous and the monies will be raised for you to go,so its important for you to try and relax,well not stress as much as you are, because I believe this goodness of fellow Australians will make it happen for you. So Graham Im thinking of you and your loving family as many many people are,and in that only good energy can come from that for you.Draw on that energy and let it make you smile and cry because its a wonderfull thing that,as those feelings are real and good, know you will be healed. Regards

Douglas (Australia)

Hi Graham, I saw you and your wife on television last night and just wanted to say that when you get to Seattle, all the best in your treatment. You have a beautiful family and I’m sure that they will see you beat this cancer. My prayers are with you and your family. Regards

Ally (Australia)

Hi Graham, I just want to give you my best wishes in your fight against leukaemia and that I know some of what you are going through. In November 2001 I was 29 weeks pregnant when a routine blood test showed I had Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia. My two boys were 19 months old and 5 years old at the time. My first thoughts were for my boys and my unborn baby like yours were for your children. I went on steroids until I reached 34 weeks then was induced to have a beautiful daughter born healthy. Her cord blood was also saved and is in storage. My treatment started 5 days later and went for two years. My sisters were not compatible donors with me in the event of me needing a transplant. Instead they collected my stem cells for future use if needed. I know your AML is a different type of treatment protocol but I just wanted you to know I am thinking of you and I know the Australian public will be very generous and raise the money needed for you to go overseas for your transplant. The little town I live in with a population of about 4000 raised $ 15,000 for my family while we were 5 hours away from home for the first 3 ½ months of my treatment. I know the strength of wanting to live for your children is a huge help in fighting for your health. I wish you the very best wishes in getting to America and I know that there would be a lot of Aussies all wanting to give you the same Kind regards,

Kylie (Port Douglas, Qld)

Hi Graham, I transferred $500 today to get you to the States. All I could think about were your two beautiful children & how much it would hurt you not to be around for them, I feel this way with my own kids. I truly hope the treatment works for you & I will be thinking of you, good luck. Best regards

Jason (Australia)

Hi Graham & Sam, We saw your story last night on ACA last night and wanted to send you our support & wishes in your quest to get to the USA for treatment. You have a beautiful family & deserve to be there to share in their future. We have transfered a small donation, (we wish we had more to give but are on one wage at the moment with a small baby), we will purchase a Powerball ticket for Saturday & if we win the big one we will give you what you need to get to the US. Best Wishes

The Sharkey family (Victoria, Australia)

Our thoughts r with u and family.

Brad and Kas (Australia)

Hello Samantha, After seeing you and your family on tv the other night, I have looked and looked at your website and was sad that, at just 50 years of age, I couldn't register to become a donor. I am a huge supporter of of organ donation, having been through it nearly 18 years ago. I've been unemployed for a little while, starting a new job next week, so haven't been able to donate very much but I am hopeful that many people, like me, try to help out, even just a little. I'm not sure as to what I want to say and I know that your life will be so very busy and yet so "empty" at present. I've helped nurse a very dear friend through a similar illness and know the highs and lows and the feelings of frustration and inadequacy and also, the incredible feelings of love and comradeship by family and friends that somehow sustain you through the very worst. I have a son named Jack too - he is just completing his last year of primary school teaching. His father has been so absent in his life, I can see that Graham and your children have a bond that nothing will break and that is the way life should be. From the bottom of my heart, I wish you all the greatest success with the treatment and with the joy that will come from that. I look forward to keeping track of Graham's journey and his healthy return to you, Jack and Poppy.

Andrea (Australia)

Just saw the telly interview. Well done guys. You are ALL so beautiful and so so brave. Best wishes and lots of love from

Michele and Scarlet (Australia)

Hi Sam, I emailed Graham & he has replied.. I have just popped a small cheque in an envelope. I hope it helps. I thought i just needed to tell you that you are doing a wonderful job in loving, caring & supporting Graham. Like any loving wife would do. My hearts aches for you as sometimes people forget about the carers & forget about the heart that they deal with having to sit back & watch your loved ones suffer. I am a survivor as i told Graham but have lost both parents to cancer & my heart still aches ever dat for them. Stay strong & remember that us Aussie's always stick together. Best wishes

Colleen & Family (Australia)

Godbless you Graham. I am praying for the Powers that be to help you back to good health.. Bless you brother,bless you..

Ester,brian.. (Australia)

Good luck.


Good Luck.

Burn Family (Australia)

Good luck.

Ned (Australia)

Sent with a hug.

Jane (Australia)

Kids need a father.

James (Australia)

Hearts with you all.

Frankie (Australia)

Good luck.

Trent (Australia)

Good luck.

Vicki (Australia)

You will live. God bless you.


Get well soon Graham.

India (Australia)

Best of luck to you all xx

Sarah (Australia)

Hi Sam, I was aware of Graham's plight through the website and was fairly sure that he would be your number one focus at the moment.Saw the ACA program last night and wish you all the best with your campaign. I do wish for you to know that I am thinking of you. All the very best,

Kaylene (Australia)

Stay strong Graham and you will get there for sure!!

Frederick (Australia)

I hope things go well for yourself and family, cheers

Anthony (Australia)

Dear Graham, I wish you all the best on your journey...I truly hope this, though only a small amount, can contribute to you getting well soon. my thoughts goes out to you and your family. kind regards

Rie (Denmark)

Hi Samantha, the donation went thru paypal ok. I'm very happy to hear that the response has been so positive... uniting a country in a common purpose, especially one so important and critical, can be the good that comes out of a bad experience. Give our best to Graham and we wish him all the luck possible,

Diane and David (Australia)

Graham I have a young daughter and the thought of me not being around to help her in life is so sad. I hope things go well for you. Thanks,

Mark (Australia)

Hang in there Graham. You have a lot of people behind you.

Amanda (Australia)

Hi Graham and Family, Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. $50 will be transferred tomorrow via the NAB and we wish we could give heaps more. Stay postive. Kind Regards,

Marg and Russell (Australia)

Hi Graham and Sam, It is empowering what we can achieve when we all share the same vision. We hope you can feel all the strength and love being sent your way. We also have two children the same ages as Jack and Poppy and it amazes us how children can empower you through the toughest of times. We are spreading your word to everyone we know and we are connected to you through the St Leonard's community at the Cornish campus. Keep believing.

Younger Family (Australia)

Hi Graham, My name is Tammy and I am 38yrs old and like you was diagnosed with a rare and very aggressive form of leukaemia (burkits lymphoma)18 months ago by professor Salem (whom is a fantastic and caring doctor), My treatment commenced 1 day after I was told I had CANCER which as you probably know is one of shock, devastation and fear. I was in hospital for 7 months of intensive chemo treatments 2 of which almost killed me, (I had a severe reaction to the chemo used) at times I wondered why was I doing this and secretly just wanted the whole thing to end, but it was the fear that if I didn't continue I would never see the people I love in my life again, and they are ones whom help you though the most horrific times in your life. it has been 12 months since my last treatment and I can say that although we went through what NO ONE should have to endure (bankruptcy included) I am so far clear of my cancer, this is the first time I have spoken of my experience but I felt I had to tell you there is hope even when you wonder if you will ever be the person you where before cancer, and my message to you is yes, although you do recover the person you become is beautiful, full of life, hope, love, faith in all things that surround you. I wish you and your beautiful family all the best in your fight and only wish I could do more to help with your treatment. Regards,

Tammy (Australia)

Dear Graham,I have been reading your story as I am a teacher at St Leonard's College. I am praying for you and hope that a miracle cure will happen for you and your lovely family. God bless all of you Kind regards,

Fran (Australia)

The man who removes a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." No man is ever whipped, until he quits - in his own mind." Napoleon Hill Tough times never last, but tough people do." You can do this Graham, and I have faith in you, I have children at St Leonard ’s Patterson River yr 2 and yr 3 myself. Be strong, fight fight fight ….FIGHT. You have a beautiful family and we look forward in catching up with you at St Leonards Fair Day/BBQ. You can do it. Thoughts r with u and your family. “Courage is grace under pressure". Fight u can do this

Brad, Kas, Austin & Eliza (Australia)

Hi Graham, I wish you all the very best. I lost my Uncle Peter 21 years ago to leukaemia. He was very sick whilst I was carrying my first baby, and knew that if I had a boy I was going to call him Peter. Sadly, he died the day after my beautiful baby boy was born, but when he was told that I had a boy and his name was Peter, the smile stayed on his face. My heart goes out to all of you, and your wonderful wife, what a hard thing she has to face. You will beat this, I just know it. I hope my small donation helps in some way. I am a single Mum and it was all I could afford at this moment, but every bit helps. Stay strong. Best wishes

Andrea (Australia)

Hi Graham, My name is Ann, I saw your story last night and I want to help you with my small donation of $10. I wish it could be more but I'm a senior citizen existing on a pension. God bless my dear boy and I'm sure you'll come home well to your lovely family.
Kindest regards

Ann (Australia)

Hello Graham, Your darling little boy's face made me cry as a mother, whose son was taken to be adopted because his father and I were considered too young to keep him, and my heart bleeds for you! Your 'aloneness', apart from your lovely little family and beautiful wife, shows in your eyes - I will pray and hope that you will be here long after I have gone, [I'm an OAP] . I often worried and wondered - before I found my son Peter - now also named Graeme! - if he was alive and well, and living the life that we were told we could not give him. This is a common fear among mothers whose children were taken and who cannot find them. But we are both so lucky, he is well and happy, and he too has two little children and a wife who loves him, and I now know and love him in the flesh, not just a memory of a tiny sleeping face. Your friend Alastair is obviously a great mate and his support is a wonderful show of love for his fellow man. Next time I hear of you, I want to hear that you are in Seattle and starting on the next phase of your long and healthy life. My hopes, prayers and very best wishes are with you all. regards

Barbara (Australia)

Hi Sam,I watched the story on the TV last night and was touched by your strength. I have small children my self and while my husband is away on business most of the time, I can even contemplate the prospect of him not being here at all. Keep up the fight and I am sure you will find the courage to continue. I have donated $50 in the hope that you and Graham are able to access the treatment in the US. King regards and best wishes

Michelle (Australia)

Samantha and Graham, Heard your story last night and of course my heart went out to you. Have thought of a couple of ways to raise money eg. through my sons football club and also maybe the school that my children attend. I am linked with Berry Street foster care as i am a foster mother and WIRE an organisation that helps women in crisis. Out of these four avenues surely i will be able to come up with something eg sausage sizzle, trash and treasure stall, something to raise a bit of cash. Today a girlfriend an i are starting up a womens support group for women over 40, women who are struggling with depression at present maybe,this could be a great project to start with. Will start my mission today. Take care of Graham Samantha i know in my heart of hearts he will get the help he needs, because people do care and we will make it happen! Will update you on my progress. Cheers,

Cathy (Australia)

Hi Graham, I'm sending all my good wishes and strength to you and your family. Good luck.

Natalie (Australia)

Good Luck Graham we certainly hope you achieve your aim in getting to Seattle and to see you children grow up. Regards

Reg and Margaret (Australia)

All the best to you & your family. Keep up the fight - your young family, wife & you are worth it! xx

Belinda (Australia)

We know you're staying positive for yr family. Continue to do so, as they are doing the same for you.God bless.

Margaret (Australia)

we wish you and your family the best of luck graham i hope our donation helps you to get on you way best wishes

shaun,mandy,billy and charli (Australia)

Hi, I was very moved by your story that appeared on ACA this evening, i have placed a small donation and i have also placed a banner on my website (www.aaaweb.net.au) for locals on the Central Coast to see (I hope thats ok) - being a website designer my site can sometimes generate a bit of traffic on the coast, so I hope it helps generate some much needed $$ for you. Best of Luck to you and your family. Kind Regards,

Kylie (Australia)

I wish you well.

Lisa (Australia)

Hang in there buddy, every child needs there dad. I'll think of you everytime I watch a Hawthorn game.

Amy (Australia)

dear graham, i saw your story on channel nine and it really touched me. i wish you all the luck, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. be strong and fight all the way.

Stephanie (Australia)

My son's upmarket boss came to my downmarket house today, and I felt embarrassed. Graham I'm sure you'd agree wealth is in your children's eyes. Thank you for being brave enough to go on tv and remind me, and for allowing me the privelege to do this one small thing for you. I wish you all the best things.

Beth (Australia)

Get better soon.

Helen (Australia)

Good luck Graham, you will get to Seattle to have your operation because your kids and your wife need you. My prayers are with you.

Kaylene (Australia)

Best of luck in Seattle.We know you will win this battle.

Ian (Australia)

Graham, our prayers are with you and your family. Good luck in your fight, miracles do happen with strength, love and determination.

Nadean (Australia)

Hi Graham, My family and I are praying for you. Stay mentally positive..you will do it mate!

Malcolm (Australia)

Good luck, Graham. Keep fighting.

Don (Australia)

Graham,I hope this small amount will help. Remember...you are not alone. Warmest regards to you and your beautiful family,

Diane (Australia)

From a cancer survivor - hang in there my friend. Best wishes and may God bless you.

Michael (Australia)

Best wishes to you and your family.

from John and Coralie (Australia)

Sorry it's not much, but hopefully it helps. Good luck and our thoughts are with you and your family.

Manuel (Australia)

Just saw your story on ACA and made me thought of my little girl growing up without her Dad. It's only a $100 mate but I hope it helps! Hang in there and God Bless!

Martin from Darwin

I saw your story on ACA. Hang in there. There will be a lot of support I'm sure from the public. Good luck.

Howard & Jo (Australia)


Daniel (Australia)

Hi Graham, Not much money mate but all we can afford. Hope it helps and all the best.

Claire (Australia)

A small donation. Keep fighting.

Stuart (USA)

Best Wishes, Graham.

David (Australia)

Good luck.

Alimrose Designs (Australia)

Hi Graham, I saw the report on the news show last night. I really hope Australia pulls together for you. All the best.

Selina (Australia)

All the best graham, keep fighting for those beautiful children and wife you have, you will get there.

Jacqui (Australia)

Sorry I can't give more. I'm unemployed but your story touched me. I'll be following your progress online. I lived in the US for nearly 15 years and their level of medical treatment makes Australia look like a back water. Good luck and God bless.

Hiliary (Australia)

May your faith be your Saviour and God will do the rest.

Emanouil (Australia)

Hi Graham and family, myself and hilary wish you well for the future and hope that this donation helps toward your treatment. all the best

scott and hilary (Australia)

Graham we pray that you get enough. God Bless

Catherine (Australia)

Graham we saw your segment on television. We wish you all the best in your plight. We did not get a chance to donate to the Childrens' hospital this year so maybe it was kama. Our money was meant for you. I felt for your wife and children and I thought to myself if it was my husband I would be hoping for kind caring people to support us. We wish you a long and happy life with your family. May God bless you and give you and your family the strength to achieve your dreams.

Rob and Sharon (Australia)

Dear Graham and family, My wife and I saw you on "A Current Affair" and your plight touched our hearts. We have 2 young children aswell (aged 5 and 7) and the thought of them growing up without a father is hard to imagine. We hope that this small contribution helps you to get to the US and treatment that you require. Good luck.

The Kurek Family (Australia)

good luck mate, keep on keepin on, hope this helps with your operation. Cheers and good luck

the Pett family (Australia)

Best Wishes and Hope to see you fit and healthy soon.

Radhika (Australia)

Good luck mate hope everything works out for you and your family.

Joseph (Australia)

I'll be praying for you Graham. Jesus loves you lots :-)

Sarah (Australia)

Every good wish for a healthy future.

Christine (Australia)

Sorry we can't afford more, you're in our thoughts!

Caroline (Australia)

All the best with your tretment.

Leanne (Australia)

G'Day Comrade!!! Two Russian / Aussies here, wishing you a 'speedy recovery' coming. Keep your chin up mate.

Anna & Elena (Sydney, NSW)

Dear Graham Thinking of you. I am praying for you and sending thoughts of healing to you. You WILL win the fight!!!

From Clair xx (Australia)

Touched by your story. Even though I support Geelong! I have 2 young kids also...good luck for your battle.

Ewan (Clifton Springs, Vic)

Graham and Your lovely Family, Keep fighting the fight. Look forward to hearing all your good news when you return from USA. Good luck our thoughts are with you.

The Bradshaw Family. xxxx (Australia)

Good luck with raising the money. God bless x

Jane (Australia)

Best of luck mate.

Noel (Australia)

we send you wishes of hope and strength for the rest of your life

Annaleise (Australia)

Our thoughts and support are with you all,

from the Selleck family (Australia)

As a Mum of 3, I wish you all the best, keep smiling.

Busy Bees Bargains (Australia)

Hi Graham, I have just seen your story on TV and I'd like to help you with a donation. it's not much but all I can afford to give. I hope it helps! I wish you all the very best for a full recovery. Kindest regards,

Alyssia (St Kilda, Vic)

Good luck, our thoughts and prayers are with you!

Elizabeth (Australia)

May God Bless you & your family... Good luck..

Voula (Australia)

Wishing you good health!

Kim (Australia)

God bless you Graham. Stay strong. My prayers are with you.

Steven (Australia)

I know its not much mate but I hope it helps.cheers

Steve (Australia)

Sorry its so small I'm only a first year apprentice. hang in there. good luck

Sarah (Australia)

Hi Graham and family, Good luck and hope you get well soon!

Ketty Danni & Dean (Australia)

I see stories like yours on tv over and over and I never do anything. Well tonight I am changing that so here is a little bit towards you getting to America. Good luck and God Bless

Michelle (Australia)

Hope it all works out well Graham. Good Luck!!

Janelle (Australia)

Hope this helps your efforts in raising the funds that you need for treatment. We wish you, your wife and kids all the best and hope everyone opens their hearts to get you where you need to be. Life is too precious to have a price tag. Our thoughts are with you all. Good Luck.

Kerrie, Kenny and Jakita (Australia)

Go Graham. Give it everything.

Richard (Mildura, Australia)

although i dont know you graham, wishing you and your family all the best! regards,

michelle (Australia)

Dear Graham and family, I saw your story on TV tonight and I want you all to know that you are not alone in your fight. Your beautiful face shines with hope and love Graham.
My prayers are with you. I pray that you will be able to get to Seattle very soon and that you live a long and happy life with your family. Stay strong and know that you have touched many people.

Heather (Australia)

Hi Graham, I saw the show on television tonight and it touched my heart. I too am adopted and don’t fully know my genetic history. I am so sorry that you have been burdened with such a terrible disease, my Great Aunt (in my adopted family) struggled with a form of Lukemea of the blood for many years and my family and I watched her fight for a long time - I don’t wish such an illness on any soul.

Danielle (Dongara, Western Australia)

Hey Graham, That's what Friendship and family are all about, the story on A.C.A was very touching and I am sure with the special people around you your wish of watching Jack And Poppy grow up will be achieved. Good Luck in the U.S and Best Wishes from my family to yours. Brett, Jodi, Locki and Amber (Perth)

Cash in the Bank 9th April sorry only a $50 but would love to give you lots more.
Dear Graham and Samantha, Have just watched your story on T.V with my two children and it has touched our hearts. Although this illness hasn't affected anyone we know, we are thinking of you, your wife and children and have donated $50 through paypal. If I had one million dollars to spare, I would send it your way...Wishing you luck and health for the future...

Angelique, Naylan (10) and Declan (6) (Australia)

hi graham just letting u know we are thinking of you up here on the sunshine coast qld saw you on current affair and we are donating to help you on your way good luck mate and all the best

Paul (Australia)

Dear Graham and Samantha, I just saw your story on channel nine's "A Current Affair" and was saddened to hear your news. I too am a mother of a lovely 3 year old girl and cannot begin to imagine how tough things are for you and your family right now. I sincerely wish you and your family all the very best. To go on national television to highlight your need is a very brave thing to do. Good luck with everything. My little family will be thinking of your little family. Kind Regards

Amanda (Australia)

Dear Graham and family I just saw your story on A current affair. My 3 and a half year old daughter was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia in May of 2007 she is now in clinical remission and is going well. I know her Leukemia is not as complicated as yours but we saw children with similar cases to your own last year. We wish your all the best with your battle.

The Barnes family (Dubbo, New South Wales)

Hi Graham, I heard your story on a current affair tonight. Dont worry mate i believe you will get the money very soon.

Best wishes Brad (Rockhampton, Australia)

Hi Graham and family, I just watched the tv and seen your story on A Current Affair, I can only imagine what pain your family are going through, my dad is dying also and there is no cure for what he has as it is a rare hereditary disease. That is very hard to live with as it was news that was very hard to take. So if my small amount will contribute through your web site, to saving your life and keeping your family together, i am glad to help..Kind Regards,

Alan LeBrink (Townsville, QLD)

hi graham, samantha, Jack & Poppy, we wish you all the best with your treatment. Life is hard enough without extra pressures. We dont usually donate anything because we find finances tough enough with a family - but we have posted a small chq off today for your
cause. We wish you all the very best - keep positve and keep in the spotlight so others will donate also. Get australia behind you. good luck and we will be thinking of you and your family. kindest regards

The James Family (Australia)

Hi mate! All I can say is good luck mate. I hope everyone donates what ever they can to your appeal. I saw you and your family on ACA and thought that there`s no better cause.
I have zapped some bux through using paypal. I`ll also spread the word and hope that we all get the amount you need for the trip to the USA. Kind Regards & best wishes

Dennis (Australia)

Your story on Current Affair touched us - good luck with your fundraising and I hope our small donation goes some way to helping you achieve your goal. You will be in our thoughts.

Tracey (NSW)

Hi Graham I have just watch the Tonight Show on channel 9. I have set up a donation to go out on Friday from my bank. This must be the hardest time of your life and my heart goes out to you and your lovely family. I am sure you will get the treatment. Regards

Marie (Australia)

Dear Graham and family, My 6 year old and 8 year old asked me to pass on the following message: "We really want to save your life to make your family happy again. We hope you get enough money to go to America".

Love Sarah and Ben (Australia)

Hi Graham, As a father of 3 kids I could not help but get onto the Laptop as soon as I saw your story on the news. Warmest regards,

Paul (Brisbane)

Hi Graham, You have two beautiful kids who deserve to have a Dad for many many years to come, I'll make a little donation and hope that you receive many more. Good luck!

Chris (Frankston)

Mate I was just watching A current affair and have immediately donated $10 for your treatment. Although not as much as you need I hope that it goes a small way to fighting your battle. I too have two young children and cannot even imagine what you are going through. I hope $5 each from my son's Luke and James helps just a little bit.

Kind regards, David and Michelle (Sydney)

Hi Grayboots! Just saw the video on the OZ news about Alister clarkson!
Absolutely fantastic!...In the words of the great Jon Bon Jovi-KEEP THE FAITH!!!!

Hi Graham, I saw you and your family tonight on television and was really touched by your story. My best wishes and my prayers for you mate. Cheers

Patrick (Australia)

Hi Graham, Unfortunately I missed your story on television tonight. A girlfriend rang me to tell me. We were both diagnosed the same time last year, give or take a day. When you were in 7 East at the Alfred last time you came in to see me. I was on oxygen, my lungs had decided to play up and the Leukaemia had decided to come back. I had 7% blasts at that stage. Things weren't looking good then. I have been home for approx 4 weeks. Had another Bone Marrow Biopsy 2 weeks ago unfortunately 40% blasts. The news was not good but like you all the crap we have been through last year I am not going to give up without a fight. I do hope things work out for you. Keep fighting the fight. Take care.

Lynne (Australia)

Dear Graham, I watched your story tonight on A Current Affair and was moved. I would like to wish you all the best for your treatment overseas as I have no doubt that Australia will get behind you and give you this opportunity. Thank you for sharing your story with us,and I have forwarded a cheque to the Post Office box on your website. Again best wishes to yourself, Samantha, Jack and Poppy. I wish you a safe trip and that your treatment is successful and you can enjoy your life with your wonderful family. Our prayers are with you. Kindest regards,

Maree (Australia)

Hi Graham, May we wish you all the best in achieving your goals and ensuring you get the most up to date treatment. Have deposited $50 direct into yr account I hope this will help, Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you take on this challenge. All the best and hope all works out.

John & Deb (Tasmania)

Hi Graham, We praise about you and your family. You will make it!

Jorgelina (Australia)

Hi there Graham, Samantha, Jack & Poppy, I have just watched your story on TV and I really want to pass on to you that I am thinking of you all. Graham, you have the love and support of family and devoted friends. You W_I_L_L make it. Your story prompted me to become a stem cell donor but I find that I cannot since I am 54 years old so I don ’t fit the criteria. I am not allowed to donate blood, but as a young girl working in a hospital laboratory, I was called upon to give blood just once ----- because I was an exact match for a patient. This is why your story prompted me to register as a donor. I remembered that day at my hospital and suddenly became very excited ----- maybe I could be an exact match for someone. I am very sad to find that I have left it 14 years too late. Hopefully your story will prompt someone like me to register who will fit the criteria. I did make a small donation. I support our local Domestic & Family Crisis Centre so I could not donate more. By the way, when you get better, and if you have a wish list that includes travel, think about visiting Ljubliana (see the picture below). It is a beautiful “city” & Slovenia is a wonderful country to visit. Magnificent food, friendly people, laid back lifestyle, castles, caves, pristine countryside, and very children friendly. Ooooohhhh ---- we want to go back. We loved Ljubliana sooooooo much that we named our puppy Ljubli Jana.

Alan & Frankie (Australia)

Hi Graham, Saw the item on ACA tonight. We don't get paid til the 15th but I have scheduled a transfer of $200 to your account on that day. Keep fighting, you have all our hopes and good wishes. Regards

Liam, Summer & Jay (Australia)

Dear Graham, All the very best for a quick recovery after your trip to the states (we know you will get there). Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Stay strong for those gorgeous kids and your beautiful wife. Regards

The Freckelton Family (Australia)

Hi Graham, I have just finishing watching your story on a Current Affair with Alistair Clarkson. Because of that story I have just submitted a donation and hope that it will be the beginning of many more that you should receive. Wishing you and your family all the best for the future. Regards,

Sheryl (Australia)

Hi Graham, I just saw your story on telly.I just made a donation to help send you to the U.S. Keep the faith mate you will make it through this.I will pass your website to my friends.

Kevin (Australia)

Hi Graham I just donated 10 US dollars, I know it isnt much but I am sure every little bit helps. I pray that you find a cure and can go to the States...I lost my beautiful grandmother Olive Brooks, to terminal cancer, Chirstmas Eve 2006, then a month later my best friend to Liver Cancer.....such terrible diseases, wish there was a cure... Chin up, keep smiling, and best wishes to your beautiful family...

Trent Hooper (Wollongong)

Hi Graham i know you would be inundated with many email from your story on tonight's show. My heart goes out to you & your family. I am a breast cancer survivor & was diagnosed at 34, i am now 37 & have a wonderful husband & 3 beautiful girls who each day make my life so much easier. I run the Ballarat local YOung women's support group. If you get some free time have a look at our website which is below. You are a true inspiration & we wish you all the Wealth, health & happiness. If i win the Lotto I will pay for the lot!! Good Luck

Colleen (Australia)


Hello Graham and Samantha, Your story just now has moved me to tears. On seeing you both has brought back to the surface, (they are never too deep in any case) the memories to me of the loss of my wonderful husband Mark after watching him suffer (misdiagnosed) kidney cancer. He has been gone nearly 2 years and it does not get easier despite what people say. Mark was devastated at the thought of not being able to see Harry (5 ½) grow up. He misses his dad terribly (as do I) and it is for this reason that I shall donate $100 to you tonight. It is not much, but sincerely hope that it helps you on the road to recovery so you get the chance that Mark did not. I shall watch your progress. All the best.

Janelle (Brisbane)

Hi Graham, I've just seen ACA r/e your story and was very moved by your courage, as a parent of a six yr old son I really do know how you feel to keep on living for your family.
I know with your determination and the grace of god you will get through this, my prayers and thoughts will be with you and your family. Your wife and kids are beautiful and what a great support they are too. Anyway keep on going Graham you must have faith and believe and let go of any fear and put all your trust into the higher power god. Sometimes when it is beyound human help faith & hope is the only thing to hang onto but I know he will help, please pray I know he will answer your prayers. Good luck & best wishes to you all keep strong and keep on going the strength between your family is inspirational & fantastic a credit to you all, GOD BLESS!!! Kind Regards,

Mena (Australia)

Hi Graham I saw the touching interview on A Current Affair. Just want to say to keep up your faith and your will to survive and I hope from the bottom of my heart you get to America and you find and receive a transplant, and you continue your life with health and happiness with your family. My thoughts are with you and your family. All the best if your religious I pray that God answers your prayers and blesses you with health.

From Kathryn (Australia)

G,day Graham. Just watched you on the telly mate,what do I need to do to get registered as a bone marrow donor,there is ginger in my family big time, fortunately I didn't get affected. I know its a chance in a million for a match as a sibling is usually the best bet.I know as my cousin had leukaemia in Ireland and his match came from his sister.He was diagnosed at 3 and had the transplant at 10.He still has issues but he's now 29 working full time and drinking like a fish.Smoking kills but Guinness has never had the same affect. Well let us know what I need to do and good luck buddy thinking of you and your family. Regards

Peter (Australia)

Dear Samantha and family I have no idea how it's done or what's involved but i'm willing and able to have a compatability test with Graham i agree whole heartedly that every child needs both their parents, i live in Geelong and can be in Melbourne at the drop of a hat. This is a sincere offer for testing of compatibility. Please feel free to contact me.

Leanne (Australia)

Hi Graham, We lost our 14 year old daughter Morgan in the Sydney Ferry Disaster last year. Grief journeys are individual and I cannot imagine what you face each day. We have tried to mark special days since Morgan's death with positive moments. For the anniversary of the tragedy we released a new free website called www.liveitkeepit.com
This website allows you to set up a family tree where each limb of the tree is a Memory Box. This site is not a social networking site it is about preserving memories for future generations about you, your parents, your grandparents etc. Friends and Family can post memories on your box or other boxes for approval. This site is an "I should have remembered that" kind of site. We received feedback from one special lady who was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 days after her baby was born. She felt this site was written for her. I will try to help financially but I really hope that this site helps emotionally. Stay strong

Robert & Kim (Australia)

Hi Graham, You’ll get that trip and treatment and will be better in no time! I’m sure I’ll hear about how successful it was in the near future! Hang in there mate. Cheers,

Jonathan (Australia)

Hi Graham Samantha Jack and Poppy, Just wanted to let you know that our thoughts are with you all. My husband beat cancer 5 years ago. I want you to know that we wish you all the very best and when you make it to America, do yourself a favour and on the way home head to Disneyland, a great place to just have some fun and be a kid for a day All the best

The Snow family (Gold Coast)

Hi Graham Just a note to wish you all the best we are thinking of you and now are going to donate I hope all goes well for you and look forward to seeing and hearing good new in the future Good Luck..

Bev and Leon (Australia)

Dear Graham and family, I have just watched your story on tv. I am an emergency nurse and have experienced trauma, stress, vulnerable people... and wonderful endings too. You just hold onto that happy ending and don't let go. My brothers went to St Leonards like your lovely children. I hope that everyone in our community can work together to raise the money you need. Stay strong. Olivia (Australia)

hey there! My name's Jenna and I just saw your story on A Current Affair. It really touched me and I thought to myself how much I would like to help you and your family. I donated some money to your account, it wasn't much (I'm a full time struggling student haha) but it's something and I hope you reach your target soon! Many warm wishes, and have a great day.

Jenna (Australia)

Hi Graham, I would like to send a contribution to help you get to USA. Can't send as much as I would love to be able to, and I can't help you by registering as a donor because I have health issues that prevent me from doing so, but I am hoping that every little bit might help and if there are enough people who saw your story tonight like I did, you will get there. You obviously have a loving family so you are already a long way ahead. I would also like to do something through my work place where I work with many good people. Regards

Amanda (Australia)

Dear Graham, Your story is very close to my heart. My family have lost 16 members with acute myeloid leukemia, including my Dad, 2 sisters and a brother, plus countless others. I have given what I am able to but you have my prayers and heartfelt good wishes. My dream is to find a cure for this illness and every day is a major concern for me regarding my family. Lots of love and good wishes,

Robyn (Australia)

Hi Graham, After watching you and your family tonight on ACA I was moved deeply by your story. Our family has made a donation and we really wish you all the best and hope that you are able to go to the US in the next few weeks. All the best

The Rowlatt family (Australia)

Graham, I saw your story on TV this evening and I will be praying every day for your recovery. I will also be sending a donation. My love, prayers and warm wishes,

Carol (Australia)

Dear Graham, We saw you and your family on the Channel Nine news here in Victoria, Australia tonight. Tomorrow, we are going to attend our local NAB branch to make a donation to assist you in reaching the amount required to make your trip overseas. Leukemia is a disease that has affected my family in the past and I believe I understand, to an extent, the evilness of it! We truly hope that our small contribution of $’s helps you along the way, but please also know that we are thinking of you all and wish you a safe trip, cause we feel certain that you’re going to get enough to make it!! With kindest regards,

Kim and Steve, Geelong, Victoria

Hey Mate, Saw your story on the news, I dont have much money but i donated $10. Im
thinking if about 40,000 people donate $10 you'll reach ur target. Keep your head up and all the best mate! Positive thinking works wonders!

Eric (Australia)

Hi Graham, Saw your story on the nine news and made a donation (I'd love to give
more but few expenses at the moment) Just a quick note to wish you good luck with it all!! Cheers,

David (Australia)

The segment on A Current Affair was great. You must be thrilled with the great job they did. I think they told your story brilliantly. I am looking at the web site and I imagine the jump in the money raised can only be attributed to the show so well done. Alastair is a legend – I may even have to cheer for Hawthorn now. I am so overwhelmed by what he has and is doing for you both – what a special person.

Love SallyXX (Australia)

Hi there, It wasn't much, but I have donated what we had. I hope it helps. I was truly saddened to see Graham's story on ACA tonight - I sincerely hope he receives the treatment in time, and that it is ultimately successful. I will now be following his journey, and telling as many people as I can. Sending hope, light and love,

The Riley Family (Western Australia)

Dear Samantha and family, Please find attached a copy of bank transaction our family processed tonight after seeing you all on tele. My heart bleeds for you and the children and I can only hope and pray that you achieve your goal of raising the funds for Graham. It brought tears to us to see how brave you all at the moment and we really wish, hope and pray Graham can continue to be a husband and father.

Diane, April and Kelly (Australia)

P.S. I use this verse each time I go we to the footy and watch Collingwood loose. It also helps me deal with things that I find really hard

Serenity Prayer:

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change

Courage to change the things I can

Wisdom to the know the difference

Dear Graham, I tried to send this on your web site but I couldn't. I saw Jack and Poppy, you and Sam on TV tonight. When you go to America, Jack can come over here anytime for plays and sleep overs. I hope you get better soon and come back and watch Hawthorn will the Grand Final. Lots of love from

Mitchell (Australia)

Hi Samantha, I was just changing the channel on the TV and I saw your face on A Current Affair. I said to my husband, I'm sure I went to school with her, she looks like Samantha MacRae. It was the end of the story, so I have just looked at you website for Graham. I didn't see the whole story on A Current Affair and all that I have read is the website. I just wanted to say that I wish you all the luck in the world with raising the funds for Graham. I sincerely hope that everything works out OK for your family. You have beautiful children and my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Stay positive and no doubt the funds will flow in with your exposure on a national program. Hopefully you will be able to receive the best medical treatment available. May god bless you all.

Juanita (Australia)

Hi Graham, Just saw you on the news tonight and am hopeful you will have success in either finding a donor soon or undertaking the cord treatment which looks very promising. My mother and I met you in 7 east (Alfred) last year around April / May when I was having a BMT myself for AML, fortunately from my brother. I am lucky to be well now in complete remission, and back to work despite being very close to not making it many a time. My family and I wish you all the very best and are looking at donating to your cause as well as spreading the awareness which is vital. Our thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, Regards,

Karl (Australia)

Hello Samantha. Whatever you do and whatever happens during this hard process in your life with your husbands cancer I want it to work out for the best and I hope Graham survives this tough battle. Also Samantha I wanted to say.......Don't give up on yourself, your husband or your family and friends as they are extremely important to you and you are extremely important to them. With the love of your family, friends and most of all your husband Graham. I would like to wish you the very best in the future, and I hope as much as you do that Graham survives. Take care Samantha

From Daniel (Australia)

It was a beautiful segment on ACA - we saw most of it and it was extremely touching... I truly hope with all of your efforts that you are able to raise the funds needed. You have an absolutely gorgeous family, Sam. My thoughts are with all of you.

Julee (Australia)

Hi, My sister was diagnosed with CML 8 years ago at 30. We too are a funny blood mix - Maori and Polish - and as such there arent too many of those of the Registers (!) as the 3 siblings didn't match my sister. We lobbied the NZ Government to subsidise the (at the time, very new) drug Glivac, and with the benefits of a small country and an election year, this was subsidised. My sister is now well (touch wood) and in remission, having her own bone marrow harvested should that no longer be the case. I acknowledge your plight and the fundraising / exposure as another stress on you and your family. If you need any manpower (I have already donated through your site) please let me know.

Peta (Australia)

The word is getting around. You are doing a fantastic job Samantha. And both you and Graham deserve all the care people are giving you. You were both so wonderful and strong tonight on A Current Affair. Lots of love

Anne-Marie (Australia)

Hello Samantha, Well done on the good work you are doing to help Graham. Regards,

Leo (Australia)

Hi Sam, Just saw your story about Graham on TV. I hope all goes well in the US. Our son also had AML way back in the early 90's, and after an autologous transplant ( cells from his own blood), he is now fine and nearly 28. So I believe that a great outcome for Graham is just around the corner. Thanks and good luck to all.

Ron (Brisbane).

All the best, Graham.

Glenice (Australia)

Hello, This morning I have made a donation to your appeal via PayPal. Best wishes in your bid to raise funds and awareness.

Gabrielle (Australia)

I just read your article in the local paper. Stay strong, and never loose hope!best wishes,

Maciek (Australia)

Graham, I have donated usd$1,000 into the kitty today not a lot and I pray that you get more than the amount needed to help you and your family. I will include you in my prayers and let us know the good news when you are back after the operation.

Mario (Australia)

Hi Graham, Samantha, Jack and Poppy, Your story in the local paper touched me. I have 4 children, two of them aged the same as Jack and Poppy. I spoke with the kids about you and the challenge you have ahead. We wish you every bit of luck. The kids have been around our neighborhood and today to school and family and so on top take some donations for your operation. Its not much but we figure that every cent will help. We have a card that we have signed for you also. I personally wish you and your family a long and healthy and happy life, and that in the future you will look to this time, knowing that it was the most difficcult battle of your life, but a very worthwhile one. I am sure you have already found strength you did not know you had. I hope that strength continues and your life is wonderful. I send love to you all.

Kate (Australia)

Hi Graham, I am going to get to that gig for you at Esquires on 20th April, gee that will bring back old memories I remember seeing those Quire boys in Leicester when I drove up in my mini I had way back then, with Alan Cooley, and Carl 'mugs' Muggeridge who i shared the flat with in Castle Road. Positive thoughts are with you. Take care

Jos xx (UK)

Hang in there. My wife and I hope your trip comes off and treatment succeeds.

Colin (Australia)

Dear Graham, Hope all goes well for you and your family.

Kevin & Family (Australia)

Good luck. We saw the story in the Leader and thought it good to support local people.

Penelope (Australia)

Dear Samantha, As a mother and wife I feel so incredibly for you, this could happen to anyone. All the best,thoughts and prayers to your lovely family.

Amanda (Australia)

Hi Graham, Your story was brought to my attention by an email from Tyrell. I hope everyone who reads your story makes a donation and I hope you raise all the funds you need (and more!). I wish you all the very best and a speedy recovery.

Kind regards, Simone (Australia)

Dear Graham, although i don't know you, I have just burst into tears reading the PDF sent to me via St. Leonard's staff. I teach violin at the school. I am going to register as a donor immediately. I will forward your email on to as many people as I can and I pray for luck and hope for you. I have been so touched by your story, your courage and strength.

most sincerely, Karen (Australia)

To Graham, Samantha, Jack & Poppy, If prayers and goodwill from all around the world count for anything, all your dreams will be realised.

Love Pat & Tony (Australia)

Helen & Iain passed on the word - what great friends you've got - you must be a very special guy - hang on in there - you'll beat it!!!

Sandra (UK)

My donation is via Bronwyn Betro's email. Good luck

Grant (Australia)

Sending positive thoughts your way from the northeastern US. Stay strong, and God bless!

Gail, Barrington, Rhode Island (USA)

Dear Graham, Please find attached a cheque to help get you to America. I am sure you will be able to get to your goal and receive the treatment that you need. I have also heard that a lot of cancer sufferers have great results in conjunction with medical treatment if they learn to meditate. You have probably already heard about this but just in case you hadn't I thought I would mention it. My love and prayers go to you and your family.

Much love, Sue (Australia)

We are members of the St Leonard's Community (Cornish Campus). We would like to contribute to the fundraising for Graham. Our cheque is enclosed. We wish Graham all the best.

Lynn and Neil (Australia)

Wishing you the best for your journey ahead. Take care!

From Katie and Grant (Australia)

Graham, we have received a request from a mutual friend Louise Broadbent, who was and is still in a playgroup with my wife when our children were born nearly 14 years ago. As parents with two young boys and having experienced my father suffering from cancer when I was only 10, I hope that my small contribution can assist in some way to your speedy recovery.

from Bentley and Judy (Australia)

Dear Graham and Samantha, I hope our small donation will help. Having lost three of our parents to various cancer as well as my older brother (October 2007) our hearts and thoughts go out to you. We heard about your plight through a St Leonard’s email. Nathan, our oldest finished year 12 at St Leonard’s last year and Aaron is currently in year 11.

All the very best, Richard, Ruth, Nathan and Aaron (Australia)

When Barbara told us of your valiant struggle against this disease, we had to do something to help you. It is a small donation, but we are also sending healing, positive thoughts to you from Toronto to Melbourne. You certainly have a lot of people supporting you in many ways, and I hope that your fight will be victorious.

Sandra and Doug (Canada)

Hi Graham, I look after Poppy in the Early Learning Centre & also looked after Jack when he was there. You & Sam have done a great job they have so much spunk! Good luck, my prayers & thoughts are with you all each day.

Lisa xo (Australia)

Stay Strong!

Julie (Australia)

All the best

from Anthony & Gulcan (Australia)

Graham,we are a St Leonards family and although we haven't met you, are touched by your situation. Good luck and stay strong.

Mark, Sylvia, Aimee, Talia, Mia, and Kristian : ) (Australia)

Although I have never met you my heart and deepest wishes go to you and your young family, may god be with you on this trying journey.

Toni (Australia)

Our thoughts and prayers and with you. Best of luck.

The Matler family (St. Leonard's family) (Australia)

Samantha - I received the email via the St Leonards network.
I want you to know I greatly admire what you are doing - and good luck in your efforts to achieve a positive outcome for your husband. Fond wishes

Jenny (Australia)

You and your family will be in our thoughts over the coming weeks and beyond. Hang in there! Best wishes,

The Hull Family (Australia)

I've been thinking of you guys a lot and am sending loads of positive energy and good thoughts your way. Love and hugs to you all.

Georgie xx (Australia)

Dear Graham and Samantha, Even though I don’t know you both, I can’t tell you how extremely touched I was by your story (and am sure I won’t be the only one!). I have 3 children – 2 at St. Leonard’s (1 in ELC4 & another in Year 2). I wish every miracle to come your way, for you to see your children grow and just be a loving family together. Warmest Regards,

Jenny (Australia)

Good luck Graham from a friend of Sandra Dexter.

Chris (Australia)

Good Luck Graham.

James and Meridith (Australia)

Sam, we are all thinking of and praying for Graham and your family.

Julee (Australia)

Hi Graham,
My yoga class are practising The Divine Light Innvocation on your behalf, the Yosadhara Ashram in Canada continue to include you on their daily prayer list.

all my love Laury. (Australia)

Have just read about Graham and his plight on Essential Baby. Wanted to wish the whole family my best wishes.

Colleen - Kaitlyn's mum

Graham, Samantha, Jack and Poppy,Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Best regards The McMullen family

Michael, Rhyll, April (Gr 1D) and Xavier (ELCR) (Australia)

Hi Graham, I'm sending you my warmest wishes for a prompt turn-around in your health, and a return to good health. My thoughts and healing 'vibes' go to you and your family. You obviously have many friends - known and unknown - who are doing an excellent job of spreading the word, and this is a really good sign! With so much love around you, things can change for the better very quickly. All the best and keep up the good work.

Marlyse (Australia)

Graham, Best of luck with your super fight. We have 3 lovely children at St leonards and Emily is in ELC. Please keep us posted on your progress
With love and prayers

David, Jo, Bailey, Alex and Emily (Australia)

I wish you and your lovely family peace and good health.

Di (Australia)

Hi Sam, so sorry to hear the news about Graham. You are doing an amazing campaign and I hope a donor will be found for Graham. We can hardly believe it, as i'm sure you can't either. It all seems a world away from those carefree days at the house in Clovelly Road! Our love and thoughts are with you all. We have everything crossed for you. Give Graham our best and I will be keeping in touch.

Love Donna and John xxxx (Scotland)

Hi Graham and Sam, Things may look tough at the moment, but keep positive. Looking at your e.mails there are lots of people rooting for you (including us) so keep strong. All our very best wishes to you and your beautiful family.

Lots of love Lyn and Trevor (UK)

Hang in there mate.

Troy (Australia)

Just wanted to pass on my support and to let you know that our best thoughts of hope and our prayers go out to you and your family.

Lots of love, Leezett (Australia)

ABSOLUTELY believe in success and it will come. Good Luck

Lionel (Australia)

Graham, Every year at EuCon we raise as much money as we can for charity/good causes. At last year’s EuCon we had two. Meningitis UK and adonorforgraham.com. The sum raised was UK£3400 which is split 50/50. Therefore we would like to transfer UK£1700 to your fund raising efforts. I ’ll do it shortly via your site. All the very best of luck mate.

Regards George Summers, RUSH fans European Convention 2007, (UK)

Hi Sam, Hope you, Graham and the children are holding up O.K. You`ll get this money, I know it. My prayers are with you all.

Kind Regards, Deb (Australia)

Samantha, Hi. We are praying for Graham and I hope you are hanging in there. Thinking of you and the kids.

All our love, Jen & Anthony (Australia)

Hi Sam, so sorry to hear about Graham's relapse I had hope that he was doing well . Love to jack & Poppy.

Best Regards Pat (UK)

Dear Sam, I hope Graham is able to find the right donor for a life saving bone marrow transplant.

Regards, Malcolm Thomas The British Bone Marrow Donor Appeal (UK)

Graham, Sam, it's not much but we hope it helps.

With love and prayers, Helen, Johnny and Michael xxx (UK)

All the very best Graham for a succesful outcome!

Kelly (Australia)

My thoughts are with you all,

Love Megan (Australia)

Dear Graham and Sam, best wishes, luck and love. Keep fighting you are both amazing.

Love and kisses from Michele and Scarlet (Australia)

Everything will be all right. I pray for you and your family.

Mutsuko (USA)

Hi Sam, We had a committee meeting last night and I was thinking about you. Then this morning I received this... I guess that tells me how it’s going. I wish you all the best in your efforts to raise the money. I have just donated and forwarded your email to about 130 people (about 30 overseas, the rest in Oz). I hope that helps.

Love Louise (Australia)

Keep positive,

Penny (USA)

Don't Give Up Your Dreams !!

Crista (Canada)

I am thinking of you as you face the daily challenges of Graham's illness. Stay strong.

Love Megan (Australia)

I'm already on the list and confirmed that the organization has my current info, and requested a kit for my brother. You and your family are in my prayers. Take Care

Sara (USA)

Graham, we wish you all the best and are right behind you.

Nathan, Dahlia and Sascha (Australia)

When I look at your face I can imagine what you have already been through, It's tough fight!!!
Stay strong never give up!!!
My Mother passed Dec 17th 2007 from acute Leukaemia, she fought hard for a year , was in remission the whole summer. All my prayers are with you and your family!!! I truly know what you and your family are facing at this time, stay strong !!!!

Sharon (Canada)

It's not much but hope it helps a little, I've sent the word out anyway, hope something big comes of this, and that Graham is feeling ok for now. We are all fine and thinking of you all,

Lots of love, Jo Sozos and Maddie xxx (Australia)

Hi there Sam And Graeme, Mariana here I have passed this email onto everyone I know, just to let you know you are in our thoughts and Prayers, Dont hesitate to contact us for anything you might need or help with.

Take care and love to you all Mariana, David And Isabella xxxxxxxxxxx (Australia)

I'm thinking of you Graham and just hope all I can that you can get through this with your family and friends.

All the best Roy (UK)

Here's how I became registered www.onematch.ca good luck in your search Graham *hugs from Canada*

Nathalie (Canada)

Wishing you well Graham. We are with you in your struggle.

Love Megan,Guy,Maya and Jude (Australia)

all I wanted to let you know is that I'll be thinking of you and I hope you get the treatment you need.

Take care....Suzi (UK)

Dear Graham, My thoughts are with you.

Regards James (Australia)

I lost a friend to leukemia (rest in peace, David) because they were unable to find another mixed donor match, and at the time I was too young for the marrow donation procedure. That should never happen again - I'm getting registered right away. You're in my prayers, Graham. Good luck!

Kaley (USA)

We're so sorry to hear of your struggles with this horrible disease. We are thinking of you, Sam and the kids, and wish you all the very best of luck with the next procedure. With love and thoughts,

Nikki, Derek, Olivia & Hadley (Hong Kong)

Dear Graham, you are an inspiration, to have gone through so much already with your treatment and still be fighting, you truly deserve to have all that you wish for. It is obvious that youhave people around you that think you are an amazing man and love and support you greatly, what a fantastic role model you are for everyone that knows you or hears your story. We will be thinking of you and sending you our support and best wishes.

Nadine, Jason and kids. (Australia)

All the very best ... and in the meantime .. yes, I guess that Serenity Prayer is damn good !!! Cheers oh ... and ... ROCK !!!

Brian May (UK)

May the Lord keep you. May he give you a sense of peace that goes beyond understanding. May he find the right donnor for you, soon, and finances for the trip if need be. I ask that he be with your family(beautiful fam). That he give them the strength needed to walk through this with you. Above all else I ask that the glory of Jesus shine through the mess, that all the little miracles be noticed and that you feel his absolute love for you. I ask all this in his holy and precious name.

Dee (USA)

Lots and lots of Love,

Louise xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (UK)

my brother was diagnosed last april also and sadly died last week
good luck with you r search graham

Joanne (UK)

Hi Graham. Unfortunately I'm not a candidate to be a donor. As a cancer survivor I just want to say my thoughts and prayers are with you and I want you to win this. Love to you. Hang in there. Rooting for you in Canada!

Leah xox (Canada)

Just wanted to say good luck to you. I will keep you on my profile in hopes that someone I know may be able to help you. Praying for you.

Kara (Canada)

I just wanted to say that my prayers are with you! I'm not compatible but I wish you the best of luck for you and your family!

Crystal (USA)

Be strong Graham! You can do it man! Give your fam a great big hug!

Dee (UK)

Dear Graham, mate I’m so sorry to hear of your condition and my heart goes out to you and your family, I will be forwarding your e-mail ,

love from Nigel and Family.xxxxxx (USA)

Hey Graham, Sorry to hear about you having AML. I just thought I would let you know that me and all the Omnigraphics guys are doing all we can to help you raise money to get to Seattle. I'm going to forward on a e-mail to everyone I know and Bren and I are printing out fliers and dropping them in peoples letterboxes to raise as much as we can. I wish you all the best mate. Good luck.

Shane (Australia)

How would a Canadian such as myself help, and or get involved? Best wishes, you have a gorgeous family! Do take care.

Kelly (Canada)

I will pray for you and your family. Everything will turn out to be all right. At the same time, I will spread the word as much as I can. God bless you.

Matsuko (USA)

I am praying for you and your family...God will answer in his time....
You have a beautiful family, they all look so happy and can tell you are a wonderful loving husband and dad...and you are getting wonderful support from them, they keep you going....Bless you Graham

Diana (Canada)

Stay well, keep thinking of the good stuff, sending much love and a big hug,

Tracey xxxxxxxxxx (UK)

Dear Graham: Are family is sending our thoughts and prayers to you and yours. I was diagnosed with a brain tumor 3 years ago. I understand how such news can be so devestating. I will share your story with everyone we know. Pray, fight, love and rest. You have so many people pulling for you.

Sincerely, Kelly. (Canada)

Hi Graham, Just wanted to let you know that I have been thinking of you and praying for you. A big, big hug.

Jennie (soon to be MacRae) (Australia)

Hi Graham,
I'm doing what I can linking your website to some of mine and sending emails. Hope you're feeling positive.

Best wishes, speak soon. ED. (UK)

Dear Graham, I just came across your profile some how and I want you and your Beautiful family to know that Were thinking and parying for you!! I was looking at your pictures and couldnt believe how much it remind me of my own family and could'nt imagine what you are going through. But I see you have a lot of love around you. It's really strange how I came across your profile because just days befor this I contacted ONEMATCH.CA to be a potential Donor for someone out there and My Husband wasnt at all comfortable with that Idea. But Im thinking now once he reads and sees your profile he may even want to Donate himself,realizing this just happens to the best of people and they need our help. Thankyou for telling the world your story because there maybe a few other poeple that never even thought to donate but may just do so now. GOOD LUCK and LOTS of LOVE to YOUR FAMILY. The World Needs you Graham, Keep searching!!!

The Blairs, (Canada Ontario.)

hey graham... my mom has multiple myeloma, so i know a little bit about what you're going through. just wanted to give you my support and let you know that i'll talk to any friends that are potential donors. god bless and keep your head up!

David (Canada)

Graham,Keep on rockin mate. I’ve made a donation and will circulate the email to all on my contacts list. I’ll collar Ian & Helen and try and arrange a benefit gig.

Big luvs, Mark x (UK)

Hi Graham, Never give up hope. Life is precious and you have to keep on fighting, trusting and believing. Our God is far greater than we expect and can do amazing things. Hugs to you and your family. My family is going through the same. if you want to read my story. I'll be praying for u constantly.

Cherre (South Africa)

I'm already on the UK registry so it looks like unfortunately I'm not a match. Fingers crossed you find one soon, you seem like a such lovely family, sending u all my thoughts n best wishes x

Donna (UK)

my brother would be 29 years old tomorrow, he has left behind a three year old son and 11month old daughter. leukaemia sucks!!! john was a great man and fought so hard to beat the disease and over came many infections. it all is so unfair.
i am since campaigning to get more folk on the uk register and am collecting money for charities like the anthony nolan trust. it has given me a goal and helps with the grief.
i so hope and pray you get a donor soon graham. meanwhile i wish you well, and my thoughts are with you and your beautiful family xx

Joanne (UK)

It is very sad to read about Graham he looks like a beautiful person and he and his wife a gorgeous couple that have been given this challenge in life to cope with.

Michele (Australia)